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  1. ‘List validcpids’ return anything

    Maybe I had a few client errors some time ago, don't remember exactly and set up my logging scripts after that so I can't tell for sure. I saw that I still had some TN Grid WUs downloaded that I am crunching now. 😀 No special configuration apart from extending the swap size to 1 GB: sudo nano /etc/dphys-swapfile [set CONF_SWAPSIZE=1024] sudo dphys-swapfile setup sudo dphys-swapfile swapon free -m Feel free to switch to Seti or Einstein if you keep getting these errors. They are also nice projects you are supporting even if you won't get many GRCs. By the way: Did you see this great guide to the Gridcoin Wallet? May answer some of the questions you might have: https://www.reddit.com/r/gridcoin/comments/84xtij/a_tour_of_the_gridcoin_wallet/
  2. ‘List validcpids’ return anything

    Yoyo works fine on my Pis, WUs take days though. GPU projects just yield too low Mag on Pis as mentioned above so the only 2 good Raspi projects I found and that were recommended to me on Slack are TN Grid and Yoyo. Neither is available in the pool umfortunately and TN Grid is out of WU at the moment. But I encourage you to try things out and find your personal way and project setup. You have now everything in place, just leave everything for some days and then start experimenting. You'll learn much more and have more fun than following the traces of other crunchers 🙃
  3. ‘List validcpids’ return anything

    TN Grid ist out of WU at the moment, so my backup project Yoyo kicked in. I know about the beta software option in Einstein. Don't know why it fell off whitelist recently, we'll see. I just meant it won't bring you many GRCs to crunch Einstein with a Raspi because also GPU project so your Mag will be very low. TnGrid and Yoyo are not GPU. 3.7.11 ist important for exchanges with huge wallets. It's not a mandatory update for users. So you can wait for the next version if you like. Sounds like you are set up fine now. Your Mag and GRC pool payout should increase soon and I'm sure you will feel more comfortable and in control once you see everything work out. Happy crunching!
  4. ‘List validcpids’ return anything

    You can of course put your Raspis on the pool. But the projects offered there suitable for Raspis (Linux ARM) are also open for GPUs so your contribution would be minimal compared to the team contribution hence you will get a very low mag and GRC. I tried Einstein and it was just not competitive. Here is a nice guide how to choose a project: https://grcpool.com/project/choose Basic idea is not to crunch GPU projects with a CPU and choose a project with low competition = low team RAC and low number of hosts. I combined that with the numbers from the pool and chose a project. On the other hand, this was all grey theory and so I used the advantages of the pool and attached all CPU-only projects to my PCs with equal resource share. After 5 days I checked the GRC return on each project and kicked out the lowest performing projects and so on. This is how I ended up with the following projects that seem to suit my machines: I am crunching VGTU on my PCs (CPU only) with Cosmology as backup (resource share set to 0% but if VGTU is out of work, it will thus switch automatically to Cosmology and not run dry). With my PIs I am crunching TN Grid and Yoyo in Solo mode (they can't be attached from the pool). This is at least my setup. If anybody has a better setup or finds a flaw in my considerations, I'm happy about remarks! @Peibol81 you are crunching WCG, Einstein and Seti. That's absolutely fine, I also like these projects because of what they do and this should be the main goal of your crunching. But they are very competitive (Einstein and Seti also GPU, WCG large number of hosts) and you maybe won't get much GRC out of them. My above comments focus on maximizing GRC output and I understood that you want to max GRCs at first to understand the system. You won't have to do anything special with your wallet once you switch back to Solo. Just make sure it holds your BOINC email and CPID and that's it. After you sent the beacon, you should unlock for staking only because you want to stake in both modes. So no worries here 😄 My last post was repeated because I was on mobile and touched a button twice. I deleted the double post, thanks.
  5. ‘List validcpids’ return anything

    Don't have to change your wallet. Make sure it is encrypted and unlocked for staking only. Then wait some time. The magnitude has to build up in the pool, set your minimum payout to 1 GRC there and wait. After 3 days you should see regular payouts to the payout address you entered on the pool site. Your wallet holds (should hold) the key to this address and you will see small amounts of incoming transfers probably daily. Just look around in the hosts and earnings section if grcpool.com in the next days and you will get a feeling how everything works. You can do Pool and Solo in parallel, yes. I don't think it is a problem if you have a different mail address for the pool. For Solo, BOINC projects and your wallet have to hold the same address but you already know that. With pool mining, the wallet just receives payments from there. That's fine. Sorry for being short, I'm on mobile 😊
  6. ‘List validcpids’ return anything

