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  1. Hi Lilifa... Well.... I never quite thought about it and perceived it that way...…. but I will now.... I don't want-cha cryin' hun …… unless it's on my shoulder of course... 🙂 🙂
  2. I've used Venmo before, but I think there was a senders charge and not a receivers charge like how PayPal has it setup. My newest renter was having issues with setting up Venmo and it wouldn't let him send more than $100. I'd never used PayPal before other than to pay for stuff, so I asked him to try PayPal and PP charged me, the recipient, $35 for an $800 rent payment. So that's why I am saying watchout, be careful and don't get blindsided like I did.
  3. Watch out for PayPal..... Their service fees are huge averaging around 3.5 - 5%
  4. This is just another prime example of how the human mind represents poor judgment and follower mentality. Honestly, I really don't care.... they can have it if that is what they want. I have so much more to be involved with without that project, I have no dependencies with them and no incentives to begin or continue. If it's true that they are "Tainting" the tasks unevenly, then I'd suggest BOINC management needs to be notified. I don't know the rules, but I'd guess that perspective is outside the EULA.....
  5. Hi Lilifa, The only way to run the previous wallet to this mandatory upgrade was to run an older version that supports 32 bit. This upgrade is strictly for Wallet on 64 bit machines. As usual, if you had a 64 bit machine, you will need to remove all the data from your gridcoinresearch wallet folder except for your config file. Reinstall the new wallet, then download the blockchain zip file, extract it and then run the wallet and let it sync. But being as you are moving to a new machine, you will need to install the wallet on that machine and then stop the wallet and copy your old config file to replace the new one created by the new wallet install, then once you have your old wallet config file in place, restart the wallet. It's not too difficult. As you know, on 64 bit machines only for this upgrade.
  6. I would like to point out that I have noticed member Ecotech ascending the donations rankings in short order. Ecotech must be one of those "Big Balls" ..... ummm, err... Dots in Dave's chart. Keep up the good work Ecotech!
  7. How to upgrade your Gridcoin Wallet(s). If you're like me, you have more than one wallet running online. Each one needs to be upgraded. Gridcoin Wiki for Gridcoin Wallet Upgrade Follow that link. -Wes
  8. Mr. Dave, Great info.... I am really surprised and amazed that team GRC is such a massive contributor to the overall of BOINC RAC. That's an awesome pat on the back for team GRC....... ......and superficially of course.... I'd just like to point out that the downward GRC trend....well... umm.. just sort of coincides with my RAC's depression when I was off-line a few days for maintenance.... ummm... ya know.... just sayin' .... hahahahahahaha :)) :))
  9. Plus, there is a calculation that is a "shadow" that can't be calculated just right yet. I have more "power reserves" than I am totally consuming right now. Basically, my power reserves are consuming power by just being idle and not operating at full capacity. So I think that efficiency factor number may rise somewhat when the total of all of my power reserves are utilized to full capacity. It's sort of like having an LS engine in a VW Beetle. Just driving around town and to the grocery store it's wasting energy, but take that Beetle to the raceway and it pulls a 6 second quarter mile..... now your utilizing it's full capacity..... I'm happy with x6 ..... and I do have room for improvement on that as well...... :)) -Wes
  10. Well, yea, but that's not a realistic value presented by that meter because that meter is connected to the 5vdc buss. It's not representative of what's coming out of the wall plug that gives power to the network switches, fans and internal power supply operational power requirements. Plus there are 16 hosts not part of that value as well, each draw 12.5 watts each...... The power coming out of that wall right now is 436.8 watts. That powers all of that rig minus 16 hosts. I think you can get realistically very close to the efficiency number factor from those values. Post back so we know... -Wes
  11. The "terminal-GUI" or "Terminal User Interface" that I constructed from a Bash software utility that I wrote.
  12. The latest internal power consumption numbers.
  13. hummmmm..... well... just figurin' off my instinctual scientifically collaborated and compacted brain matter, diminutive comprehension forsaken.... of course.... I'd speculate that a direct air flow thru an enclosed architecture design would yield the most efficient results for cooling because #1. Less fans required because of increased efficiency and therefore less "Fan" power consumption. #2. Better cooling properties because of 100% of the directionally forced air movement is used, whereas open architecture a higher percentage of the moving air would be dissipated non-directionally to areas where it is not used at all. So yes, I agree... closed is better.
  14. Hi Ecotech, Yes, this is very realistic. Depending on your MAG for each project and how many other researchers there are processing the same projects tasks will determine your credit amount. Plus, if I am not mistaken, each project has a different rewards scale formula. So to say, between projects, 10 hours of Seti processor yield does not equal 10 hours of Rosetta processor yield. Your project that is receiving lower yields is probably associated with a project that has several hundreds more researchers than the second project you are running tasks for. Couple that with differences in the rewards scales and you can see why it is important to find the correct research project for your machine. I have the same dilemma as you are having in 3 of my hosts so I am getting ready to change those hosts over to different projects that have better yields. You'll need to find what works best for you in the pool.... -Wes
  15. I guess I am at a limit for uploading... I'll have to try again later or tomorrow, I have two more images to show..... -Wes

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