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  1. Where do you get knowledge about the future of crypto-currencies?
  2. This event has long been waiting for everyone. This will expand the boundaries of this market. The presence of such a big player like China, and a legitimate justification, will increase the confidence in the system of blockades. But will not this destroy the main principles? After all, everyone knows that most of the attention is attracted by unregulated behavior.
  3. What will be the next conference on crypto currency and blocking technology? What benefits can this kind of conference bring?
  4. It's strange that no one is an Internet project that has the functions of earning on the basis of a photo. Many people do not need crypto currency. Everyone is already rich.
  5. For the first time I hear this project. You can throw off a link to his topic.
  6. interesting idea
  7. The use of crypto currency in various spheres increases innovation. This is a new step. Cool, when there is such a potential and an opportunity to help others.

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