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  1. Not 100% sure, but believe this is your account total. The total sum RAC your machine(s)/jobs are producing. Meaning it's possible your machine will be solving problems for more than one project. Be aware that, RAC takes some time to build up, typically 7 days of 24/7. Even with a powerful machine, things will start with a trickle. After work has been completed by your machine, it needs to be verified by the mother ship. Panama
  2. Welcome to Gridcoin! Yes, you can earn Gridcoin for the BOINC work you're doing. You only need to setup a Gridcoin account and be sure to BOINC for the whitelisted projects. See the following link for details: https://www.grcpool.com/.
  3. Don't know about the GTX 1050. You'll have to do some research. Part of the answer is dependent on the project you select. They all have slightly different hardware requirements which may or may not take advantage of your HW. I'd expect 1050 would need SP GPU workload. Think SETI would be a place to start. You can see what machines folks are using there and ask them if 2 WU is a good idea or not. You can also experiment with the config. and see how it does. Mike
  4. Been mining for a few days. At first the GRC were showing up in the wallet ok. I noticed starting the 7th the GRC weren't being reflected. Looking at GRCPool I see the transaction with what should be the correct wallet amount, but not showing up. I've got the wallet synced up. I've tried restarting the wallet as well as rebuilding the block chain. Balance hasn't changed. I also noticed that when the GRC were sent, they were sent as 2 transactions. 1 for a small fractional amount and 1 with the balance say. .25 GRC following immediately by a 5.2 GRC. The tiny one made it, but the larger one isn't visible. Any ideas?
  5. It depends on your setup. Two work units works for hardware that has enough compute power to be partially idle with one WU. I'd recommend looking at the GPU utilization while it's running one WU using a tool like GPU-Z. If you do have idle GPU, try again adding an additional WU. Due note this will require some addition CPU for general overhead associated to job processing. Recommendations I've seen are .05 CPU per GPU. Watch the GPU load via GPU-Z and times required to complete 1 vs. 2 WU. Unfortunately, the gains aren't linear, meaning you won't go from 1 WU at 30 sec. to 2 WU at 30 sec. but may go to 2 WU at 45 sec. An improvement, but may not be as much as one hopes. Also make sure to pick projects best suited to your HW. You can find top HW per project on the machine rankings list. http://milkyway.cs.rpi.edu/milkyway/gpu_list.php It will give you an idea of what your HW can do.
  6. panamaatx

    [email protected]

    I did the math with the 50 GRC daily rate, posted about 1 yr. ago, at that rate it was fine. With .11 cent electricity, running the card at 235W, not including PC overhead, would cost .62 cents/day. The earnings would be $5.00 to $2.50 for 10 to 5 cent GRC. At 9 GRC a day that figure goes to .90 or .45 per day. Whole point being, the same compute power can be used to generate other cryptos for better returns. I really like the BOINC projects, but these figures aren't working for me.
  7. panamaatx

    [email protected]

    Thanks Vortac! Too bad this doesn't even cover electricity. :(
  8. panamaatx

    [email protected]

    How much daily GRC from 280x? I read some articles leading me to believe it was possible to generate 50 grc daily from a 280x or 7970 card. Is this possible? Or is the information old enough that things have changed?
  9. panamaatx

    [email protected]

    Unfortunately, there is something off with how the Milkyway performance equation is calculated. You point out one of the first suspect real world findings. The Hawaii consumer processors, even with the crippled double floating point, 320 GFlops or 1/16, performs at 70% of the Tahiti GPUs. You then assume potential crazy performance improvement from the Firepro line card given they have 2.5 TFlops of double precision vs. the 1024 double precision of the Tahiti. It's reasonable to assume the performance would be in the 2x range vs. the 280x, unfortunately, the performance improvement is closer to ~20% Maybe there's an issue with how [email protected] is implemented which doesn't allow taking full advantage of the DP capabilities of these chips. For Nvidia, it looks to be due to the opencl implementation, for Firepro I'm not sure... That being said, a big influencer on performance are the number of stream processors on the chip. The S9150 has approx. 30% more stream processors than the 280x. Panama
  10. Thanks Earl! Appreciate the coins.
  11. Found this max RAC estimator. https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@hotbit/rac-and-grc-rewards-for-dummies-calculate-you-maximum-rac-in-5-seconds Real world doesn't look to match what I found when researching the potential. I'm assuming RAC has become more difficult to come by. I'm guessing this is due to the increase in projects on the whitelist. Panama
  12. Been mining close to a week now and RAC/GRC isn't hitting the numbers I expected. Has GRC mining difficulty increased significantly in recent time? Or does RAC take a long time to reach? I'm mining/boinc [email protected] with a 7970 equivalent.
  13. The FP64 article you reference is the source of my question. I understand the FP64 computational power has an impact on the [email protected] performance. I found a card that has 2x FP64 of another reference card, but it doesn't perform 2x as fast. This is why I'm wondering what's really makes a difference for the performance differences between cards. Based on yours and other mentions of shaders I found after getting the card. I'm thinking that has a more significant impact on performance than FP64. The other variable that looks like it has impact is L2 cache. Interestingly I haven't seen much talk about it, but suspect it plays an important role. I guess I'll need to reload my NVidia drivers to make sure Windows didn't do the same to me. Mike
  14. Thanks for the response. I did sync several times, doesn't look like it did anything. I'm guessing that the older jobs are just being ignored, I ended up having to do a project reset and that took care of the issues, but, I ended losing some work. :(

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