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  1. Hello ALL, I wish to present you completely new web design for cryptonote-universal-pool. http://aeon.cryptoserb.com I have been working very hard on it for couple of months, and there it is :D Visit us and join our pool. Best Regards,
  2. Our pool needs your support. AEON needs decentralisation. We need little more miners, please join. aeon.cryptoserb.com 0% pool fee, 0.5 minimun payout. Stable, lucky and such a cool pool, even rhymes :-)
  3. First block has been mined :-) Congratulations 🎊 miners! I need advice about promoting a pool. Any suggestion is highly appreciated, thanks.
  4. Hey community! I wish to announce new AEON coin mining pool. Pretty much standard options, 0.1% pool fee + 0.1 developer core fee (thanks devs) , minimum payment 0.25 aeon. http://aeon.cryptoserb.com Whole idea is to decentralise network, so i did my part of a job, now it's up to miners. Any hash support is more then welcome. See you at swimming!

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