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  1. Thank you for your response, but I will invest in BTC and FTO at the beginning because I believe that these cryptocurrencies will bring great benefits. BTC wants to buy https://buycoinnow.com/ because they have a low fee ( 4,99%) and offer the possibility of card payments.
  2. Hello, what cryptocurrency do you recommend investing in? Which, in your opinion, is the most profitable?
  3. Have you heard about new exchange platform? CoinDeal? Could you please check and rate it? I'm thinking hard about registration there and I want somebody with cryptocurrency experience to give opinion on it for me. Thanks!
  4. @CryptoGeeks I appreciate your answer, thanks :) . I know it`s important to keep an eye on the market. Where were you trading?
  5. ETH. Where do you guys buy coins via credit cards in USD? And where is the cheapest?
  6. Good luck! It seems a promising option :)
  7. I`m planning to buy some coins now but actually I`m still wondering which option is better. Should I invest or trade?
  8. Yes, me actually. I`ve been always only investing in crypto but now I would like to try trading
  9. Bitcoin and KFC!

    I've heard about this one! I've read about this news and was looking for any other informations and from what I've heard, it may happen for real and not only for promotion.

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