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    Congrats!  Well deserved.

  2. Das ist tatsächlich abgelaufen. Startail ist bereits über Slack informiert, aber zur Zeit wohl offline. Update: Er kam online und hat es erneuert - läuft jetzt wieder ☺️
  3. @bibi Two ideas why this could happen: 1. Probability The estimated time to stake is not like a countdown it's a probability that you will stake the next block and thus get your research reward. Furthermore, it is not very accurate, a better calculation is being tested at the moment. So do not trust this figure too much for the time being. And if the odds are against you, even with a very high probability, it may occur that you are waiting several days. So just be patient, I was in a similar position and had to wait 10 days. Sometimes you will stake more often than expected and sometimes less ☺️ At least there is the relaxing fact that you'll get your reward eventually if you stake in 6 months. 2. UTXOs But looking at the numbers you are giving here, I see that you have 28k GRC staking. Is your wallet unlocked for staking and do you have lots of UTXOs? You can check this in the coin control section of the wallet (activate: Settings - Options - Display - tick "Display coin control" // Then go to the send section and click on Inputs... to display the UTXOs. If have lots of small UTXOs here, this might be the reason: Every UTXO bigger than 1 GRC is staking separately. So if you have - to give an extreme example - 2800 UTXOs of 10 GRC each, this adds up to your 28k GRC but the probability to stake with one of these 10 GRC-UTXOs is very low. The wallet doesn't display this at the moment. There is a great post explaining the wallet itself, coin control, staking and much more: https://www.reddit.com/r/gridcoin/comments/84xtij/a_tour_of_the_gridcoin_wallet/ Crossing my fingers that you'll stake soon, pal! 🙃
  4. It is not necessary for receiving GRC to have the wallet open and unlocked. Your coins are safe in the blockchain and with your wallet, you claim them via your private keys in your wallet. I would recommend to fully unlock the wallet only temporarily and on rare occasions like voting, send beacon, sending GRCs, ... The advantage of running the wallet 24/7 is that you stabilize the neural network and that you maximize your chance of staking the next block. Even then you can unlock your wallet for staking only (little box on the lower left-hand side when unlocking). This is like an extra security measure so that you can stake and get your research reward but no coins can be sent from your wallet until you fully unlock it. But as you are a pool cruncher, you get your GRCs from there and do not have to stake a block to be rewarded. So you can relax and shut down your wallet if you have to. ☺️ You will still receive pool rewards and transactions. Expect the wallet to take some time to catch up with the blockchain when you re-start it after a while. This is indicated by a rotating multi-colour circle in the green vertical bar of the wallet, 4th item from the top. If you are up-to-date, it shows a green tick.
  5. Your coins are in the blockchain and thus safe. Your wallet is basically just a box that holds your private key(s) to your addresses so that you can see, receive and send coins (and more). They authorize you to claim the coins in your addresses of the blockchain. So to answer your question: No, you do not need to backup your coins BUT you should definately make regular backups of your wallet.dat file because it holds your keys. Don't ever loose this file! I recommend to backup it to several other media like CD or USB stick, store these in a safe place and protect them like you would protect the respective amount of money. Before backing up the file, close your wallet. You may also want to backup your wallet configuration in gridcoinresearch.conf to save you the hassle of setting this up from scratch again. So what I do is: Have a daily job that backups these 2 files and weekly backup the whole Gridcoin folder. The latter is not necessary but just out of convenience 😃
  6. As I see it, the situation is getting better. Have a look at this post, Neuralminer is our main coordinator with exchanges, the post is pinned and being updated: https://www.reddit.com/r/gridcoin/comments/871oe3/current_state_of_exchanges/?utm_source=reddit-android I also had very smooth and nice trades on r/marketgrid with escrow and just recently bought GRC via coinswitch.co using bittrex. It took a while but went fine. So there definately is an acceptable way to buy or sell GRC, situation is getting better and I expect a big push once the whitepaper is out. This will show other exchanges that Gridcoin is a solid coin with a sustainable idea and a great and strongly determined community :-)
  7. Falls einer von euch großen Handelsdruck verspürt, hier eine Alternative: Ich habe nach ewigem Warten auf öffnende Börsen-Wallets dann letztlich über https://www.reddit.com/r/MarketGrid/ gekauft. War erst skeptisch, ob ich nicht über's Ohr gehauen werde, aber mit Treuhänder lief alles super (2% für den Treuhänder plus ETH-Transferkosten von 5 Cent fand ich ok). Bin nun um 5K GRC reicher und meine erwartete Stake-Zeit ging von ca. 70 Tage runter auf 4 Tage. So sehr ich mich über die unlängst gestiegenen Diffs freue, man will ja auch ab und zu mal staken 😉
  8. The website seems to have problems with its IP address for some days now: https://www.reddit.com/r/gridcoin/comments/85ic8l/cosmologyathomeorg_down/ The guys on slack were trying to contact the Cosmology admin. So maybe wait a bit more, he is probably already working on it. Or put your question here: https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/topic/49383-cosmologyhome/?tab=comments#comment-410998
  9. Can't tell, sorry. Have never tried as the Pi symbol is not in this list for VGTU: https://grcpool.com/project/poolStats
