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  1. Skycoin, the cryptocurrency that is extremely popular currently recently propelled the Skycoin Skywire miner into the market. 300 units are already arranged to be dispatched globally and it is believed that Skyminer is the actualization of the dream to have user-controlled internet by deploying Skywire. Skywire is a type of internet that is solid and furthermore reverted. It is particularly client controlled, varying generously from the customary internet. It is this particular quality that makes mesh net impassive to the net neutrality repeal. Check out our full article here: https://www.tokens24.com/cryptopedia/mining/skycoin-skywire-miner-solution-net-neutrality
  2. Tether has embarked on the USDT printing business after a month-and-half, issuing tokens worth $300 million in one significant batch on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018. Critics believe that Tether is manipulating prices considering the closeness of the move to the recent setback of the downtrend in the market. Check out the analysis from Omni Explorer here: https://www.tokens24.com/news/tether-prints-additional-300-million-usdt
  3. The previous exchanges report published last month provided a meaningful insight on the boom of crypto exchanges. New exchanges were launched, and the peak in demand for cryptocurrencies during December even lead to users being blocked from signing up. Cryptocurrency exchanges like the rest of the crypto ecosystem have seen their fair share of ups and downs over the past months, and this report aims to help illustrate the bigger picture. Check out our February report here: https://www.tokens24.com/exclusive/crypto-exchanges-insights-report-2018-feb/
  4. "I often get asked about current or upcoming ICOs and to give my opinion. I try, as best I can, to read as many of them as humanly possible and according to Tokens24, there are currently at least 250 ICOs in progress. I can’t help thinking though that 2017 was an easier year, as we saw hundreds of ICOs launch. Many made fortunes from investing relatively small amounts, and some lost a lot due to scams and Ponzi schemes. Today we look at how to best mitigate the risks of ICO investments." Check out this great guide for ICO investors: https://www.tokens24.com/exclusive/bitcoin-bennys-beginner-guide-ico-evaluations/
  5. Any new technology that comes up seeks to empower entrepreneurs to either build new things or improve the existing ones. The blockchain is one of the new technological advancements witnessed in the recent past. It is now officially defined as the digital ledger where transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly. This new technology has allowed the creation of cryptocurrencies or tokens that are created for three reasons: Payment Tokens, Utility Tokens, or Asset Tokens (Security Tokens). This guide targets to explain Security Tokens, the regulation that governs them, along with the advantages & disadvantages they bring. Read our full guide: https://www.tokens24.com/cryptopedia/basics/security-tokens-need-know/
  6. According to Bloomberg, Hut 8 Mining Corp, a mining company that is backed by BitFury, is set to be publicly listed towards the end of this month! Read more here: http://bit.ly/2EF7kgO
  7. Forbes released its first ever list of cryptocurrency billionaires, based on the prices as at January 19. The list of those billionaires and their brief is as below: https://www.tokens24.com/news/meet-top-13-bitcoin-cypto-billionaires-worth-17-billion-combined/

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