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  1. The amount of GRC you have affects this, you should have atleast 2000 GRC to solo mine. If you don't have that much I'd suggest going over to grcpool.com. In the pool you can mine till you get enough GRC to have a realistic chance of staking.
  2. MiriB

    Collatz Conjecture

    Serverside problems would do that.. If the project server was not able to communicate at the time the superblock was mined, that'd be the problem.... If I'd hazard a quess, as most of the projects, Collatz is run by a private person who uses equipment not necessarily meant for the loads they have to cope with....And I do admit this is what I've gathered from reading forums regarding Collatz, not solid knowledge, they tend to fail under load of this kind, and I'd imagine running something like Collatz with the s*** ton of users it sees, the router/server gives up the ghost every now and then... I don't claim to know the true story but just by reading the community on Collatz that's the impression I got. No offence meant to anyone if I'm wrong....
  3. Your current cpid doesn't match with your "old" one ?...Your cpid in the screenshot is = 610a567aeeab933902544fe36a1f46ae but your backup config cpid = a8658cf4f7bfb9599659f3f068d7ef1d Under which cpid does your boinc run ? or is running under now ? Both the cpuds have such a low magnitude/grc that it will take forever and a day to get any payment.... Try to fix the one with most grc in it, and join a pool, all you need to get GRC from a pool is a synced wallet and wallet address...
  4. The missing a is a bug in the software. Should be fixed soon. So it seems your CPID and wallet address is good. If you don't have a matching public/private key, then that is a problem. In very simple terms your private key (your "secret" key, not to be given to anyone as they could use is to take all you grc) is used to encode "things" and your public key (which can be handed out to anyone) is used to decrypt "things" and by that knowing it's you... Do you have the exact error you get when using the backups pub/priv key pair ?
  5. Seems like your gridcoin conf is missing public and private keys. You said you had to restore a wallet backup ? try to find one where in gridcoinresearch.conf there are lines privatekey<yourcpid>=<the key> publickey<yourcpid>=<the key> and restore that... edit: best bet would be a tad after you advertised your beacon....
  6. did you detach the host from the project by accident ? that will give you negative credit...
  7. The only thing compressing a drive should do is increase your cpu usage and maybe slow down write operations a little. Read operations might actually be faster but with a SSD I doubt it.
  8. https://grcpool.com/about/sparc I think this pretty much explains it....
  9. bittrex posted on their twitter a while back to get into the waiting list for a new account.. https://twitter.com/bittrexexchange?lang=en I created a new account on their support site... then used this: https://support.bittrex.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=114093958552 took like 3 days for them to create an account for me...Worth to note tho, I never got the account creation mail, instead "logged" in and proceeded to recover my password. which WILL take you out of withdrawls for 24 hours. all loops and hoops done.. I got my BR account i 3 days...
  10. I'd use exchanges to do that, far safer for both/all parties involved... Use for example (and this is not intended as preferential to any of services involved), coinbase to transfer fiat, the get btc or eth there, then transfer that to Bittrex and convert/trade to GRC. Sure you'll pay some fees going that route but it's easy...
  11. Does your wallet say staking ? the green up arrow , if you hover over it, how long does it say to stake ? (it's an estimate mind you) how much grc do you have in your wallet ?
  12. There's your problem... Your wallet conf is missing the public or private key. Do you happen to have a backup of gridcoinresearch.conf from around the time you advertised your beacon ? Default gridcoinresearch.conf location Windows: %AppData%\GridcoinResearch\ Linux: ~/.GridcoinResearch/ MacOS: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application/Support/GridcoinResearch/ look for a folder walletbackups, find the proper date AFTER you advertised your beacon, open gridcoinresearch.conf-xxx date look for a line publickey<your cpid>=xxxxx a long line of characters privatekey<your cpid>=xxxxxx a long line of characters If you do, shut down your wallet and edit the file, add the both the public key and private key from the backup, then restart your wallet... edit: And don't post your privatekey anywhere if you happen to have it. Just yes or no will suffice.
  13. The developers of gridcoin asked the exchanges to put grc in maintenance mode due the forking problems we had a few weeks back. The latest wallet seems to have fixed this. It will take time for the exchanges to verify and test this themselves before making grc available again as they will loose money otherwise.
  14. As long as your wallet is synced your good. No need to change anything. The real change comes when you advertise your beacon.

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