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  1. Wormminer is a doubtful site. Reason: 1)Very high paying 900 satoshi per day 2)Very high withdrawl 300000 satoshi 3) Very low affiliate reward 3% 4)Long term to reach minimum withdrawl of 300000 satoshi Be cafeful. Invest at your own risk.
  2. Bitcoinpeople We can claim minimum 100 up to 10000 satoshi every hour. Solve only 1 captcha. After 7 days of activity, reach higher level and be eligible for 5% of payout. Referral commission is 10%. So why are you waiting for? Let’s try. Yes I will join.
  3. Guy's here is a new sites named Oktiqmining which needs some investment to start cloud mining. They will give you bonus 180 GH/s and Ƀ0.00044 account balance after you sign up. In order to start mining, you must deposit of 0.0015 BTC. See my list of best free without investment cloud mining sites
  4. 20 Cloud Mining Sites after some hard works, research and review. I will keep you update. Document last modified: 22 Feb 2018 Minerfarm top paying site with free 100 GH/s to register. you can open maximum 5 accounts with same IP address Min withdraw 0.00500000 BTC Ibit New site. First buy cloud from bonus 1500 Doge. Now start mining. elderhash free 150 GH/s. Min withdrawal 0.00050000 BTC. Shansis System Promo Code: UYgvhhu4kbkuy5356y456y56 free 50GH /s to start coinmix 1GHs to start Visit every 24 hrs for bonus zoxtel New site Free 100GH/s to start. You can mine: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum hashminer bonus of 1 $ (1 Hm / S) You can mine 7 currencies Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Namecoin, Blackcoin bits2u 30.00 2uhash power to start puzmine Power 1 Mine only bitcoin, litcoin and dogecoin jetsmine 10GHs to start mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum, BitBean, ZCash Payeer crockmine 1GH/s power to start min withdraw: Bitcoin: 0.00014229 BTC, Dogecoin: 211.31061181 DOGE, Litecoin: 0.00648919 LTC, Ethereum: 0.00117053 ETH Xanemine 1MH/s free. Ethsweet 25 kH/s free sign up bonus. Start mining when you buy power immediately. btcsweet 5GH/s free bithash Very low after registration. Many currency to mine. So mine Doge or lower currency glxmining 100GH/s free bonus. Bit, LIte, Doller, Doge. New. Referral 12%>7% XLXCASH 1MH/s free to start. Gmail login. 5 different currency: bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, dash, reddcoin Min deposit: BTC 0.0001 -LTC 0.004 - DOGE 20 - DASH 0.001 -REDD 20. Affiliate gain is 7% Withdraw: BTC 0.01, Ltc 0.005, Doge 20, Dash 0.005, Redd 20. BitHash.Farm Free Bonus 1.0E-5GH/s Affiliate reward is 15%. 45 cryptocurrency. Withdraw : Automatic mode. YouHash Free Bonus 100 GH/s free hashpower. Only bitcoin to mine. Other currency USD, EUR, GBP, RUB CNY, INR, PHP. Affiliate reward is 10%. MIn deposit: 0.001 BTC. Minimum withdraw: 0.0002BTC in 24 hours. Speed Mine Free 1MH/s to start. Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, ReddCoin, and Dogecoin are available. Min withdraw is 0.005 Litecoin, 20 Dogecoin, 20 ReddCoin, 0.005 Dash Payment withdraw is 24 hours! Affiliate 7% profit.

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