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  1. Will Bitcoin Ever Recover?

    Thanks Tony, very informative. I will stick to cryptocurrency CFD trading from now on :)
  2. Will Bitcoin Ever Recover?

    Does anyone think Bitcoin will recover?? It is now valued at less than £5,000, which has seen my investment shrink by over half - I am wondering whether to pull the plug and move solely to trading? I bought Litecoin when it was around £50, selling when it was valued at £200 - transferred it across to bitcoin when everything fell. So I am still in profit, but it is a bit anticlimactic and tedious see it as it is today! I use Olsson Capital for a little dabble in Crypto trading, and I've deffo made more off a few investments than I have off buying crypto. I guess other people are feeling similar to me?
  3. Buy or Trade Crypto?

    Yeah fair enough, my Bitcoin just keeps declining - whereas I am currently making money trading against my purchase of Bitcoin.
  4. What crypto currency should I invest in...?? I want a new one
  5. Hi, Some crypto advice

    I've never heard of Stratis - what is the deal with microsoft?
  6. Hello all! A newbie in crypto!

    Everything seems to have crashed ATM...so it is a bit of a waiting game, deciding when to purchase before it picks up. Have you tried trading crypto?? You can make monies if its rising or dropping in price. I'd recommend sticking to one crypto you know a lot about and do some research before trading.
  7. Buy or Trade Crypto?

    And for buying, does anyone know where there are no fees? Coinbase charge you every time you move money which is such a joke!
  8. Buy or Trade Crypto?

    Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum stuff. I just wanted to know whether people believe it is better to buy or trade crypto? I've done a bit of both, and tbh I've lost more by buying as Bitcoin has dropped so much recently. I've made money from CFD - but I hear a lot of mixed messages around the subject.

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