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  1. CryptoFlip Cars CryptoFlip Cars is one of the few cryptogames that has kept improving since the explosion of cryptogames on the scene. This is a blockchain game where you can buy and own your favourite cars and car brands on the blockchain. Not only that, but they have just released RACING on CryptoFlip Cars. Feelin Fast & Furious?! Come blow off your steam in a an epic race, where you can win other players ETH. It's all about the cars and your skill, baby. They've also upgraded their design and have upped the dividends you gain on Car Companies and Makes from 2% to a WHOPPING 10% . That's right. Ten percent divvys! Time to burn up the tracks in your dream car and win some ETH in tyre-melting style! Website: https://cryptoflipcars.site/ Join the community here: https://discord.gg/2vhEFAA
  2. ExoPlanets.io - {Giveaway/Contest - ExoPlanets that worth 2.3 ETH, 1.2 ETH and 0.4 ETH} Exploring the galaxy has never been more interesting, fun and rewarding! The goal of the game is to get an ExoPlanet, evolve life on it to the point of space exploration capabilities and take control of as many resource planets as possible. The players with the most resource planets on the galaxy game board will win a prize pool. Hot Prizes: 3 ExoPlanets, worth 2.3 ETH. 5 ExoPlanets, worth 1.2 ETH. 10 ExoPlanets, worth 0.4 ETH. Join Here: https://discord.gg/JrM9vQn
  3. ETH.TOWN + Moon Factory Moon Factory is an idle game with time management mechanics and a global economy model. It's all about running your own factory, and making best use of the raw products you obtain. You have access to many different raw products, and you have to find the best strategy to make them into your very own rockets. Once you have a rocket, you can send your penguins to the moon. Each item and product can be sold for its own ETH price. So either build the ultimate rockets for the ultimate ETH sale price, or accumulate raw items and sell them in large quantities to supply the market. Game Rules: https://medium.com/@ethtown/introducing-eth-town-moon-factory-1c0619be7b34 Website: https://eth.town/?go=10dka Discord: https://discord.gg/uQENUYh
  4. DopeRaider {Giveaway/Contest 0.5 0.5 ETH, 0.25 ETH, 0.1 ETH and more...} Just what you were waiting for... with very juicy prizes!!! Join: https://discord.gg/7MCEQDS
  5. DopeRaider Get ready for the blockchain gaming revolution! This is no ordinary cryptogame. This is exactly what all games wish they were. Fun, immersive, profitable. DopeRaider is a multiplayer RPG built completely on the ethereum network, making use of smart contracts. The game is very unique and establishes its very own economy, influenced completely by its players actions. You play this game as a narco, and its your job to hustle weed and coke between districts for a nice profit. If you're not the hustling type, then go ahead and grow your own crop or refine your own powdered goodness. And if that doesn't suit your style, then get out your guns and go raid some other players and steal their stash. Weed and coke can be bought and sold for ETH throughout the districts in the game, with each district having its own micro-economy that influences price. Upgrades can also be purchased to make your narcos more adept at their trade. Whether its a brand new lambo for making speedy get-aways, or a kevlar jacket to protect you from other narcos bullets, it's all there in this fast paced, GTA-style game. Oh and one more thing, always remember... Respect has a price! Introduction: https://medium.com/@DopeRaider/doperaider-presale-be-ready-for-the-economy-kickstart-2e5263bd749e In-Depth FAQ: https://doperaider.com/#/Faq Website: https://doperaider.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/mKfA4sR Email: [email protected] Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/doperaider/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DopeRaider/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/doperaider Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/playdoperaider/?hl=en Medium: https://medium.com/@DopeRaider
  6. Ether Online Ether Online - [Giveaway/Contest Grab 0.5 ETH easily!!!] Top 1: 0.5 ETH Top 2: 0.3 ETH Top 3: 0.2 ETH Top 4-10: 5 Chests Join here: https://discord.gg/8gdGAV5
  7. CRYPTO HALO 3D HALO 3D will be huge. There is currently a fantastic invite competition where you can earn some eth easily. Check it out here and get in early!!! Join here: https://discord.gg/RGN5uKA
  8. Crypto Block Wars If you want to play a game with real gameplay on the ethereum network, then you're gonna love Block Wars. A game that turns the world into a warzone of blocks, with each block representing a home town or city. You can pick any blocks on the world that you want and fortify them against attacks using ETH, or you can conquer other players blocks which have been fortified with their own ETH. Its a grand strategy game, for mass online playing, similar to the classic boardgame called Risk. Except in this game, you can make a lot of ETH by being the best warmonger out there! Strategize. Conquer. Fortify. Move. Make money. Good luck soldiers. Launch time: May 7th 8PM UTC+2 (PS. Make sure to check out the website http://blockwars.live/ where you can win some free genesis blocks worth 0.1 ETH by joining the raffle before the official launch). Website: http://blockwars.live/ Discord: https://discord.gg/gbu6pdr YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEmXjrnb3MQpluu3uWhT6Ow Medium: https://medium.com/@BlockWars Telegram: https://t.me/BlockWars Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlockWarsLive
