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  1. This is a post from a fellow beginner about how I "bought" my first 300GRC now that the exchanges are closed. Hope that other newbies will find it useful. I used the site www.earncrypto.com/, If you feel like doing the mindless tasks to earn fractions of grc go ahead, but what I did was to head straight for the big promos: 1) earn grdicoin --> earn offers --> Personaly and find William Hill Casino which offers (at the time of writing) ~2000points so ~300 GRC. 2) Just follow the link and sign up and deposit whatever the offer asks you (20EUR/USD/GBP/etc). Do not activate any other bonuses.You want to be betting your own money as quickly as possible, not any bonus money, for this method to work. 3) Play one game of roulette with all of your deposit. Do NOT expect to win. This is a gambling site! (But if you win, even better!) 4) Wait a few days for the casino to process the registration and you are done! ~300GRC appear into your earncrypto account and you are ready to start staking! Comments: 1) As already mentioned, do not expect to win your money back. It's better if you think about this method as "buying gridcoins". 2) The effective price is not much more expensive than the trading price, so I didn't mind at all. All I wanted was a few hundred starter GRC and with the exchanges still closed I thought this method will do just fine. 3) Even if the William Hill offer is not available in your area, search for other big sign up offers that will effectively allow you to "buy" GRC at a reasonable price. 3)If you think this post is useful, you can say thanks by signing-up using my referral link to the site: https://www.earncrypto.com/earn-free-gridcoin/?r=187436 but there is no obligation! :)
  2. Starter Coins for Beginners

    Hi again, I also had a post from last week that was probably lost in the forkmagedon! If any Sheppard could send me a few starting coins it would be greatly appreciated! SAyax3YEcCDwe1v3mPvAfLutLYrwv6cd5o
  3. Starter Coins for Beginners

    Hi all, I just discovered gridcoin after a documentary on bitcoin which made me realize what a waste of electricity that project demands. I am totally up for using idle computer time to contribute to scientific calculations instead. If anybody could help me get started with some GRC coins, I would be grateful! SAyax3YEcCDwe1v3mPvAfLutLYrwv6cd5o

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