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  1. If your new to the crypto space or want to take a more deeper dive into the world of useful websites this post may be for you. Here are four tools all the links I use on a regular basis to stay up-to-date and help me to make better trades. 1 - Cointelligence It has several features: a) General Overview of the Market Here you can view several altcoins. To my knowledge, they have the largest database of all altcoins. You can sort the data by price, volume, algorithm, proof type, market cap and 24h change. b) Coin Specific Data You can view charts and market data on a specific cryptocurrency. Useful information includes latest trades from all exchanges, forums, orders on all exchanges, advanced charts and analysis. c) Coin Analysis You can also read the latest news regarding the market as well as analysis made by chart analyst experts. The Bitcoin analysis has been particularly impressive. 2 - Coinbase Probably the most popular and easy-to-use exchange in the space that allows you to buy/sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. This is my normal go to exchange if I need to bring fiat money into the market. 3 - Coindera Coindera makes it easy to monitor Bitcoin and over one hundred cryptocurrencies. You can get real-time alerts sent via email, SMS, and push notifications to your Android or IOS devices and the user interface is responsive and attractive. 4 - Blockfolio If you do wish to monitor your portfolio I recommend using Blockfolio. It's a mobile app available on Android and iOS that does not require an account. There is a lot of privacy speculation about portfolio management apps in general but this application seems to be on the up and up. Here are the tools I use to help me trade better. Comment below other tools I missed and those that you would like to recommend.
  2. According to the Zcash website “Zcash is the first open, permissionless cryptocurrency that can fully protect the privacy of transactions using zero knowledge cryptography.” Zcash started as a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain in October 2016 is and it gets its name from the fact that zero knowledge is revealed to the verifier in the process. Zcash employs a specific Zero-Knowledge Proofs mathematical technique called zk-SNARKs (zero knowledge succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge). It is the process by which two parties, the sender and the verifier, reveal no sensitive information i.e. the sender address, the verifier address and the transaction amount. As the user can selectively disclose information about transactions there is flexible around privacy levels. Properties of Zero-Knowledge Proofs include the following: Completeness: If the statement is true then an honest verifier can be convinced of it by an honest prover Soundness: If the prover is dishonest, they can’t convince the verifier of the soundness of the statement by lying. Zero-Knowledge: If the statement is true, the verifier will have no idea what the statement actually is. Since its inception the coin has been performing well. Today, the Zcash market cap stands at $1,539,586,581and the cost of 1 Zec stands at $468.88. I have provided recommended reading to help you to understand Zcash further. Website FAQ Guide
  3. I have been thinking a lot lately about all the information I had to search for when I was a beginner in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. Therefore, I decided to share a the biggest and most popular exchanges for to help out all the new people in this diverse and evolving industry. Buying and Selling Buying and selling bitcoin is increasingly easy thanks to the growing number of online exchanges. The biggest bitcoin exchanges are available in most countries worldwide, but be sure to check the legality of bitcoin in your country before buying. On a Bitcoin money exchange, you can also learn how to trade. We recommend you take the time to do this rather than using a bitcoin bot, which is likely to be unreliable. Here are some of the most popular Bitcoin exchanges to consider: Binance On Binance, you can buy Bitcoin, Binance Coin and many other coins. In fact, there are many different cryptocurrencies available. It’s known for being quick and offering relatively low fees. Bitfinex The largest bitcoin exchanges by trading volume, Bitfinex offers plenty of advanced trading features. Fees are relatively low, as compared to many exchanges. Bitstamp Bitstamp is a popular fiat to bitcoin exchange. It has a simple user interface and high trading volumes. There is good support offered in Europe. Bittrex One of the larger cryptocurrency exchanges, Bittrex offers most major cryptocurrencies. Setting up a basic account is very easy and customer support is decent. CEX Beginners will like CEX, since it has an easy-to-use interface. You can also find a nice range of trading features, if that’s of interest to you. Overall, it’s a reliable option. Coinbase Coinbase is probably the most beginner-friendly Bitcoin money exchange around. It’s available to users in 32 countries and offers a range of payment methods. GDAX Operating all over the world, GDAX offers good liquidity and competitive fees. It’s run by the same company that owns Coinbase, but offers lower fees. Gemini Gemini offers fairly quick account verification as well as comparatively low fees. Customer service response time is also quicker than many other exchanges. HitBTC Relatively low fees and a solid trading platform make HitBTC an option to consider. Bitcoin and other coins are available for trading on this platform. Kraken Kraken is a popular option in Europe, thanks to low transaction fees and free SEPA deposits. It’s available in most countries and offers plenty of features for bitcoin security. If you still need help finding the best cryptocurrency exchange for your location, read this guide: The Ultimate Bitcoin Guide
  4. A wallet is always safer than a cryptocurrency exchange. A wallet for cryptocurrencies is similar to a bank account. Wallets allow you to store your coins, receive coins, and send your coins. There are main types of cryptocurrency wallets which include Software Wallet, Web Wallet/Hosted Wallet, Hardware Wallet, and Paper Wallet. Desktop Wallets This type of wallet requires a download of software which can be installed onto the desktop of your PC or Mac. Generally, a cryptocurrency i.e. Ethereum will allow you to download their wallet however some require you to download the blockchain and this is 100GB plus in size. If you have limited bandwidth alternatives include MultiBit and Amory which allow you to create and make use of a wallet without downloading blockchain information. For mobile devices, MyCelium, Electrum, and Copay offer high quality wallet clients for Android and iOS devices and they come with complete backup features. Web/Hosted Wallet This type of wallet is accessible via the internet and hosted by a third party. They are popular due to their ease of use as you can access your wallet from any internet connected device. However, they are not the most secure as private keys are kept by the third party. Regardless Coinbase does offer a comparatively secure wallet that is worth considering. Hardware Wallets This type of wallet is an offline, hardware device that has to be plugged into a device for transaction. They offer higher levels of security as private keys are generated on the device whilst it is offline. They are favoured for their ease of use and additional features around password protection i.e. face recognition. The Ledger Nano S and Trezor Wallet are both able to hold large range of coins. Paper Wallets This type of wallet is a paper wallet. Paper wallets offer higher levels of security, in comparison to desktop wallets and web/hosted wallets, as your address is printed onto a wallet. You can print out your address on sites such as BitAddress or WalletGenerator. Keeping mind, this type of wallet is prone to wear and tear so keep copies in a safe place. Read: > Bitcoin Wallet Options > Ethereum Wallet Options > Litecoin Wallet Options > NEO Wallet Options > Z-Cash Wallet Options > Monero Wallet Options

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