  10. Maybe I had a few client errors some time ago, don't remember exactly and set up my logging scripts after that so I can't tell for sure. I saw that I still had some TN Grid WUs downloaded that I am crunching now. 😀 No special configuration apart from extending the swap size to 1 GB: sudo nano /etc/dphys-swapfile [set CONF_SWAPSIZE=1024] sudo dphys-swapfile setup sudo dphys-swapfile swapon free -m Feel free to switch to Seti or Einstein if you keep getting these errors. They are also nice projects you are supporting even if you won't get many GRCs. By the way: Did you see this great guide to the Gridcoin Wallet? May answer some of the questions you might have: https://www.reddit.com/r/gridcoin/comments/84xtij/a_tour_of_the_gridcoin_wallet/
  11. Yoyo works fine on my Pis, WUs take days though. GPU projects just yield too low Mag on Pis as mentioned above so the only 2 good Raspi projects I found and that were recommended to me on Slack are TN Grid and Yoyo. Neither is available in the pool umfortunately and TN Grid is out of WU at the moment. But I encourage you to try things out and find your personal way and project setup. You have now everything in place, just leave everything for some days and then start experimenting. You'll learn much more and have more fun than following the traces of other crunchers 🙃
  12. TN Grid ist out of WU at the moment, so my backup project Yoyo kicked in. I know about the beta software option in Einstein. Don't know why it fell off whitelist recently, we'll see. I just meant it won't bring you many GRCs to crunch Einstein with a Raspi because also GPU project so your Mag will be very low. TnGrid and Yoyo are not GPU. 3.7.11 ist important for exchanges with huge wallets. It's not a mandatory update for users. So you can wait for the next version if you like. Sounds like you are set up fine now. Your Mag and GRC pool payout should increase soon and I'm sure you will feel more comfortable and in control once you see everything work out. Happy crunching!
  13. You can of course put your Raspis on the pool. But the projects offered there suitable for Raspis (Linux ARM) are also open for GPUs so your contribution would be minimal compared to the team contribution hence you will get a very low mag and GRC. I tried Einstein and it was just not competitive. Here is a nice guide how to choose a project: https://grcpool.com/project/choose Basic idea is not to crunch GPU projects with a CPU and choose a project with low competition = low team RAC and low number of hosts. I combined that with the numbers from the pool and chose a project. On the other hand, this was all grey theory and so I used the advantages of the pool and attached all CPU-only projects to my PCs with equal resource share. After 5 days I checked the GRC return on each project and kicked out the lowest performing projects and so on. This is how I ended up with the following projects that seem to suit my machines: I am crunching VGTU on my PCs (CPU only) with Cosmology as backup (resource share set to 0% but if VGTU is out of work, it will thus switch automatically to Cosmology and not run dry). With my PIs I am crunching TN Grid and Yoyo in Solo mode (they can't be attached from the pool). This is at least my setup. If anybody has a better setup or finds a flaw in my considerations, I'm happy about remarks! @Peibol81 you are crunching WCG, Einstein and Seti. That's absolutely fine, I also like these projects because of what they do and this should be the main goal of your crunching. But they are very competitive (Einstein and Seti also GPU, WCG large number of hosts) and you maybe won't get much GRC out of them. My above comments focus on maximizing GRC output and I understood that you want to max GRCs at first to understand the system. You won't have to do anything special with your wallet once you switch back to Solo. Just make sure it holds your BOINC email and CPID and that's it. After you sent the beacon, you should unlock for staking only because you want to stake in both modes. So no worries here 😄 My last post was repeated because I was on mobile and touched a button twice. I deleted the double post, thanks.
  14. Don't have to change your wallet. Make sure it is encrypted and unlocked for staking only. Then wait some time. The magnitude has to build up in the pool, set your minimum payout to 1 GRC there and wait. After 3 days you should see regular payouts to the payout address you entered on the pool site. Your wallet holds (should hold) the key to this address and you will see small amounts of incoming transfers probably daily. Just look around in the hosts and earnings section if grcpool.com in the next days and you will get a feeling how everything works. You can do Pool and Solo in parallel, yes. I don't think it is a problem if you have a different mail address for the pool. For Solo, BOINC projects and your wallet have to hold the same address but you already know that. With pool mining, the wallet just receives payments from there. That's fine. Sorry for being short, I'm on mobile 😊
  15. I made the same mistake at first: Thinking that it's better to start solo. But I quickly realized that the pool really is the best place to start. The videos are actually very good and simple. To guide you through this step by step would be quite tedious for both of us so I looked a bit around and found this guide: https://www.cryptocompare.com/mining/guides/how-to-mine-gridcoin-pool/ Assuming that you've already set up the BOINC client and the Gridcoin wallet, you can start with part 4 I assume. Make sure that you finish all your tasks in solo mode first (set "no new tasks" for your projects, wait until they're finished, update the projects and then detach them). If you read the links I sent you some posts ago, you will find more tipps like don't crunch a GPU project with a CPU 🙂 With the PIs, I found it a bit difficult in the pool to choose suitable projects. TNGrid and Yoyo are not available there so I keep them for solo-mining. Also, this pool page is very interesting to choose a good project: https://grcpool.com/project/poolStats Good luck, @Peibol81 !

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