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  1. RT @magaFirst: It's my birthday, u can buy me a drink or unfollow #cheers #hush35 #bitcoinrounds 1KHsbgpAbDvaJJgoASYLaagMiBDWQzhHzJ http:/…

  2. ....but those are the same people who say #bitcoin is something that can't be trusted?Ooooookay. #Grexit

  3. I hope that 2015 becomes the year of the long view of things.#bitcoin

  4. Bitrated account verification: my username is BryceWeiner, with SIN TfA2MiKwapqJm5JyCCEBeuVTdLXvetpz9GC. https://t.co/ai9pJuMNt7

  5. After well over a year, the first block was staked on $OSC.#OneYearCoinAge

  6. Testing $UNO with 0.10 core. #SoFarSoGood

  7. Based on numbers presented by @CoinTelegraph, the cost to take over the #bitcoin network is just over $150,000,000.http://t.co/wchy2oBZ4V

  8. If no-cost mesh networks can eventually replace commercial ISPs, similar to the relationship between #bitcoin and fiat, why monetize it?

  9. A great point brought up a few pages ago is "Why can't UNO just be replaced with something else?" The reason is distribution. UNO is a rare crypto that has enjoyed over a year of fully decentralized distribution, including unfortunate incidents such as exchange thefts. Such distribution cannot be duplicated except over time and it is for this reason UNO retains a unique place in the universe of altcoins, even those that attempt to duplicate its rarity.
  10. This is not to be understated. I have an agreement from a pool operator to run a BTC/UNO/NMC/DVC mining pool. For existing UNO miners this is a windfall of profits. For existing BTC miners, this is simply more bang for the buck. UNO block rewards are to such a point now that even daily dumps by thousands of miners would do little else but volume and downward pressure for an exclusive crypto that people want to own.
  11. Why doesn't the @BTCFoundation have #blockchain based elections?#bitcoin

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