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  1. For anyone that is interested or doesn't know about the "autounlock" feature, it can save you time and is much more secure than typing your passphrase into a bash shell if headless. It works on the GUI as well. On the command debug command line: encrypt wallet_passphrase_here (put your passphrase where it says wallet_passphrase_here) You will receive and encrypted code based on salt from your machines CPU & HD run thru MD5 This code is unique to your computer. If you change the CPU or HD, you need to re-establish a new code. In your gridcoinresearch.conf file, add the line: autounlock=your_encrypted_passphrase_here This makes your wallet.dat file only open with your original passphrase or thru autounlock only on the computer that generated the code.
  2. I'm just starting out as well so I have just minimal coins or I would send you a few... Also, try the faucets at: http://www.gridcoin.ch/faucet.php https://gridcoinstats.eu/faucet.php
  3. I am currently working on loading the headless wallet on one of my Ubuntu SBC's. It seems to be progressing nicely. I'll need to wait to see if it syncs...
  4. The Gray wise one... That must be why you are called the Gray Wizard..... Because you can figure doolie-wop stuff like this out.... Good Job......
  5. It's only 32bit Wallet support. BOINC crunching will not change.... Currently I only have two Windows machines running. All the rest are Ubuntu, Armbian and Android. One of the windows machines is 64bit and the other 32bit. So it's not a big deal for me other than I wanted Wallet running on two machines. As far as I know, 32bit is no longer supported since version My latest version is So it was just a few months ago that they dropped support for 32bit Wallet.
  6. After doing some research and asking admin@grcpool.com a few questions, Brian replied to me that I would need each instance of BOINC on all of my 22 machines using grcpool as the manager. For the headless crunchers, I'd need to use boinctasks to manage them. ..... it seems like a lot of work..... so I am contemplating what to do.....
  7. SETI@Home

    I have done Seti@home since the late 1990's. Now I am running it on 160 processors.... Soon to be 224 processors.
  8. The backup from a 64 bit Wallet was successfully used to create a duplicate Wallet on a 32 bit machine. Thanks Gray.
  9. I'm a novice here, but it is my understanding that 32 bit support is currently depreciated. The Wallet is the last 32 bit supporting software version. The reason I needed this version was because the current 64 bit software will not install on a 32 bit Windows machine that I have. It immediately errors with a notice that it is not compatible with the processor that I have installed. So, to get it to work on that particular 32 bit machine, I had to use that 32 bit version. That is the only issue it solved for me. Now I am going to see if I can move the backup of a 64bit Wallet.... to a 32 bit Wallet..... in order to sync them both....
  10. Thanks Mr. Gray Wizard, Not once did I think to do this. I will give it a go.
  11. So... I installed a second Wallet on a separate machine. That machine is a 32 bit so I installed version of the wallet. I downloaded the snapshot and installed it. I ran the Wallet and it has synced. This new Wallet does not show any coins, etc. I'm thinking that maybe both Wallets should be in sync number-wise, coin-wise.... They should display same data. Am I right or wrong? ....and if I am wrong.... Why are they displaying different for my same "CPID" account? Thanks.
  12. So I need some advise on what to do next.... Do I just crunch and wait or do I need to do some actions? Oh, and does the Wallet need to stay open all the time? Thanks.
  13. Thanks L8, I checked that out.... Good Info. Thanks for the feedback on my rig... it's only just at it's basic of what I needed to do to get it operational. It's still running in manual mode but in a few months when I have more time to spend on it I'll add the planned 12 multi-color 8X8 dot matrix marquis behind the smoked glass, finish up my watchdog stuff and make it work either off all GPIO (Only 24 control pins) or use a few GPIO outputs to control the 74H595 shift registers. I already have that all bread-boarded up and the code written for it... I'm looking forward to this now... since I have a working Wallet and coins....
  14. Whoo - Hoo !!! I just checked and We Got Coins.... Thanks A Bunch :) Upgrading to the latest version of Wallet has made the transition painless... and fruitful.... I might add. I am not utilizing BAM, I only run SETI and I can keep it simple. I really want to run Solo ... I'm not concerned with the time or payout frequency, etc. I'm in no hurry... And at currently approx. 18,000 credits a day with a soon-to-be approx. 25,000 credits a day..... Lets see where that takes things..... I don't know what to ultimately expect.... but I do think to expect good things.... So if you look at that meter on the pic of my rig... it averages about 70watts for all my 160 processors. I'm not counting the EMACS Dual Redundant Server Power Supplies consumption. I have yet to hook a power meter up to the "Power Cords" yet. The P/S has two power cords for dual redundancy.... The sweet thing was I picked that P/S up on Amazon for a mere $50 ..... I use the 5V output of the P/S connected to my 5V buss and I take the 12V out of the P/S and run it thru a 12V to 5V converter and tie it's 5V output directly onto the 5V buss in parallel.... The P/S is ok with it.... so then so am I..... So, having just one Wallet works for all of my "22" computers and their processors?

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