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  1. Does your wallet say staking ? the green up arrow , if you hover over it, how long does it say to stake ? (it's an estimate mind you) how much grc do you have in your wallet ?
  2. There's your problem... Your wallet conf is missing the public or private key. Do you happen to have a backup of gridcoinresearch.conf from around the time you advertised your beacon ? Default gridcoinresearch.conf location Windows: %AppData%\GridcoinResearch\ Linux: ~/.GridcoinResearch/ MacOS: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application/Support/GridcoinResearch/ look for a folder walletbackups, find the proper date AFTER you advertised your beacon, open gridcoinresearch.conf-xxx date look for a line publickey<your cpid>=xxxxx a long line of characters privatekey<your cpid>=xxxxxx a long line of characters If you do, shut down your wallet and edit the file, add the both the public key and private key from the backup, then restart your wallet... edit: And don't post your privatekey anywhere if you happen to have it. Just yes or no will suffice.
  3. The developers of gridcoin asked the exchanges to put grc in maintenance mode due the forking problems we had a few weeks back. The latest wallet seems to have fixed this. It will take time for the exchanges to verify and test this themselves before making grc available again as they will loose money otherwise.
  4. Mining Gridcoin with more than one PC

    As long as your wallet is synced your good. No need to change anything. The real change comes when you advertise your beacon.
  5. Mining Gridcoin with more than one PC

    Run your wallet on only 1 computer. Running it on more that 1 will mess things up for you. As sportbiker stated you need to have a decent amount of grc in your wallet to solo mine. 2k is a working amount but don't expect to stake too often with 2k. Not to worry tho, your research credit will accumulate up to 6 months. To build up your grc, I'd join grcpool.com, use it as an account manager on all your pcs running boinc and save your grc address to grcpool.com start recieving payments. The front page has excellent videos on how to do this. Once you've built enough grc, make sure you have boinc installed to default path on the pc you're running your wallet on and it's set up as the user you have on all your pcs. Wallet will read your data from boinc default folder. Then fully unlock your wallet and send out a beacon from your wallet. On wallet go to help->Debug window->console and type execute advertisebeacon. There will be a small transaction sent from your wallet. Once it's sent you can lock your wallet and unlock it for staking only. The wallet will modify your config files at this point, it's important to back them up after this. Wallet will do this automatically but have a separate backup on a thumb drive or whatnot. Then you need to wait, the next day is most likely. Check your wallet and once the up arrow turns green it means your staking. Every time you stake you get paid pending reseach rewards + interest on your balance. Also it's worth to note that it takes 16 hrs for any added funds to count towards staking balance. Oh and move all your cruncing pcs to your boincstats account once you've advertised your beacon and make sure you are a member of teamgridcoin on all the projects you're working on that are on the whitelist.
  6. Guide to Add Coin to a Pool

    How to configure YIIMP is really OT for this forum... From what I briefly browsed the git for YIIMP, it's pretty simple setup tho, just need to modify the config files, install it, populate the sql, start the stratums etc... Aside from a proof of concept tho, I'd not run a pool on a single VPS. Run your frontend on one, the statums on others and wallet(s) on still more VPSes, and one for the sql. define very strict firewall rules between the machines themselves and allow only the absolute minimum necessary anywhere else. AND learn how the pool works, how to set it up properly, not just the bare minimum to get it running but running effectively and securely, browse through the source code so you have a firm grasp of how it works, you'll be hacked in less that a day if you do not. (edit) No offence intended, just common sense... for the GRC part... Did you register at www.grcpool.com ? If not, do that first. If you did then go to your boinc client and select tools->Use account manager In the address type https://www.grcpool.com Your username and password are the same that you used when registering. Once you have set grcpool.com as your account manager, go to the grcpool site, and under Hosts you should see the host you registered. Using the dropdowns attach project(s) you want to crunch to your host, modify resource shares if you need to and click save. Then back on your boinc client select Tools->Synchronize with grcpool.com, wait about 30 seconds and do that again. Now your connected to grcpool. Then open your grcwallet, select receive on the left and copy the address there. If you didn't install the wallet go to gridcoin.us. scroll down a bit and under Gridcoin Downloads select a wallet for your os. Install it and run it. It will take a long time for it to start the 1st time. Now back to your grcpool control panel, click your name on the top right , this will return you to the main window. Click grcaddress under earnings and paste the address you got from your wallet. All set...
  7. Guide to Add Coin to a Pool

    ok, I'll bite... first it's GRC, gridcoin you're talking about right ? second, YIIMP from what I understand is a pool software meant for hosting a pool... not running a client or your own wallet. third, you need to "install" coins on the pool ? for that you need your own wallet with cryptocurrency on it. if you just need to run GRC wallet and get GRC, please refer to my 1st post. If you want to run your own pool for xxx crypto, that's way beyond step by step instructions on a forum. You need to understand how the blockchain works, learn to code your front ends (most of the time) and have a good supply or your selected crypto currency already in your wallet.
  8. Change config to use Intel GPU?

    you can just uninstall boinc and reinstall it again, this time with not as service so your gpu will run the tasks it can. all your tasks will still be there. The upside of it is that even if your gpu is not the best (intel ones tend not to be), your pc will crunch atleast 1 additional task at the same time with all your cpu crunching.
  9. Guide to Add Coin to a Pool

    Not sure I understood the question correctly but if you're talking about pool mining do check out grcpool.com. The front page has excellect videos on how to do things step by step.
  10. How long does it take to stake?

    Keep your wallet unlocked for staking only. That's the checkbox when you unlock your wallet... it has to be unlocked for staking if you want to colletc BOINC rewards. You don't need to run it 24/7 but with 3.4k GRC I'd keep it up 24/7 , just check that you're not on a fork. When the difficulty drops , that's an indication you MIGHT be on a fork. Check grcpool wallets difficulty, if your the same you're most likely on the correct fork. The time to stake is just an estimate, as with all cryptocurrencies, it a matter of luck. Your magnitude will take a while to go up , in about a month it will be close to what it's supposed to be. Otherwise , your screenshot look good. Your staking and have a decent amount of grc. It will take a while to stake tho. Just be patient. Your rewards will accumulate up to 6 months...
  11. Your computers connect directly to the projects not matter what you use as an account manager, that said BAM is what connects your Cross Project IDs to you (CPID). That let's teamgridcoin to know it's you on all the projects..Your wallet and CPID are hooked together when you broadcast a beacon, hence you get credit for all the projects you work on even if your ID on a particular project is different from your ID on another project. RAC takes a while to get up and a while to go down, but 2 months... it's long enough to go down. Nothing nefarious about it, it's just how it works...
  12. poolmining (grcpool) and BAM are totally 2 different things. Your host on the pool has different hostID from your hostID on BAM.... From the view point of BAM your host has been offline since dec 22 ? When you're pool"mining" all your host connected to grcpool become hosts to one of the 3 pools there,belonging to grcpool. BAM on the other hand regards them as hosts belonging to YOUR account, not part of grcpool... so when (from the point of view of BAM) your host has been offline for almost 2 months, it hasn't generated any RAC to YOU, but to the pool (grcpool.com)
  13. GRC stuck between Bittrex and Poleniex

    The developers have asked the exchanges to remain in maintenance mode till the forking problems have been resolved... patience is a virtue and all that... I know it can be a pain but please give the devs time to resolve the isseues... GRC is more about the science that money after all...

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