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  1. So any recommendations for current airdrops what good or prospective for upcoming ones you got any top picks you recommend?
  2. No problem sent ticket but am not too bothered like if its their id maybe change over but if not then ill just start out fresh :)
  3. its hard to find good airdrops already part of this fast growing airdrop community and finding a lot of good coins among the BS ones that do popup a lot of the time. Keep up the good work of airdrop groups keep them coins flying in :)
  4. CryptoGeneration

    Hello all

    So after seeing my old account is not on here decided to make a fresh start for 2018. Not sure if you guys remove inactive accounts but cant seem to locate it but onward n forwards. Am cryptogeneration been doing crypto since early days of 2010 and still learning more and more as time goes on. I did join here when it first started out totally forgot about then come across again late last year checking over new coins coming out and was like ok cant login but nvm. 33 from UK have years of knowledge to put to good use on here and no doubt will be posting my up coming projects for the crypto world to enjoy. I did use to go by another name in the past but re-branding and having a fresh start :) I look forward to the future of this community and hope to fined it helpful and to provide help for the community if I can :)

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