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  1. A coin's value increases as it is used/traded. If it is not used intrinsically, it is valueless. So have to buy and sell it for any hoarder to have value. if we all keep them locked away in a vault, they would become "badges" like the original [email protected] and [email protected] A badge is a nice, warm feeling and nothing more. Hoarders are thinking they can one day cash out on millions in actual $dollars. This is making it useless. If they cash it out, say once a quarter to cover electric cost, it would continue a climb in value.
  2. I tried this in another thread, no responses so I will try here. 1. APK EDITOR app does NOT allow saving in the newest version. Not even the"pro". Check the reviews as of the latest build. 2. Could the GRCPOOL host a modified version of Android BOINC for dowload, that has "GRCPOOL" already installed? I have it on some boards running already but the latest build of APK editor wouldn't allow me to save. From looking around with that search, I found others are having the problem. Thanks!
  3. I have a few android devices and some have been modded with APK editor to have "GRCPOOL" as a choice of managers. Unfortunately, the latest APK Editor does not work in adding the GRCPOOL. So I am unable to update any new android device with APK Editor I even paid for the Apk Editor and several people are complaining that it no longer works in changing APKs, it wont save. (even the "pro" version won't work) Is there any way someone could "host" the Android Boinc APK with "Grcpool" preinstalled as a site download? Would be a great file to keep on the GRCPOOL site, if possible. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have not ran Linux in a few months since my last PC (Intel C2Q) with SSD died. The SSD died not the PC. I only ran an older version of Unbuntu and haven't tried the new version, sorry can't help you brother. I'll get back in the game soon when work normalizes. Quick question Attitude, do you see much performance increase in a "cluster" vs several separate linux CPUS? I have 5 x Rock64 and a newer RockPro64 that I was going to cluster but didn't know if running them separately or clustered was any difference in performance. Seems to me an advantage of separate was security and stability vs RAW power of 6 SBCs in a cluster. I'd be running them in a 24 port Gb Switch so either is easy. You seriously need a Youtube channel with your cluster.
  5. I went with Coinomi as a wallet on my cellphone. After loosing 700grc in the official wallet due to a computer crash inablity to get the files back up, I looked elsewhere. Works great but I don't know if it's staking and don't worry about it as I'm in the pool. Maybe after a several updates and an easy to back up official wallet I'll go solo. Just 2 cents.
  6. I built a new computer and used a new address and user name. Now it suddenly works buy my new wallet will not synch This projects are great but the implementation sucks. My rac is good and building but there is no way to know if it will hit my wallet. Might have to go back to Etherium as I was making bank.
  7. I'm getting the same problem. I installed all new on a new computer (Yeah! Ryzen with GTX1080) The wallet stays out of sych and if I click rebuild blockchain or download block, it closes the program. This sucks and Im starting to think I will return to nicehash as at least I was making something for my computing efforts and all the electricity I use. Now I'm using a new email and username Hungryboincer
  8. This is what I get for never getting rest and working 80 hours a week. Lol. Apparently I have followed the wrong guide. I have setup at grc pool but my how's will not synch. I'll get some rest this weekend and try to figure this out.
  9. Im in the pool. Nothing for magnitude. Nada. Followed instructions. Im wondering if I have a "Split" CPID. Ive seen that is a problem. I have considered using a new Email account and starting the process over. I dont think I can recover anything. Christ, other cryptocurrency is MUCH easier. The GRC wallet as designed, is a setup for failure and is never "In Synch" always unchecked "Staking" ect. Then the updates dont indicate if they are the newest version. There is no, GRCWallet version number, just download and hope it's the latest. I am getting depressed about how this is not working. Im on my cellphone, later at home I'll screenshot my wallet and post here. There "should" have been something for 12Million credits and being in the 99% Maybe I should make another wallet with a new CPID? I work 16 hours days and need to get some sleep before I pull my hair out over this. LOL
  10. I have been using Boinc for decades.I didnt know there was GRC till late last year. You can look up my stats, please look at them. I set up my wallet, mining in a pool and not staking. 15 computers in all, not all of them top end. I have many Sky900 AMD cards and was going to use them for [email protected] but the cost of running these with NO return on electricity is really not going to happen. I need someone's help. I would be willing to give someone trustworthy, control of m account to get my wallet to show I have done something for all this work. I have in my GRC wallet: 10 GRC that I have begged for from here and using faucets. Yeah, a whole 10 GRC. Something like : USD$0.45 to explain to my wife why the electric bill is through the roof. To quote Breaking Bad, "Yeah Science" won't cut it when the electric bill come next month. I am Building a monster Ryzen 2700X in a few weeks and had considered buying a couple Intel Phi cards. I am a Nurse Practitioner and by no means "poor" but this hobby could make $1,000 a month easy with Nicehash and the hardware I have, I know because I have before. With GRC, I have seen nothing. My wallet is essentially empty. Please look at my stats, any advice would be appreciated. Thank you. Griff30 My Boinc Stats BAM! ID is: 226929
  11. I am new here, posted before for a leg-up. Wondering if there is any GRC to get me started? Thanks SEeGKczQ5JLG11fB6HwTujtXrmEg747pYz I feel like a beggar but it's all good.
  12. Newbie here tp Gridcoin with a long history of [email protected] (circa13 Oct 1999) . Seti USER ID : 154524 Just got back into this under the idea that gridcoin could offset my computer's electrical bill running [email protected] 24/7. I am new to mining, though I only BOINC. Had a few problems setting it all up now I just need some coin. I tried to use the faucets, says I am behind a proxy (I am not and not that dumb to know if I was) Alternatively I would be willing to buy GRC with Paypay. I tried to setup a few accounts to buy Bitcoin to trade for GRC and somehow I botched up 2FA and it will not allow a retry. Other exchanges are not accepting newbies. If not a chance to purchase some from anyone, I would modestly ask for a handout for starter. Anything will help and I am one to help back. If anyone has enough GRC to get a brother started, My GRC wallet address is: SEeGKczQ5JLG11fB6HwTujtXrmEg747pYz

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