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  1. U.S. Luge Olympians Request Bitcoin to Fund Gold Medal Dreams

    That is really good to see, I wonder if they are requesting it because they think it will increase in value between now and when they cash it in. Make's sense to ask for the gold of crypto to find their gold though.
  2. DeepOnion - What's it all about

    A good write up about DeepOnion in the media today, touches on the future developments planned by DeepOnion. https://www.coinbureau.com/review/deeponion-latest-privacy-cion-integrated-tor/ I am potentially looking to do a DeepOnion giveaway on this website, would people be interested in the chance to win some onions?
  3. DeepOnion - What's it all about

    Please ignore the troll above, I assure you I am not a multi-account and I am fairly sure cryptocurrencytalk.com can verify this. Happy to provide any details that are needed as well. With regards to looking to promote a scam coin, this is from a guy whose name is actually his own website! Yeh good one. Anyway back to the actual thread. Some very good news for DeepOnion today, there has been a vote held over the past week or so for new coins to be listed on Bitindia and DeepOnion won both votes. So that should be another exchange to buy onion from.
  4. Financial Regulators Are Unable to Control the Crypto Market

    And that is why they are so worried about them, what you can't regulate you can't control. It's refreshing to see that countries are starting to take a positive stance towards crypto and are finally realising that if they done embrace it then they will be left behind.
  5. DeepOnion - What's it all about

    Just to keep this thread updated on developments, DeepOnion will soon be implementing Stealth addresses. I know that these are not uncommon, however, it is uncommon to use stealth addresses with other innovative features. such as the DeepSend feature, which completely separates it from the competition. Furthermore, these features will be used over the ToR network. Finally, DeepOnion has the ability to complete cryptographic file verification, something that none of the competitors in the privacy space have been successful at. This is a breakthrough privacy feature that takes privacy in the crypto space to another level because it is utilized in conjunction with the other aforementioned privacy features. This is just another step forward to creating the most private cryptocurrency available. There is a really good write up that I have used as the basis for this message on DeepOnion, if you would like to learn more have a read here: https://deeponion.org/community/threads/article-deep-onion-stealth-address-implementation.29962/
  6. DeepOnion - What's it all about

    Yes the work the DeepOnion team has done to add MEEK and ofs4 in the latest wallet is quite impressive. ofs4 is a protocol concealment layer for TCP protocols. Its purpose is to prevent third parties from saying on the basis of the message content, which protocol is used. Meek the protocol hides Tor-specific entries in data packets so that they cannot be detected with Deep Packet Inspection for censors. In the first instance, the data traffic is initially managed by servers of large content delivery networks (CDNs), such as Google's App Engine, Amazon's Cloudfront or Microsoft's Azure. The information for access to the Tor servers is encrypted in the data packets themselves. Great news for those in countries such as China where there are significant restrictions.
  7. DeepOnion - What's it all about

    DeepOnion doesn't parasite off the Onion network at all, it uses it as a platform send anonymous transactions, it's hardly the same as just using somethings name. Those who require (or simply just want) the extra layer of security can be from all walks of life, I have never once seen DeepOnion condone or promote the use of its currency by criminals. I prefer to use privacy coins because it enables me to hide from others the balance of my wallet. If I were using a non-privacy coin, Bitcoin for example a blockchain explorer could be used to look at different addresses to see where and how many coins were sent. Potentially identifying addresses holding large amounts. This would have the potential to single a high value wallet out to those looking to steal from it. The DeepOnion community is made up of a wide and varied group of people, none of which I have any reason to belive are criminals. I prefer to keep what I spend my funds on to myself, I am a law-abiding citizen, I make my money legally and pay all taxes that are due on it. What I spend it on is no-ones business but my own. Privacy coins like DeepOnion allow me to do this. Have you been onto the DeepOnion forum or read the whitepaper? If not I would encourage you to do so, it may answer a lot of your concerns. The whitepaper can be found here https://deeponion.org/
  8. What Is Deeponion? and What Should You Know About Onion Coin?

    I started a thread about DeepOnion here this morning https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/topic/96678-deeponion-whats-it-all-about/?tab=comments#comment-436925 hoping I can help anyone out who has questions or concerns about DeepOnion and address any misconceptions people have.
  9. DeepOnion - What's it all about

    I do think privacy coins in general are going to do well this year, the tighter governments try to regulate crypto the better privacy coins will do. DeepOnion is in a really good position to benefit from this and IMHO is well placed and undervalued at present. I have some funds in PIVX and Verge as well but their market cap is a lot bigger than that of DeepOnion. DeepOnion has some really important developments coming in the near future, the one I really like is VoteCentral which is an open voting platform built upon blockchain technologies. It will enable the DeepOnion community to vote on the suggested proposals and tasks submitted by community members regarding the future direction of DeepOnion. I really like the idea of the community being able to shape the direction of the coin.
  10. I dont mind paying taxes as long as they are being used correctly and at a reasonable level. In the UK it's a max of 20% on crypto gains (from my understanding) I feel this is a reasonable level.
  11. This is a really good move, we should be teaching the next generations about cryptos, in a few years it will be part of the normal school syllabus I think.
  12. In order to ensure full disclosure, I am a member of the DeepOnion forum and I do hold some of the coin, I do not, however, receive any reward or benefit from people visiting the website from this page. I am just looking to raise awareness about a coin that I believe in and want to promote discussion here about DeepOnion. Does has anyone else here had any involvement with DeepOnion or does anyone have any questions? I will try my best to keep this thread up to date with new developments relating to DeepOnion. DeepOnion is a hybrid cryptocurrency that implements proof of stake (PoS) and the x13 proof of work (PoW) algorithm. DeepOnion implements the TOR protocol and is natively integrated within the TOR[2] (The Onion Router) network ensuring that all peer-to-peer connections are secure and anonymous. DeepOnion’s primary purpose is to protect an individual’s identity and privacy by creating an anonymous, secure, scalable, instantaneous and untraceable payment platform. DeepOnion Website - https://deeponion.org/ Images used have been taken from the DeepOnion Ann thread on Bitcointalk.
  13. Hello all

    great stuff, thanks for the offer. Hoping to start a couple of threads of my own tomorrow about some coins that I am interested in.
  14. There are a lot of coins on Stocks.exchange, the only issue is its far from reliable, I have bought 4 coins on there and had delays when withdrawing two of them. It's always come through but its taken longer than I had hoped.
  15. You have to like tht governments have been helping people mine :-) I wonder who is getting the sack for that.

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