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    I suggest you to read about decentralized storage cloud project Nebula Network. There is a big chance it will be a rising star of Q2-Q3 2018. Personally I put some money with hope to get a lot of :)
    I'm lill bored of these huge Bitcoin rate turbulences. I'm waiting for alt coins with real value like Nebula network (there will be ICO soon). I suggest to read some about this project as it may be rising star of 2018 :)
  1. PoW and PoS is not the only solution for alt coins. There is already Nebula Network, where emission mechanism is tied to their supply. It's a decentralized storage cloud so supply is computational power and disc space. I thing there will be many project like this one in the future.
  2. That's true, Stellar may be a strong alt coin in 2018. Personally I thing, that future of cryptocurrencies market will be projects with solid backing, and with rock stable exchange rate separated from Bitcoin. That will attract investors.
  3. Blockchain technology is definitely the future. But the question is about huge exchange rate turbulences of Bitcoin, because investors are worried and it's barrier to break into mainstream. I thing that soon there will be more projects with rock stable rate like decentralized storage cloud Nebula Network. It's a coin based on its own supply with real value in the form of computational power and disc space.
    Hopefully not, but anything can happen - we need to have it in mind. I thing that future of the cryptocurrency market are projects with rock stable exchange rate separated from Bitcoin. Do you know Tether? We see it's working. There are already more innovative coins, good example is Nebula Network, decentralized storage cloud with emission mechanism tied to their supply.
    When you are looking for crytocurrency project worth to invest, there are some things, about which you should always remmeber. Firstly check out how the website looks. Is it done professionally? Next case is dev team - is it representative enough? It's a fundamental research that protects against scam. If you need good example of great project, check out Nebula Network website. Its decentralized storage could. They will be doing presale soon and I personally invest some money because it looks perspective.
    Its a problem thats every alt exchange rate is related to BitCoin rate. I think that prevents the use of cryptocurrencies in the mainstream. The future are projects with stable exchange rate like Tether or something more innovative like Nebula Network, a crypto with stable rate and real value thanks to emission mechanism tied to their supply.
  4. Large community may be important, but there is also the quality of the product which is more important in my opinion. As somebody above said, personal research is basic move in cryptocurrency investment. I spend a lot of time on ICO research and my target number one is Nebula Network at this moment. I think its project worth to follow and it can surprise in a.d. 2018 :)
  5. My first exchange site was Gdax.com, it has cool interface. Now I play on Bittrex and Yobit, because there is many alts.

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