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  1. Bitcoin popularity raised since 2010 and at that time price of bitcoin was $10 , a sharp increase from $1 which was in 2009, Slowly market understand the new decentralized payment system and designed new currencies which can follow the same bitcoin network pattern, meantime, bitcoin dominated the market and today more than 1300 cryptocurrencies exist in the market. Bitcoin market slowly increasing its dominance in payment gateway, merchants and many more, Now Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash these markets also dominated the market and next dominating coming that has come into the market is EVOCOIN, EVOCOIN has started from price $2 this month and expected the price of $50–$100 by the end of this year, and slowly dominating the market as its supported by bitcoin community worldwide. Furthermore this company is going to launch its own ATM Cards and machines with no more bitcoin conversion. by the end of year, It will acquire 10–20% capital of cryptocurrency market and will have a strong hold in the market, coming years of EVOCOIN will have great significance in the coinmarket and more to follow the EVOCOIN foothold and will have to analyze the market afterwards. For more you can follow evocoin in social media : Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with @evocoinofficial.
  2. While a buy and hold strategy has proven to be beneficial to the early EVOCOIN investors, the late entrants have used the wild price swings to add to their EVOCOIN numbers. We can see from the charts in this article that the whales have increased their EVOCOIN holdings over the past couple of weeks through EVOCOIN token presale. An average trader prediction as to buys at the low and sells at very high in coming days. Currently, the price is likely to increase with increase in global community at the uptrend line and above it, at the 1- 2 day EMA. We expect the $50 to $200 by the end of this year . If EVOCOIN succeed in breaking out of this zone, a quick rally to $500-$1000 might take place in the next year, where it will again face resistance from the 1-6-months SMA and the resistance line of the descending channel. Therefore, the traders will wait for a breakout above $50 to buy. The profit objective is a move to $1000. What if the BTC/USD pair fails to break out of $9,500 and turns down once again? In this case, traders should wait, resisting the urge to buy at lower levels because if the price breaks below $7,800, we might see it go down to the $7,000 point. We always provide both the bullish and bearish scenarios because the traders should be aware of what to expect in both cases. It would be irresponsible to provide levels only in one turn of events. EVOCOIN seems to be the best alt-coin in the bitcoin's critical market, People more willing to invest in EVOCOIN as the price is very low for most of the average investors, hoping to be an excellent market for the future cryptocurrency community who looks everyday for new market.

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