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  1. UPDATE (July, 2018) New ways to earn added: Surf Bitcoin in this section we found different seconds ads e.g.: 6s ads = 4 satoshi 21s ads = 14 satoshi Chance Click a banner & let that ad open for 5s WIN up to 10,000 Satoshis per chance. How to Receive Chance 0.002 BTC Purchases + 20 Chance Upgrade / Extend + 50 Chance Every Referral + 1 Chance btcbuffet.com
  2. Officially Launched: July 03, 2018 Faucet: Claim up to 0.50 DOGE every 30 minutes Games: Doge Snake Coin Flipper Grid Game Guess the Number OfferWalls: PTCWall ClixWall Offers4All Referrals: You'll earn 50% from each claim your referrals make at our faucet. Minimum withdraw is 100 DOGE via FaucetHub claimdoge.win 😍
  3. Member Benefits Unique System Unlimited Direct Referrals Less Referrals To Earn Big Lifetime Earnings of 20% - 50% From Referrals. Earn Unlimited 5%-3%-2% From Referral Upgrade/Extend. Free Advertising Bonuses Minimum withdraw is 0.0002 BTC Here are 2 ways to earn: Earn Bitcoin: 3 ads type 10s, 20s, 30s Bitcoin Buffet: 5s ads For every second you'll receive 1 satoshi !! btcbuffet.com
  4. In the last days I didn't had time to use this faucet. Today I re-enter here and found out about their referral contest. So here's the details : It's a legit faucet, and in my past posts you can found some of my payments proofs received. Meanwhile, new users can register here : btcmines.club
  5. Earn bitcoin surfing advertisement. Surf Ads Active Window Ads Auto Surf Ads This is an advertising platform for bitcoin business users. This site is similar to adBTC.top but referral commission is 7.5%. Upgrade your membership and earn 5X or even 10X more. You can earn 10% from your referral. Referral link is available as normal username or encrypted username. All bitcoin payments are instant with some confirmations. Minimum withdrawal is 20,000 satoshi without any fees. Advertise balance is not withdrawable. Register here: clixco.in

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