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  1. Follow us on other social media: Telegram - Twitter - Facebook - Linkedin -
  2. Thank you for your kind words. Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for your interest in Nubis Health.
  3. We want to remind our followers Nubis Health Token information that is available at this moment: https://tge.nubishealth.com/
  4. Thank you for your interest in NubisHealth project :) follow us here and on other social media available on first post of this thread.
  5. We know this is a challenging task and our mission is to make quality medical help available to everyone (at low cost). We have been working on this mission for several years and it is time to take it to the next level. Hence, the reason for the TGE and we need your support.
  6. We have identified several targets including self-insured businesses in the USA (for example, Coca Cola Enterprises), health insurance companies, countries such as Indonesia and regions such as Hong Kong. For each market, we need to tailor the strategy and customization. We will decide on the go-to-market strategies once the capital raise is completed and based on the amount raised. However, we have few discussions with our advisors.
  7. Yes, the laws and regulations vary by country and state. However, science of medicine is the same. We plan to launch our platform by each region/country (based on the regulations and other requirements). We also have to adopt to certain protocols standard in each domain.
  8. Get to know Nubis Health platform today. Here is a video on youtube to see how it looks yourself:
  9. Dear followers, those of you who have missed, please take a tour of the depth of just the Clinical Knowledge Base (CK) alone in our video on youtube:
  10. Please sign up for newsletter on our website - https://tge.nubishealth.com/ Just scroll to the bottom of the page, enter your details and you will be subscribed. We will keep you posted on the important updates about our token sale and the company progress.
  11. Nubis Health is aiming to solve a big problem in a scalable way. The company seeks to transform and democratize personal healthcare. It uses it's very own proprietary Knowledge Base along with Artificial Intelligence to create a low cost disruptive solution that offers care at a much lower cost than is presently available. In other words, making healthcare affordable to everyone, which is the current need of the hour.
  12. Your answers will be highly appreciated. Dont hesitate to ask us any questions too.

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