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  1. So once again we will be performing some routine maintenance to keep the machines running clean and to also add some changes to the site. Downtime is expected to be 15 minutes. We have bumped up our block finder reward for Guncoin from 1 gun to 2 gun per block. We have also added 1k more block finder rewards to the Phoenixcoin pool as that seems to be a popular pool.
  2. We will be bringing the pools down for maintenance. Downtime is expected to be 15-25 minutes.
  3. Another quick maintenance today to apply some security fixes. Downtime expected 10 minutes.
  4. Pool will be going down within the next hour for routine maintenance. Downtime is expected to be 10-20 mins. Thanks everyone.
  5. We will be taking down the pools for maintenance in the next half hour. Expected downtime is 10-20 mins.
  6. Still Hashing along! Plenty of block rewards still available, come check us out :)
  7. Fees have been reduced to 0.25% for the next 2 weeks. Happy mining everyone!
  8. block bounties have been added for gobyte and halcyon
  9. Fees across all pools will be flat 0.5% across all pools. Blockfinder rewards still available.
  10. Guncoin bounty has been moved to 1 GUN per block for the next 1000 blocks
  11. Guncoin has been added to the pool. Pool fee is currently 0% and we will have bounties in place within the next couple days
  12. We are currently in the process of adding more coins to the pool. We are digging through all the neoscrypt coins to see which ones are still active. Stay tuned! :)
  13. We will be taking the pool down for routine maintenance. Downtime is expected to be roughly 20mins.
  14. We would like to remind all miners not to leave coins on the pool. Please be sure to setup Automatic payouts as to make sure you get your coins. We are a pool and not a bank, we dont want your coins just your hashes 😁

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