  9. PoBitconnect The next wave is HERE! The best and freshest pyramid clone is already on its way to the moon. Still less than 24 hours old, and already doing absolutely amazing! Whoever thought Bitconnect was over, is very WRONG! BitConnect is in! Its back!! Proof of BitConnect is the rebirth. And Carlos Matos is here to staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. Don't miss out. Proof of Craig Grant was released 24 hours before us, and they are already breaking past 330 ETH. PoBitconnect has just passed 100 ETH right now. Go have a look. The Carlos Matos team is INSANE! Website: http://pobitconnect.club/?masternode=0x05f2c11996d73288abe8a31d8b593a693ff2e5d8 Contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0x0c9384b679254d2f6de7b87af5d4fecc0f1c245a Twitter: https://twitter.com/The1CarlosMatos/status/990984354296889345 Discord: https://discord.gg/TnyE66
  10. Aethia - [0.6 ETH Giveaway/Contest] The official Aethia Discord server is hosting a contest with moren than 0.6 ETH in rewards!!! Join here to participate: https://discord.gg/xWMbvBD
  11. BURNUP.io - [0.7 ETH Contest/Giveaway] Grab 0.75 ETH easily!!! Just join and participate. • 1st: 0.75 ETH • 2nd: 0.4 ETH • 3rd: 0.25 ETH • 4th: 0.15 ETH • 5 to 8: 0.1 ETH Join here: https://discord.gg/aYDw9Vg
  12. CryptoSaga We've seen all kinds of things on the blockchain now. But have you seen an RPG game on the blockchain?? CryptoSaga is exactly that. This is the first true blue RPG built on the Ethereum network. Everything in this game is done via the smart contract. The game was only just launched within the last 24 hours. Its fresh! And it was developed by FireShrike, an experienced game developing company based in Korea. They've been making games since 2009. This game really sets itself apart from others. The graphics are INCREDIBLE. The battle scenes are completely animated. Your heroes actually MOVE. This is built to replicate the 90's golden era of JRPG's. You can collect as many heroes as you want, and they come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and rarities. We got Demon Princes, Dragon Priestesses, Privateer Captains, Archangels, Shadowalkers and many more. Each and every single hero in the game is 100% unique, despite sharing similar features. You can look at the stats to see how good your hero is. Play the game, have fun, conquer some dungeons, and win some golds (the in-game token). Golds can be used to get new heroes, and with the upcoming updates you will be able to do a lot more with the golds. A battle arena will also be released, as well as an auction house. Do you want guilds? They are on the way too. One of the best Dapps to be released this year, come get those classic RPG vibes. All gameplay is done with ETH, and all rewards are also paid to the players in ETH. So you can have fun and make some money too. Perfect! Official Website: https://cryptosaga.io/#/ Discord: https://discord.gg/sRaqZDX Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoSagaDev Medium: https://medium.com/@cryptosaga Company Website: https://fireshrike.com/
  13. Proof of Passive Dividends - 2.5 ETH {Giveaway/Contest} While Bitcoin is becoming an accepted alternative asset class with regulated exchanges, Ethereum and its new futures contracts are still very much the ‘Wild Wild West’. That’s why we introduce you to Proof of Passive Dividends! POPD contract provides the option to directly reinvest and earn cut from every exchange fees. Be the strong hands and hodl through all the buys and sells to accumulate dividends while the weak hands sell for whatever reason. So my friends keep calm and earn your dividends! POPD tokens are managed entirely on the smart contract; the purchasing process creates the tokens and puts the funds directly into the contract without human intervention. The selling process boils those tokens down and returns the funds to the seller directly. By definition, POPD is neither a pyramid nor a ponzi. That’s the point; it’s the reverse of what every lending platform states. They entitled to be real but are a pyramid. We sarcastically claim to be a pyramid but in fact are a complete legit cryptocurrency that is ironically one of the fairest and most distributed to date. POPD divs function under a perfectly autonomous simulation in which all transactions (buy/sell) are taxed 40% (15% at entry and 25% at exit). Since the smart-contract operates its own exchange and the token is autonomous, these fees are automatically split up and awarded to all token holders. Simply, each token grants you a stake of 40% of the volume the trade experiences. Remember: All earned dividends are yours no matter what happens to the price of the POPD or to the contract. Even if the value of the tokens fall and everyone pulls out their money, that only increase your earnings. + Our program offers - 5% commission + Live feedback and notification upon buy/sell + Chart ratio of token POPD investors. + Max 0.5 -1 Eth pre-mine. + Monthly 2% reward for our large token holders as intensive for not selling. Join here: https://discord.gg/CNvMpBz
  14. Just look at this guys: This is a successful project!!!
  15. Illuminati Coin - ILMT The One POWH Clone to Rule Them All - Illuminati Coin - ILMT (The divs are watching) 13% total divs Buy+Sell No huge premine Slowly growing on purpose AND FUCKIN TITANIUM HANDS All initial hodlers are a known group of trusted guys in the crypto games community. This is assurance to all others that this clone is built on trust, and TITANIUM HANDS will never sell and betray your trust. We will HODL until we reach 100 ETH, reinvesting all the way. Everyone else who wants the divs joins in for the ride. Website: https://theilluminati.io/pyramid/index.html?masternode=0x05f2c11996d73288abe8a31d8b593a693ff2e5d8 Discord: https://discord.gg/yZrKtZC

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