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  1. BOON Airdrop

    BOON Airdrop! 500,000 BOON give away! * Free Micro Job Platform like @fiverr and @Upwork * Official IBM Partner Go to Airdrop Page : https://boontech.ai/airdrop/ref/152669579412040
  2. I offer you a fantastic profit opportunity and I hope you will use it to the fullest extent that you can change your life. Opportunity is an electronic currency traded with a very large future you can get a daily income for life. A currency position is a web browser for what you use in the search, adding you a coin of PRE You can collect 8 pieces each day and give you a 25-piece gift. It also gives you 25 pieces for each person who registers from your link. Work hard is a real treasure. https://www.presearch.org/signup?rid=150356
  3. BLOCKPORT AIRDROP — $100 to 5000 BPT #Blockport (BPT) Social cryptocurrency exchange now in coinmarketcap https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/blockport/ Earn points by social media activities Go to: http://queue.vip/03ehKpw
  4. Give Away Free Money And Earn Free Money The Moment Your Referrals Collect It! 1/Login to ADZbuzz And Earn 100 Free Tokens Over and Over Again https://adzbuzz.com/go?r=mouradbak65OvEBIk 2/Grab and Share Any of Your Affiliate Links Below And Give Away 100 Free Tokens 3/Earn 10 Free Tokens The Moment Your Referral Collects Them, Over and Over Again ADZbuzz Community Tokens are ERC20 Tokens built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and represent ownership in ADZbuzz Communities. All tokens trade on the ADZbuzz Exchange for BTC, ETH or ADZ, so you can instantly sell them to make money instantly. If you hold your tokens you will earn daily cryptocurrencies from the ADZbuzz profit share, every single day, forever!
  5. XRIBA Airdrop

    Xriba is the first protocol to add transparency to corporate cash flows, making them available on the public Blockchain. Confirm your email address and complete some simple social tasks to get up to 175 XRA. Or even more by referring friends. JOIN THE AIRDROP
  6. MSToken Airdrop Get 100MST~ 26 $ MSToken.io is the world’s first homestay blockchain asset trading platform. MST can be exchanged to homestay and hotels' token and help you sleep free in all of the world. 1. Click here to register: MSToken Airdrop 2. Pot your Ethereum address MEW. 3. Join Telegram Group. 4. Send your code in telegram group to get 100MST. 5. Share your referral link to get 88MST per invitation.
  7. ChronoBank Airdrop Get free TIME by joining Chronobank Telegram and following all steps in the Telegram bot go 👉 https://goo.gl/Fg3YVE coinmarketcap 10$ https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/chronobank/
  8. 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  9. 10,000,000 Apollo #Airdrop! You can receive two ways: 1. Create a wallet at https://apollowallet.org , follow us on twitter and telegram, then paste your wallet as a comment for 1000 APL, and 2. Fill out the form at https://www.apollocurrency.com/airdrop for 1000 APL. Earn double by doing both! Referral Code : APL-BRJ5-J9FU-GWM7-9JB22 Join for more Airdrops https://t.me/Freecurrenies
  10. CoinBundle is starting its first airdrop which includes 30,000,000 CoinBundle Tokens to grow the community and distribute tokens to early adopters of the platform. The cap is 30,000 participants, which means 1,000 BNDL per participant with a minimum estimated value $60. What should you do to take part in this airdrop? Simply sign-up here https://goo.gl/Ncfyvn grab 300 token $18 Crypto-investing available to everyone One click. Hundreds of cryptos. Zero fees. Just email and full name.
  11. Qompass is a new generation secured block chain designed for high speed transactions to update traditional financials markets, using easy to implement Smart contracts with Artificial intelligence capability. Get $8 free QPS token by following the telegram bot instructions https://goo.gl/vRYZXh
  12. NEO Classic Airdrop 1 is live!!! Kindly retweet tag ten friends and fill out the form. You earn more via your referral link explained in the telegram group. Airdrop will be sent out on 30th April 2018 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScYhsm8Kbqwud1DUN9Rcw-AhkBEd1HOO2dcRvtjeeNyWOwSfQ/viewform?entry.964498428=@mouradbak
  13. FREE 80 TRX TOKENS FROM HUOBI PRO and get 80 TRX tokens for FREE! For each new user you invite, you will get another 40 TRX tokens! Your friend will get 80 TRX tokens as well! To join: 1.Signup at Huobi pro https://goo.gl/V7tkZd 2. Register for the airdrop https://goo.gl/qYFGH6 3. Enter your Huobi UID on our event page (in Account & Security) to get 80 TRX for FREE. 4. P.S- This event is exclusively for Huobi pro NEW USERS and only the first 20000 new users will be rewarded. 5. Huobi pro reserves the right for the final verification of the data. Fake users and fraud attempts will be disqualified for the event. Huobi.pro reserves all the rightS for the final explanation of the event. 6. Tokens will be deposited into your account within 7 working days!
  14. ACAT Airdrop

    ACAT is present in coinmarketcap and currently trading in Kucoin & Hobit Exchange; https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/alphacat/ From March 20th to April 19th, users who register and log-in to hobit can receive 200 ACAT. In addition, any Hotbit user will receive an extra 50 ACAT by inviting friends to join. Get your free coins immediately; https://goo.gl/mrRBZP
  15. RecCoins RecCoins are your ticket to free daily payouts for life. RecCoin is a Waves Platform token and bonus payouts are sent daily in WAVES which can be traded for BTC, LTC or more on the internal exchange. https://goo.gl/mEJPRv

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