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  1. ICOSYN Pool Platform About The POOL token enables our partners to earn a share of fees generated by ICO pools on the ICOSYN platform. By partnering with ICOSYN the $POOL token holders will be rewarded proportionately to their percentage allocation. As the fees from ICOSYN accumulate from successful pool funds, partners will be rewarded with ETH buybacks and token dividends from the winning pool ICO. ICOSYN is a voting based ICO syndicate pool fund. The voting dapp is used for funding decisions and fund procurement, while the ICOSYN platform will feature projects and deal promotions all investment decisions will be made be the voting dapp results. The ICOSYN platform is here to revolutionize the way ICO investors invest their money. Be better informed and get bigger bonuses by voting with an ICO oriented community. The voting process creates an incentive for projects to promote a lucrative deal/discount in order to receive the most votes. $POOL TOKEN • No annual fees - No annual management fees. • Buy-and-Burn - POOL tokens are bought back and burned, using 100% of management fees of every pool fund. • Due diligence - We engage with the ICOs leadership team and perform extensive due diligence on projects. Our syndicate partners will receive an allocation of $POOL tokens. During periodic buybacks and tokenized dividends: $POOL token holder receive ETH and tokens from pool winners. POOL I HAS LAUNCHED! BECOME A MEMBER AND VOTE FOR THE PROJECT YOU WANT TO FUND! POOL I Verasity - A next-generation video sharing platform designed to liberate creators and benefit viewers. Delicia - A decentralized food network connecting food retailers and consumers. Iagon - Decentralized Cloud Service optimized by AI. JOYS - We transform digital money into real goods. Drofika - An Enterprise Fog Computing Platform that pays you to process data. Digipharm - Bringing value-based healthcare to life using blockchain technology. $POOL TGE Ticker: $POOL Price: 1 ETH = 100,000 $POOL 1 $POOL = $.006 Total supply: 1 billion Important links Website https://www.icosyn.com/ Discord https://discord.gg/EcVNaCw Twitter https://twitter.com/icosyn_group Telegram Channel https://t.me/icosyn Telegram Group https://t.me/icosynmember One Pager https://app.xtensio.com/folio/q884vgm0

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