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    Hello , i want to introduce our miner shop About Us Description Asicshop is a professional mining operation, founded in 2017 by a team of experts specializing in the use of cryptocurrencies,Our company’s focus is on enabling individuals and businesses to pursue mining and e-commerce-related activities within this space is part of an overall effort to streamline this entire process. Location We are Asicshop located in Mount Vernon, New York city. Our Team Our team has close business relationships with many cryptocurrency systems manufacturing partners in China,apart from that our teams are professional miners and traders in crpytocurrency market Thank you for shopping. if you have any suggestion or problem after your purchase contact our support. Whatsapp Support : +19145132366 support@asicshop.org you can contact our sales department if you have any problem with your order sales@asicshop.org https://asicshop.org/shop/

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