    I made the same mistake at first: Thinking that it's better to start solo. But I quickly realized that the pool really is the best place to start. The videos are actually very good and simple. To guide you through this step by step would be quite tedious for both of us so I looked a bit around and found this guide: https://www.cryptocompare.com/mining/guides/how-to-mine-gridcoin-pool/ Assuming that you've already set up the BOINC client and the Gridcoin wallet, you can start with part 4 I assume. Make sure that you finish all your tasks in solo mode first (set "no new tasks" for your projects, wait until they're finished, update the projects and then detach them). If you read the links I sent you some posts ago, you will find more tipps like don't crunch a GPU project with a CPU 🙂 With the PIs, I found it a bit difficult in the pool to choose suitable projects. TNGrid and Yoyo are not available there so I keep them for solo-mining. Also, this pool page is very interesting to choose a good project: https://grcpool.com/project/poolStats Good luck, @Peibol81 !
  7. ‘List validcpids’ return anything

    I haven't used Eobot more than one hour so I don't know much about it. Just read somewhere that it's not so easy to get your gridcoins out into your wallet. My 450 GRCs are partly from crunching for the pool with 2 PCs and 2 Raspberry Pis - why don't you want to use the pool by the way? It's really nice because you can easily compare projects and how much Mag and GRC you can earn with them. This way, I am receiving 1.5 - 2 GRC every day. So I would strongly encourage you to use the pool. There are nice videos and it's really easy and intuitive. The major part of my GRCs I bought over gridcoins.org. But as I mentioned before, this was alpha testing with the developer. We ran into the mentioned tax issue (20% VAT plus paypal fees). This has to be solved first before it can go public. I don't know the current status of this project, think it is on hold now until the tax issue is resolved. So unfortunately, I don't think this is a good option for you 😒 Boinc and Gridcoin is a game of patience. I would recommend to sit back, let your machines crunch and wait for the exchange wallets to open again so that you can buy GRC, stake and get your PoR and PoS rewards. And maybe give the pool a chance! 😉
  8. ‘List validcpids’ return anything

    I tried Eobot once but was disappointed to learn that you need to accumulate a lot of GRCs until you can retrieve them. So I left it. Didn't try other coins though. Did you register at http://uscore.net ? After entering your mail, you have to write 2 lines to prove you are not a robot, then it takes some days and you'll get 3 GRCs once for free. I also visit http://gridcoin.ch/faucet.php daily and https://gridcoinstats.eu/faucet.php of course. So good luck with your crunching and let's cross our fingers that exchanges open some time soon. If you have more questions or problems and can't find a solution, feel free to send me a message or mention me in one of your posts here. Then I will get a notification and can answer you. P.S.: Likes worked, thank you :-)
  9. ‘List validcpids’ return anything

    The Magnitude takes some time to build up, yes. How far depends on the power of your machine(s): It's your contribution relative to team Gridcoin contribution. Here are some links you may want to look at for more details: https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@dutch/the-total-and-utter-noobie-guide-to-successfully-mining-the-cryptocurrency-gridcoin https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@sc-steemit/gridcoin-research-wallet-tips-and-tricks-for-new-users http://wiki.gridcoin.us/FAQ The problem with "private" Paypal to GRC trades is that... 1. you have to trust the other person to send you the GRCs 2. the other person has to trust you not to do chargebacks on your paypal payment claiming you never got the GRCs 3. possible tax and legal issues depending on the respective countries of residence 4. and many more... So it's better to wait until the exchanges open again I think. Then you can buy another coin like BTC or LTC for paypal or bank wire transfer and exchange that for GRCs. I bought BTCs on a German site for EUR bank transfer and am now waiting for flyp.me to open... Happy to help to you, I also started with Gridcoin some weeks ago and learned a lot - among many other sources also from nice people in the forums :-) So if you want, I do appreciate a "Like" (the star symbol on the lower right-hand side corner of every post) but you don't have to. Cheers, Herbert
  10. ‘List validcpids’ return anything

