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  1. Hi guys, Looks like Govts of India and China are working overnight to fight crypto. Any ideas how safe/legal it is to play lotteries?
  2. Crypto lottery

    Hi guys! I'm really interested in cryptolotteries. I have never played before, but would like to try. There are so many different ones offered right now, with a bunch of interesting concepts, but it is really hard to pick a really good one. Any thoughts and advises? How to avoid scam? If you played, what was your experience?
  3. Cryptolottery

    Thank you! Any leads to the communities and maybe particular twitter feeds?
  4. Cryptolottery

    Hi guys! I am new to cryptocurrency and learning a lot about it now. It is very exciting to see how it is progressing and evolve. Lately I have been looking into cryptolotteries a lot. There are so many of them right now and the concepts look trustworthy an exciting. I am actually thinking to participate in one of them, but not sure which one to pick. What do you guys think about the cryptolotteries? How to avoid scam? Is it worth a try and if yes, than which one?

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