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  1. RedLock, a cybersecurity firm, says 58 percent of businesses expose their cloud services to the public. Eight percent of these are victims of a cryptojacking attack. In which Tesla’ Amazon cloud account was hijacked. Know More: Coinpedia
  2. Petrocoin, Venezuela’s new oil-backed digital currency could be the only hope to pull the country out of economic crisis. According to estimate, 1 Petro coin is worth $60 with about 100 million tokens to be issued. Know More: Coinpedia
  3. Police Hunting Bitcoin Traders in Bangladesh

    The country’s security organs held meetings about the issue and arrested some Bitcoin traders. The authorities notified banks to be vigilant. Know More: Coinpedia
  4. Getting involved in the world of cryptocurrency requires you to be aware of cryptocurrency jargons and terminologies. Such glossary of all the cryptocurrency terms may usually come to your notice while crypto enthusiastic discusses on Reddit or Bitcoin talk or other discussion forums. Know More: Coinpedia
  5. In an emerging crypto industry, Blockchain is the technology which is behind cryptocurrencies. To bridge up the skills gap, the Australian University, RMIT is offering course on Blockchain for eight weeks. Know More : Coinpedia
  6. Calvin Ayre, Bitcoin multi-millionaire, and gambling build a five-star resort of $100 million on Antigua’s Valley Church beach. The whole project will fund from cryptocurrencies. Know more: Coinpedia
  7. An official in charge of devising measures against cryptocurrency speculation was found dead in Seoul this Sunday. The likely cause of death is heart attack according to media reports. Know More: Coinpedia
  8. The unknown individual brought bitcoin which was worth more than one billion, i.e., 96000 bitcoins during the recent crash. Know More: Coinpedia
  9. SatoshiLabs, creator of the most secure cryptocurrency hardware wallet, Trezor has released an announcement on releasing new Trezor Bridge. It is a further communication tool that streamlines connection between your TREZOR and your internet browser. Know More: Coinpedia
  10. Bank of England- BoE is not in a row to embrace cryptocurrencies. Mark Carney, BoE’s chief said that bitcoin failed as a currency by standards. It’s neither a store of value nor its value is unstable to make a purchase. Know More: Coinpedia
  11. The U.S derivatives regulator (Commodities Future Trading Commission) issued a warning against potential investors on Thursday regarding cryptocurrency “pumps-and-dumps” scams. The main intention of such schemes is to force investors by inflating the price of digital tokens through bogus information. Know More: Coinpedia
  12. The Australian juice company Boost is giving away four Bitcoins, once a week, for consecutive four weeks to those who buy juice and enter a code in the Boost app in Android and iOS version. Know More: Coinpedia
  13. Speaking with CNBC on Friday, Rob Joyce, special assistant to the president and White House cybersecurity coordinator, say US government is nowhere close to Bitcoin regulation. Instead, he wants to emphasize on better understand of cryptocurrency risks and benefits before considering regulations. Know More: Coinpedia
  14. Swiss Finance Regulator will treat some tokens from Initial Coin Offerings as securities. The announcement came amid in surge of inquiries to regulate ICOs launching in Switzerland. Know More: Coinpedia
  15. Bank of America is the company that has a number of patents than any other. It is in many bitcoiners’ view that is opposite of everything decentralized currency. Know more: Coinpedia

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