    I think everything is ok with your wallet (v 3.7.10 I hope?) and the solution is wait until the exchanges are open again. At least that's what I am doing. From the time you sent the beacon (i.e. the blockchain gets to know you) you have 6 months time to stake and thus get rewarded in GRCs for the BOINC credits you crunced and 1.5% interest per year on the coins you hold in your wallet. The interest won't be much with 5 GRCs though :-) Once you got these GRCs (by staking and being rewarded for your work or by buying from an exchange) into your Gridcoin wallet, you can keep them there. You do not have to send them to an exchange. Just make sure, your wallet should be encrypted and unlocked for staking only so that you can leave it online 24/7 to raise your chance to stake a block in the chain. Only if you did not stake in the past 6 months, the wallet re-sends a beacon to let the blockchain know that you're still there. But if you stake in this time, it's not necessary and your work will be rewarded eventually.
  11. ‘List validcpids’ return anything

    I was also irritated to see this empty result for list validcpids in the first place. But on the slack channels, they assured me that the diagnosis screen in general is not working properly, thus shouldn't be trusted. In particular, validcpids does not work. So don't worry about this. Just forget the diagnosis screen for the time being. But I see another issue in your case: You won't stake with 5 GRCs and a Magnitude of 1! Did you send your beacon already? The wallet should do this automatically once your balance goes over 1. something. You've got 5 GRCs so this should have happened already. You can try execute beaconstatus in the console. Then at least your contribution won't be lost in case you stake at least once in the next 6 months. So you need to get some GRCs indeed in the next months. I am in a similar position, having 450 GRCs in my wallet, staked once and now waiting to stake again. With exchange wallets on hold, it's difficult (reddit r/marketgrid not liquid enough and needs escrows, gridcoins.org in alpha status) so I would suggest to wait a bit more until the exchanges are open again. Devs are working on fixes for the exchanges and maybe they will re-open their wallets some time soon. I am not happy with this situation either but at least you will get your crunched GRCs eventually once you stake so nothing is lost. Hope this comforts you a bit.
  12. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    I think @Rebecajcox accidentially posted this here instead replying to the email sent by uscore.net to receive the 3 free GRCs 🙃
  13. Gridcoin Fork Problem

    This is the most up-to-date information that I have and it looks like there will be a new stable release soon. https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@barton26/an-update-from-the-dev-team At least they are making progress and I'm confident. My wallet (v3.7.7.0-unk) is stable since several days now and seems to stay on the main chain. As to the question how the community can help: I am waiting for barton26's "Getting started with testnet" guide mentioned in his comment here: https://www.reddit.com/r/gridcoin/comments/8029ua/an_update_from_the_dev_team/
  14. German Thread

    Das würde mich auch interessieren. Ich kann ja noch nicht mal auf Slack mitlesen - da braucht man eine Einladung, soweit ich verstanden habe. Fände ein tägliches Status-Update der Devs auf www.gridcoin.us auch extrem hilfreich und beruhigend muss ich sagen. So muss man sich doch alles ständig hier auf CCT, Reddit, Steemit und Github mühsam zusammensuchen. Und die letzte halbwegs konkrete Info dort ist - soweit ich sehe - von James Cowens und 9 Tage alt. Hmmm... Jetzt sieht es aus, als hätten sie auf www.gridcoinstats.eu gemerkt, dass sie auf einer Fork sind und spielen die Blockchain zurück. Oh Mann... Na wenigstens bin ich mit https://gridcoin.network/ und dem GRC Pool noch synchron, das ist immerhin etwas beruhigend.
  15. Help the noob plz

    You didn't mention what's your problem - or if so, I oversaw it :-) => I assume it is that you're not staking: "staking" : false and a stakeweight of 0. "proof-of-stake" : 0.00024414 - looks to me like you're either on a fork or at the first blocks of the chain. Also the "blocks" : 500 indicate that you're nowhere near the current end of the chain (at this moment on block 1162312). Do you run the most up-to-date version (3.7.7)? If so, I would try downloading the snapshot (this is a good description: https://graspingtech.com/how-to-sync-the-gridcoin-wallet-using-a-snapshot-on-windows/) and rebuild the blockchain from there as described. You can also choose Advanced - Rebuild Blockchain from the menu. This will take a while, be patient. Then you should be in sync again. And after that: Do you have GRCs available for staking in your wallet? "valuesum" : 0.00000000, "legacy" : 0.00000000 look like you don't hold GRCs. If so, please stop Solo mining and use grcpool.com instead. I started solo first for some time and had to learn that it's pointless to go solo below a minimum of GRCs in your wallet (sources vary from 500 to 2000 GRCs). Hope this helps you a bit? I'm also new to Gridcoin and had to learn a lot of things the hard way :-)

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