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  1. The streamer tipping/donation platform is currently in development. Some of the functions can be found at this blog post: https://tritonproject.org/2018/03/19/triton-tuesday-3-20-2018/
  2. Hello everyone! The Triton main net was launched two weeks ago and going very well. Here is a copy of the original announcement, with a few edits to account for updates to the project. Our website is: https://tritonproject.org/ # Welcome to Triton (TRIT) Triton is a currency based on the Cryptonote technology and is a fork of Alloy (XAO). The Triton Project is aimed at becoming the cryptocurrency for online streaming and eSports tipping. MAIN NET LAUNCHED 3.1.18 TESTNET COINS WILL NOT TRANSFER OVER!!!! --- ## Specs of Triton - PoW algorithm: CryptoNight - Max Supply: 84 million TRIT - Block time: 3 minutes (180 seconds) - Currency units: 12 - Maturity depth: 60 blocks (now reduced to 30) - Mining: CPU and GPU mining supported - Block reward: Triton's initial block reward is 80.00000000000 TRIT (Algorithm: (maxSupply - alreadyGeneratedCoin) >> emissionFactor), which is currently at 76.0 TRIT per block as of the time of this post. - Difficulty: Retargets at every block - P2P-bind-port: 9542 - RPC-bind-port: 9543 --- ## RoadMap - GUI Wallets for LINUX and Windows (completed) - Get listed on an exchange (Q2 2018) - Launch TritonStreamTip, Launch TritonChariot, Launch TritonAPI (Q2 2018) - Mobile Wallet - Optimizations --- ## Explorer Our Current explorer is found at (http://explorer.tritonproject.org/) ##Pools The developer pool is located at (http://pool.tritonproject.org/) Other pools are: (will update) ## Exchanges We are currently not on an exchange. --- ## TritonStreamTip TritonStreamTip will be our first major project that Triton will harness. It will allow streamers to get donations and get a popup on the stream like many other donation platforms on streaming services. Gamers love their streamers and some have good computers. The viewers can mine Triton while they are watching their favorite streamer or even when they are in bed. Then they can donate to the streamer at the streamer's unique link. ## TritonChariot TritonChariot will be the model website that will show how event organizers can create events with or without a prize pool. Many sites payouts are slow and take lots of time for them to go through! TritonChariot will allow event organizers to either fund the prize pool or allow the community to crowd fund the event. After the match is finished, the Triton will be distributed to the teams. More information on TritonChariot soon. ## TritonAPI TritonAPI will allow pre-existing websites or new websites to harness the power of Triton. More information on TritonAPI soon. --- ## Community We want the Triton Community to be awesome! You can check out our Discord at (https://discord.gg/Sv3Qusw). ## Social Media Our social media is here: - [Twitter](https://twitter.com/Triton_io) - [Reddit] (https://www.reddit.com/r/TritonCurrency/)url]][/url]# Welcome to Triton (TRIT) - [Discord] (https://discord.gg/ErvPQY) - [Github] (https://triton-io.github.io/) - [Website] (# Welcome to Triton (TRIT) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So that is the original announcement, with a few edits for updates. To see a list of what we've been working on over the last week, check out our blog post here: https://tritonproject.org/2018/03/13/triton-tuesday-3-13-2018/
  3. So basically they are trying to improve on Monero, which is a coin focused on privacy but notoriously slow and costly. So far the project has been progressing at an impressive rate. It is evident the devs are putting a lot of time and effort into this project. Community is growing and seems to love it too.

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