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  1. BIG NEWS FEBRUARY 21st, 2017 Decibels has went ahead and solidified our deal with CREX24.COM. They will be our first exchange to be listed! We are already accepted and currently being processed in to be ready for IMMEDIATE exchange upon ICO Completion. Big Thanks to CREX24.COM
  2. We definitely do! Go ahead and submit your translated post and I will send over your bounty
  3. There is no minimum requirement! We just ask that you post about us on your social media accounts 1 TIME. No user count requirement, just link back to our website and our threads! Airdrop: 100 Tokens when completed!
  4. Good Afternoon from Decibels! We will be running a airdrop for the first 100 people to send us a message here on CCT!
  5. Our Grammar bounty has been claimed! There might be issues here and there still though. If you find them, send them on in and we will reward you!
  6. We have finished our front-end website development, bounty program is released, and our current ICO will take place March 1st. Please be prepared!
  7. Perfect, Please join our Discord or Telegram group so I can get your bounty sent over as soon as possible.
  8. Our Bounty Program has been released! Please refer to the Bounties section of the Main Forums to take part in the rewards!
  9. 翻訳 | 翻譯 | Übersetzung | 번역 | Перевод | Traducción Website | White Paper | Instagram | Twitter | Telegram Round 1 1,000,000 DCBL offered to the public for bounty program fulfillment Social Media Advertising: 40% - 400,000 DCBL (LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord) Video Uploads and Advertising - 20% - 200,000 DCBL (YouTube and Vimeo, Etc.) Private Angel Recommendations - 15% - 150,000 DCBL (Preferably Media Related - Music, Movies, Radio) Forum Signature/Banner: 15% - 150,000 DCBL (Bitcoin Related Forums and Advertising) Bug/Translator/Grammar/Image Bounties: 10% - 100,000 DCBL (Logo Revisions, Website Bugs and Grammar Issues) 1 Stake = 1 DCBL Social Media Advertising Terms and Conditions Your social media account must have a minimum amount of 150 Followers regardless of the type. Your account must not be bot followers and you are allowed up to 3 posts a day, and are paid at the following rates based on follower count: 150+ Followers: 1 Stake Per Post, Up to 3 posts per day (Total 3 DCBL per day) 500+ Followers: 2 Stake Per Post, Up to 3 posts per day (Total 6 DCBL per day) 750+ Followers: 3 Stakes per Post, Up to 3 posts per day (Total 9 DCBL per day) 1 Extra Stake per Retweet on your post that meets the followers conditions. (I.E. 35 Retweets > 15 Qualifying Members = 15 DCBL Extra) 1 Extra Stake per 50 Likes on your posts, Per Post. (I.E. 150 Likes on Post 1, 100 Likes on Post 2, 50 Likes on Post 3 = 6 DCBL Extra) Telegram and Discord Related Bounties are paid in group milestones as a added addition to all buyers as following: 1,000 Members Reached - 5 DCBL extra bonus to all Buyers 5,000 Members Reached - 10 DCBL extra to all Buyers 10,000 Members Reached - 15 DCBL extra to all Buyers 20,000 Members Reached - 20 DCBL extra to all Buyers These milestones go accordingly with both Discord and Telegram, meaning duel bounties can be earned. Video Advertising Terms and Conditions Your channel must have a minimum subscriber amount no less than 150 Subscribers regardless of the type. Your account must not be bot followers and you are allowed up to 2 videos per Month, and are paid at the following rates based on views and likes: 500 Views - 20 DCBL 1,000 Views - 50 DCBL 10,000 Views - 100 DCBL Additional Bounties are as follows: 100 Likes - 20 DCBL 500 Likes - 50 DCBL 1,000 Likes - 100 DCBL Show proof of Likes or Views going above the limits, and you will be paid accordingly. Private Angel Recommendations Terms and Conditions Decibels greatly rewards the recommendation of our ICO to Private Angel Buyers who show interest into our development. With their completed minimum payment of $20,000, your angel will receive a 3,000 DCBL bonus, and the referrer will receive a 1,500 DCBL Bonus. For every additional $5,000 purchase of DCBL, you both will be rewarded an additional 1,000 DCBL. This bonus will only last until the allocated percentage has been filled. Each Angel is limited to ONE reward in this category , but an Angel can refer another to our ICO and receive the bonus. The Angel can also participate in the pre-sale and regular ICO. Forum Signature/Banner Advertising Terms and Conditions You must maintain the banner/signature for each week entirely to be paid out the full payment. 1 Week - 21 DCBL 1 Month - 90 DCBL Full ICO Space Bonus - 300 DCBL Additional Bounties are as follows: Refer someone to add their banner and they will receive the same rewards and you both will get an additional 1 DCBL Free. Bug/Grammar Bounties and Translator Bounties Terms and Conditions FLASH BOUNTY: Translate our posts, white paper, and graphs and we will give you 10DCBL per successful post per forum, you must have a minimum ranking of 2 on the forum (Not a Newbie Member, at least a Jr Member) Security ,Clear Context, and Design is very important to Decibels, for this we will pay handsomely. Grammatical Errors - 3 DCBL Each... Translated Posts and White paper - 10 DCBL Per Post Submit Logo Sample/Design - 100 DCBL if used in production Bug/Security Errors - 100-10,000 DCBL Each depending on severity... ALL BOUNTIES ARE PAID OUT IMMEDIATELY UPON VERIFICATION OF COMPLETION!

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