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  1. Litecoin is a P2P cryptocurrency and open source software project. It is launched under MIX/X11 license. After getting inspired by Bitcoin (BTC), litecoin was introduced. Litecoin enables instant, near-zero cost payment to anyone in the world. The algorithm used in Litecoin is SHA- 256 algorithm which is much complex algorithm than comparing to Bitcoin. The creation and transfer of coins are based on an open source cryptographic protocol and is decentralized. Litecoin gained a lot of attention as part of investing frenzy which cryptocurrency has been. As stated in CNBC report “Litecoin has grown to the extent of 5800 percent and earns its place in the big five cryptocurrencies along with Ethereum, Ripple, IOTA, and Dash”. Litecoin is decentralized, as it doesn’t have any authorized authority to control it. As Litecoin is an open source software project which is based on blockchain module, the blockchain is a public ledger of sorts which records every transaction. This ensures that litecoin doesn’t cheat or bogus the users. Know More: Coinpedia
  2. OECD statement are part of its larger initiatives to help countries fight tax evasion. It says cryptocurrencies need checking to not undo the progresses made in fighting tax evasion, globally. Know More: Coinpedia
  3. Philippine Senator Leila de Lima geared up to introduce the tougher penalties for taking part in cryptocurrency related crimes. Know More: Coinpedia
  4. The consortium of companies joined among others Maersk and Japanese shipping firm Mitsui OSK Lines working with IBM for blockchain solutions. The results of the test of the piloting show that the technology can cut down costs and improve supply chain visibility. Know More: Coinpedia
  5. Loom Network is the first production-ready platform that could increase the capacity of Ethereum network and leapfrog ongoing efforts such as Raiden Network and Plasma. However, the security drawback is because it is centralized. Know More: Coinpedia
  6. The startup recently acquired Poloniex crypto exchange and plans to expand its services globally, starting with Asia. The Circle is optimistic on cryptocurrency and says it wants to add more market options for traders. Know More: Coinpedia
  7. Grayscale is adding four new cryptocurrency investment funds on top of the already existing tradable Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTc) created in 2013. The new funds are named Ethereum Investment Trust, Litecoin Investment Trust, XRP Investment Trust, and Bitcoin Cash Investment Trust. They cover the four mentioned cryptocurrencies. Know More: Coinpedia
  8. The CEO of the Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse has claimed that lawyers are the actual winners in the cryptocurrency space. Know More: Coinpedia
  9. Iceland and Sweden are natural choices when it comes to cryptocurrency mining operations. Their inexpensive electricity and cold climate make mining friendlier naturally. Know More: Coinpedia Follow on Coinpedia for latest updates: Twitter
  10. Gabriel Jimenez is working with the government in a move he sees as helpful to Venezuela’s current problems. Investors have already committed to buy more than $5 billion worth of Petro cryptocurrency. U.S. is fearing that other countries facing sanctions could follow Venezuela route. Know more: Coinpedia Follow Coinpedia for recent updates: Twitter
  11. South Korean prosecutors raided three cryptocurrency exchanges suspecting misappropriation of user funds. According to the local news reports, South Korean prosecutors are considering three cryptocurrency exchanges in doubt of purchasing Bitcoin with money they stole from customer’s accounts. Exchange staff and executives are suspects of diverting money from the account of users to their personal account. They also questioned for spending customers money for buying cryptocurrencies at other exchanges. Know More: Coinpedia
  12. A large number of companies are stepping ahead to paycheck their employees with cryptocurrency. Hence, the concept might be alluring to some organizations. But, there are numerous adversities for the extensive adoption of such prospects. Know More: Coinpedia
  13. Sibcoin, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that is employing a re-imagined version of DASH blockchain with several fundamental improvements has recently produced a new version of wallet for mobile devices such as iOS, Andriod and so on. Having been working towards maintaining a seamless transaction environment, both “on earth and in space,” Sibcoin has produced a blockchain wallet that makes transaction between Sibcoin merchants pretty much easy. In fact, this is one of the reasons why Sibcoin network exist — to make any form of transactions in the crypto market very fast, easy and reliable. With the new version Sibcoin blockchain wallet application on mobile devices. It is easier for users to interact with Sibcoin Platform and Sibcoin currency via their mobile devices. For instance, if you want to pay for a purchase in a store where other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, biocoin etc. are being accepting; you can pay directly from your Sibcoin wallet. A-Z guide on how to use the new Sibcoin blockchain wallet. Do you have Sibcoin? If you don’t, here is how to go about it. The SIB.SALE platform helps enthusiasts like you to purchase Sibcoin conveniently using a MasterCard, Maestro, Visa and MIR cards. However, here are 3 seamless steps to purchase Sibcoin. Specify the wallet address you want your Sibcoin sent after purchase. Enter the quantity you want to buy. Click on the Buy button to choose your desired payment method. Be rest assures that your Coins will be in your wallet after a successful transaction. Interesting enough, you can also purchase Sibcoin using Bitcoin (BTC) and the Russian Rubbles (RUR). You can exchange Bitcoins for SIB at the following exchanges — C-Cex, YoBit, Bittrex, BTC Alpha, Cryptopia, Livecoin, and Upbit exchanges. Beside trading your SIBs for Bitcoin, you can also purchase and sell your Sibcoins for the Russian Rubble at Livecoin. On the other hand, if the platform is written in Russia, you could easily convert the texts to English using a Google Chrome browser with the Google Translator extension installed. Now, Sibcoin enthusiast can easily download a Sibcoin wallet for any version of OS or device they might have. The new version of Sibcoin wallet with top security against hack is now available for the following: iOS 11+, MacOS, Windows, Andriod, and Linux devices. Know More: Sibcoin New Age Wallet becomes the Unique Wallet to Operate Offline Via Bluetooth Twitter
  14. The two revive the debate about the possibility of the central bank backed cryptocurrencies. On a note, they can improve on the challenges of centralized banking systems as exposed by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bank for International Settlements (BIS) also said central bank backed are a possibility but could drain banks’ digital resources in times of financial instability. Coinpedia Follow on Twitter for recent news: Twitter
  15. Don’t miss the 2 day conference featuring some of the world’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain experts who will introduce their visions on future technology to Germany’s top leading companies, CEO’s and decision makers of the economy by real world showcases and presentations. UNCHAIN is going to be more than just a convention. This event is about to become a multisensual experience of inspiring environments between present and future, memorable side-events within Hamburg’s famous night life and personal interaction of high level performances for its ticket holder. Know More: Coinpedia

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