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  1. You get 0.05 from faucet download wallet from deviantcoin.io
  2. Deviant Coin NOTE : This is the Official ANN Thread, Coin Launch Date 24th, January 2018. The DeviantCoin (DEV) is a PoS/Masternode based cryptocurrency. Our main focus is to provide a secure mode of crypto experience.While being Anonymous, cryptographic and security principals are incorporated throughout the entire Development Life Cycle to guarantee a secure core meeting the requirements and expectations.You own your private keys.In this world of plethora of digital tokens, we provide a decentralized wallet to access all of your funds at one place. Our roadmap includes a fully decentralized hardware wallet that works on the same platform. This adds to the security of the platform by enabling hash keys to secure your web access with additional 2-Factor Authentication. Features MasterNodes The Deviant Coin is a well decentralized network of Masternodes without superfluous control and intermediaries/gatekeepers with more than 80% pure Block reward phase and ensures lightning fast and secured transaction, multi-wallets, encrypted messaging, stealth address for complete anonymity, low number of confirmations, low fees and limited number of total coin supply for faster increase of value. Since the Masternodes are constantly connected to the network & perform certain tasks, this allows the coin to achieve faster and more private transactions. These are full nodes that run 24/7 and require collateral of 5,000 DEV. In exchange for providing this service and locking up the coins which effectively reduce supply, the Masternode owner is rewarded a portion of the block rewards. The percent of the block rewards earned is variable which increases over the period. DarkSend We use the Darksend protocol for security and anonymity. Your payments remain anonymous. This does not give anyone the opportunity to keep track of your money. Specifications Coin Name: Deviant Coin Algo: Proof of Stake Ticker: DEV Coin Type: PoS/Masternode Block Size: 3 MB Max Supply: 88,000,000 Premined: 4.7 % Block Time: 60 Sec Block Halving: -18% / Year Min Stake Age: 24 Hours MasterNode Collateral 5,000 DEV Mainnet: P2P port 7118 RPC port 7117 Block rewards start as 50/50 for both PoS and Masternodes. [ Website ] [ Twitter ] [ Discord ] [ Reddit ][ Facebook ] [ Block Explorer ] [ Github ] [ Stocks.exchange ][ Crypto-Bridge ] [ TradeSatoshi.com ] [ Faucet ] [ Block Explorer - Altmix.org ] [ Coincodex ] ANN THREAD TRANSLATIONS [ Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) ] [ Espa?ol (Spanish) ] [ Chinese ] [ Hrvatski (Croatian) ] [ Deutsch (German) ] [ Italiano (Italian) ] [ Japanese ] [ Philippines ] [ Russian ] [ Skandinavisk ] [ Türkçe (Turkish) ] Required Collateral: 5000 DEV Masternode Statistics [ MNRANK ] [ MASTERNODES ONLINE ] [ MASTERNODES.PRO ] Masternode Setup Guide [ WINDOWS / LINUX - MASTERNODE SETUP ] [ Windows ] [ Linux ] [ Macintosh ] [ Raspberry Pi ] Nodes List [ Masternode Setup Guides ] [ RaspberryPi Wallet Guide ] [ Stocks.exchange ] [ Crypto Bridge ] [ TradeSatoshi.com ] ◆Launch Website (Completed) ? Q1 2018 ◆Windows Wallet Release (Completed) ? Q1 2018 ◆Linux Wallet Release (Completed) ? Q1 2018 ◆Macintosh Wallet Release (Completed) ? Q1 2018 Exchanges listing sites ◆TradeSatoshi (Q1 2018) (Completed) ◆Stock.Exchange (Q1 2018) (Completed) ◆Crypto-Bridge (Q1 2018) (Completed) ◆Coincodex (Q1 2018) (Completed) ◆CoinExchange (Q1 2018) ◆Cryptopia (Q1 2018) ◆YoBit (Q1 2018) ◆Binance (Planned) ◆BitTrex (Planned) ◆HitBTC (Planned) ◆BitFinex (Planned) Masternode Tracking listing: ◆Masternodes.pro (Q1 2018) (completed) ◆MNRank (Q1 2018) (completed) ◆Masternodes.online (Q1 2018) (completed) Mobile Wallet , Whitepaper and Social Media Campaign ◆Web Wallet (Proposed) ? Q3 2018 ◆Android App (Planned) ? Q2 2018 ◆IOS App (Planned) ? Q2 2018 ◆Coinomi - (Planned) ? Q2 2018 ◆BitPie - (Planned) ? Q2 2018 ◆WhitePaper & Translation (Planned) ◆Integrated coincard (Q3 2018) Decentralized Exchange ◆ Design (Completed) ◆ Integration (Q2 2018)(In Progress) ◆ Launch (Q4 2018)(Planned) ◆Update https://twitter.com/DeviantCoin/status/962108577157562368 check it out We wanna show you a small sneak peek of a decentralized exchange #DEX Currently implementing the backend and recruited another experienced blockchain developer to help us. $DEV will play a major role in the DEX and we will implement a fully independent eco system for #deviantcoin Hardware Wallet ◆R&D Phase (Q1 -Q2 2018) ◆H/W Prototype (Q3 2018) ◆Testing (Q4 2018 - Q1 2019) Integration ◆Blockchain update with Smart Contracts implementation (2019) ◆Laws audit and consulting (2019) ◆New MN feature (2019) ◆Update API integration (Futures) ◆Lighting Network (Planned) AIRDROP Users who join the official discord channel would ONLY be eligible for receiving periodic airdrops . Join Discord https://discord.gg/ahRgB5U AIRDROP ROUND 1 - COMPLETED AIRDROP ROUND 2 - REGISTRATION - JOIN DISCORD OTHER BOUNTY's 1, Bounty 700 DEV : Looking for someone who can compile electrum wallet 2, Dice Game for deviant coin - Bounty can be discussed 3, satoshimines for deviant coin - Bounty can be discussed 4, Discord Bettingbot for deviant coin something similar to Okcoin discord bot - Bounty can be discussed TRANSLATION BOUNTY - Completed [ Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) ] [ Espa?ol (Spanish) ] [ Chinese ] [ Hrvatski (Croatian) ] [ Deutsch (German) ] [ Italiano (Italian) ] [ Japanese ] [ Philippines ] [ Russian ] [ Skandinavisk ] [ Türkçe (Turkish) ] TRANSLATION BOUNTY COMPLETED : HERE IN THIS SHEET PM me of you didn't get paid yet .

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