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  1. Well my rig was partially down this morning...... A bad crimp on a 12v wire connector eventually heated the connector and burnt the 12vdc supply wire off which dropped the 5vdc to one of the two 5vdc power buss'. A new connector and a focused attention on a better crimp has resolved the issue..... Mag may hiccup a bit.... but we move on..... I'm waiting on a couple of NanoPC-T4 boards to arrive so I can include them and do some testing..... I'm starting to work on installing the second power supply now that I am having a little more free time on my hands. I'll be doing some re-wiring as well... some areas of the rig I need to replace 16 gauge wire with 14 gauge....or run two 16 gauges in parallel... I'm excited to be getting back into it...... - Wes
  2. Yes, I would tend to agree. I've also tried to run BOINC inside of DOCKER and it proved to be very inefficient and not so stable. Some of my processor speeds needed to be lowered to 60% and BOINC processor use to 80%. You might want to try that in your BOINC prefs, set your prefs to 50% of CPU time and see if that helps. Adjust accordingly depending on results. - Wes
  3. Hi FreshCoconut - Welcome to the forum. As my friend Gray has said, starting off joining the pool is the best approach to amassing coinage. I will second that. I would also add that you can use the faucets. As for having issues running BOINC projects on FreeBSD, I think that question is too technically focused for this forum thread. It may require a forum search and Google Search for BOINC on FeeBSD. However, I am running BOINC on UBUNTU and I have encountered little resistance, so first I would make sure that your OS is updated and upgraded to date. I'm surprised that SETI gave you any issues. It's usually benign. If you can run one project and not another then I'd say BOINC is installed properly and that the problems are going to be associated with Processor, Processor Drivers, Processor supporting hardware, Processor Speeds, Memory Speeds, something like that. A lot of computational errors are resulted from processor and memory overclocking or can be heat related. I sent you a few starter coins. - Wes
  4. Here are a few more headed your way......
  5. A few more headed your way...
  6. Hello, According to this link https://gridcoinstats.eu/project/ Cosmology is no longer available for rewards. Is this correct? Thanks.
  7. For anyone that doesn't know about the phantom 162 + 1 GRC in your wallets, you need to update your wallet. Here is a link to more information of it. Phantom GRC
  8. I feel kind of at a loss.... I was seriously reading about orphans just two days ago and I even sent Brian a message to just donate my orphans to the pool..... I must be tired and spread thin from these 12+ hour work days and no time off.... Brian at [email protected] will be able to answer any of your questions and he is very diligent about responding. So send him off an email and you will receive a proper answer. Cheers...
  9. Hi Ecotech, I take it that you are discussing grcpool mining and not solo mining because you make comment of dcc credits... I am not sure what you mean by "Got an Orphan" .... Can you provide more details please? Exactly what do you mean by Orphan? Thanks.
  10. Well Grey, technically what happened was that one of my two 12vdc to 5vdc 10 Amp converters deceased and that in turn increased the load on the remaining one and that pulled it's output voltage down to 4.77vdc. 5vdc processor circuitry doesn't like that kind of stuff..... Initially, everything would have been fine, but after I started raising processor clock speeds and processor use loads up to 95% on 192 processors.... well.... the converters were not happy and choked. I had already purchased two 12vdc to 5vdc 40 Amp converters (4x the load capability) and I swapped one of those in for the deceased one and things came back to life. Then a couple of days later the remaining 10 Amp converter surrendered and I ended up swapping in the second 40 Amp converter to get back to normal.... My problem now is that the load on the 12vdc out of my Emacs 460W Redundant server power supply that feeds the 40 Amp converters is a little too much for the wiring harness. I can feel that it is too warm to the touch. To my surprise, on eBay I discovered 3 of the exact same model Emacs power supplies and I made the seller a decent offer and he accepted it. Those 3 Emacs are brand new in the box. Pics still show them in shipping box and packing foam.... I got them for a super good price and free shipping. So I am going to add a second Emacs and wire it's 12V independently thru the second 40 Amp converter and then tie it into the power buss, effectively lowering the load on my wiring harness by 50% and doubling my power capabilities..... I can't hardly wait to get started.... but it might be after Labor Day before I can get into it.
  11. I admit that I feel that way about this chart as well. For myself, it was too "Colorfully Complicated" and I am finding that research, trial and error are giving me best results.
  12. uummmm, 16 JUL 18 ? Cause I just was looking into it a couple of days ago.... 22ish AUG 18 and it appeared to me to still be in transition..... But I am no authority on that what-so-ever.....
  13. Yes....from the odroids....... It took awhile to get it all kosher with grcpool..... it was challenging..and still is.... But with the possibility of CBR happening.... it will take 10,000 GRC to Stake Daily with a difficulty of 1 ....... So it's going to take some hefty GRC weight to get anywhere when that happens..... I decided to plunge in and up my coin count as soon as possible..... I am just reading about SPARC and DCC ... I'm not to familiar with it although I created a myetherwallet with MetaMask.... But I'm not in a rush for DCC yet. It all accumulates on the grcpool and needs to be manually transferred... so for right now my plan is to just leave it on grcpool.....
  14. As I begin to bring more of my machines into the pool......

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