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  1. New instagram page for DeepOnion, if any of you are on there I would recommend following on there https://www.instagram.com/deeponionofficial/
  2. Just something to show the many strengths of DeepOnion.
  3. It is not necessary to download the new version, you can still use the old one. I only upgraded myself yesterday. I must say I do like the new one though and wish I had upgraded sooner. It is much cleaner and looks more professional.
  4. Payment sent to @GoldenArcher thanks to all who entered
  5. Okay so we have 6 people who have met the requirements for this competition, that being having a minimum of 5 posts on cryptocurrencytalk, making a comment on the deeponion thread and follow and retweet the a DeepOnion tweet. The 6 are: 1. @webgrup 2. @AnnarioN 3. @GoldenArcher 4. @supermox 5. @Ebenezar64 6. @Enzo17 I have used a random number selector to pick a number between 1 and 6 and the winner is Number 3 Congrats @GoldenArcher let me know what your DeepOnion address is and I will send the 5 onions over. I will be doing another give away for 5 onions starting tomorrow. See keep your eyes open!
  6. Another great development over at DeepOnion, the DeepOnion faucet is back online and serving up onions to all who hold a wallet. You can use it 4 times a day and will get between 0.001 and 0.003 Onions. A very good way for newbies to get free onions! http://deeponion.space/
  7. Last few hours to get your entries in! I will be drawing the winner of the onions later today.
  8. It is contest reset day on DeepOnion today, there are always lots of ways to win onions on there but there are some really big ones. Here are the main contests that have started today: Article of the week - 100 onions Wallpaper of the week - 50 onions Photography contest - 50 onions Newbie contest - 50 Onions Video of the week- 150 onions Meme of the week - 50 onions In total that is 450 onions up for grabs! This happens every week as well. https://deeponion.org/community/forums/deeponion-events-contests.40/
  9. Hi Enzo, You may be interested to now that there is already a DeepOnion thread on here that i set up last week. Have a look at it here. I am also doing a giveaway of 5 onions on this site, enter here, but be quick as it ends tomorrow
  10. 391840 was the last block in my wallet so think it works out around 5 days. Big things coming with these stealth addresses. Seems like the market agrees as well as there has been a big increase in value today. The market value in my opinion is criminally low, DeepOnion is very undervalued and has been hit hard in the latest dip. I have used the dip to buy some extra onions though so every cloud has a silver lining. It is looking like the value is starting to increase again though, I would expect this to continue as we get closer to the stealth addresses being implemented. There are so many thing's in development, VoteCentral is getting closer by the day, same with DeepSend. Once the airdrop's finish I think we will really see the value of DeepOnion rise. DeepOnion can get on some of the bigger exchanges after airdrops have been completed, this will increase the volume and the value I expect.
  11. Just a few day's left until this ends, not many entries yet!
  12. The privacy features on the coin are extremely impressive but then that is the main aim of the coin so I suppose it is expected. Although some of the bigger coins don't have the half the privacy features as DeepOnion do, I love that the Dev's are constantly striving to add new features as well, such as the imminent addition of stealth addresses. The community is good and it's what initially attracted me to DeepOnion, I have been able to learn a lot over there.
  13. Well I bet you are fun in the pub on a friday night. Talk about spreading doom and gloom! Relax it is a correction, it's taking longer than some expected and hitting harder but the vast majority of coins are still well above what they were in November. December and early January were nuts, so were late Jan and feb for the opposite reason. Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water, crypto is certainly not dead or in a death spiral. The technology is good, our time will come. Be patient.
  14. I went for DeepSend I think. There is a really good article on the Stealth transactions on the DeepOnion forum, I really do feel that these can be a big help in protecting people's privacy. Have a read here if you haven't already seen it: https://deeponion.org/community/threads/article-more-onions-in-airdrop-and-stealth-address-upcoming.30009/
  15. Thanks for entering, make sure those posts are at 5 posts by the end of the competition to be in with a chance of winning!

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