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  1. InnovativeBioresearch $ 12 (10 INNB) Closes 01 September 2018 Participate 1-Go to the INNBC page https://t.me/InnovativeBioresearchBot?start=478327045 2-Talk to the bot telegrams 3-Perform only the first 2 tasks and click the send button. 4-Next, drive the mail, Twitter login, purse ETHEREUM, etc. 5-Press the balance button and check the charging of the tokens
  2. 👍❤️❤️Get Ethereum and the best Airdrops For each one of your referrals, you receive 0.0075 ETH/per referral each time any of your referrals successfully finishes 3 consecutive campaigns. For a referral to have a successful campaign, he/she only needs to have at least 1 accepted entry to that campaign. If your referral has 2 consecutive successful campaigns but doesn't manage to finish his 3rd one, you get rewarded as well (0.00375 ETH). Rewards are sent directly in Ethereum and abusing the Referral System results in a permanent ban. You can also get a percentage of tokens for each ICO you refer to Bountyhive. Keep in mind that the ICO must pass our due diligence tests and finalize the listing for you to get rewarded You can also get a percentage of tokens for each ICO you refer to Bountyhive. Keep in mind that the ICO must pass our due diligence tests and finalize the listing for you to get rewarded bountyhive.io/r/mouradbak
  3. Be Among the 15,000 people to get 6,000 BOS, Courtesy of CoinLayers Dev. Team and BOSTOKEN Blockchain Technology HOW TO GET THE BONUS FOR NEW MEMBER Steps: - Register on https://www.coinlayers.com/register/?ref=72bs4nd9 - Activate your account and login -Click on MENU--> Click on Account settings--> look for REFCODE and copy the ref code --Join the official CoinLayers Telegram Group https://t.me/joinchat/IzBPVhEaPl4naGtQqsSWKA -Past your REFCODE in the group.(example of refcode: /f7swj4d7) - Wait for verification - When your code is verified, Congratulation you have gotten your airdrop share
  4. Ncash Airdrop Bot. Already in coinmarketcap https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/nucleus-vision/ Complete Simple Tasks To Get 500 Ncash + 300 Ncash Per Referal (Unlimited) https://t.me/Ncash_airdrop_bot?start=478327045
  5. satoexchange Get LTC 0.0001 XRT 150 The XRT & LTC airdrops is almost at the end https://www.satoexchange.com/register/?ref=e2egg4c7
  6. Bitfair is a new platform that eliminates the problem associated with simultaneous trading within the market. Overcoming the inherent flaws of traditional trading using an asset exchange, traders will have the ability to profit from any price movement in their favorite cryptocurrency, be it uptick or downtick price fluctuations. Bitfair provides the platform to open short or long position orders for a range of tokens at an astonishing 1000x leverage – 10 times higher than most leveraged exchanges - without requiring a centralized broker. AIRDROP Follow the next steps to receive the 50 XBF ($15) airdrop Step 1: 'Create an Account' on the Bitfair website https://wallet.bitfair.com/?ref=b8b849c Step 2: Follow the Betfair Telegram bot instructions https://t.me/BitfairAirdropBot?start=7207546705 (Use the same email address in both steps)
  7. Go to the Propy page https://propy.com/Users/RequestInvite?referrerId=5b3ec72d7ab00f2510c5a871 Register in the form Go to the mail and follow the link to confirm email Verify phone number Get tokens for each friend registered with your link
  8. Big Airdrops ( already exchainging)- Dont miss any Energi Airdrop ~~ 250$ Hello Guyz i am here with new Big airdrop worth of 250$ This is already trading in https://www.coinexchange.io/market/NRG/BTC So what are you waiting for Claim free 250$ here👍👇 http://earndrop.energi.world/register.php?ref=17000
  9. IOStokenairdropbot Airdrop extended 4 days. so hurry up http://telegram.me/iostokenairdropbot?start=390113 coinmarketcap; https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/iostoken/
  10. Sign up for updates And you could win a Pigzbe Black! Join our mailing list and you could win one of 100 Pigzbe Black devices with 1000 Wollo, worth $120 at ICO price. You’ll also be the very first to know when the public token sale is live! Complete the extra steps to earn more entries and increase your chances of winning! https://wn.nr/MNY69S GET TOKENS HERE
  11. The Havven nUSD Airdrop Campaign https://airdrop.havven.io?kid=PS1TF
  12. 0.02 ETH Upon Signing Up! Extra 0.01 ETH for Per Qualified Referral You Make! For details please visit https://www.bitrue.com/exchange-web/register_email.html?inviteCode=LHZVA 【Bitrue-Leading Digital Assets Exchange】
  13. LockTrip (LOC) $10 Already listed on HitBTC ($1,09) and on CoinMarketCap Rating : 5/5 AIRDROP link https://locktrip.com/airdrop?refId=6643 1. Join Airdrop 2. Submit your e-mail adres 3. Join Telegram and clear social media tasks 4. Verify e-mail 5. For each friend invite earn additional LOC ($5) tokens! Check out CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/lockchain/
  14. INSCOIN (INSC) $8,5 Rating : 5/5 AIRDROP link http://my.inscoin.co/register?ref=43532 1. Visit the InsCoin Airdrop Registration page 2. Submit your details 3. Verify E-mail 4. Join Telegram and clear tasks (optional) 5. For each friend invite earn 15 additional INSC ($1,27) tokens!
  15. Invite Your Friend And Receive Up To 300 STEEM 600 USD https://dlive.io/signup?referrer=mouradb Register by email, they must verifie your email address and phone number in DLive

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