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  1. You know a project called Gimmer? Their ICO is live now. Here you can watch our review of the Gimmer ICO https://youtu.be/hd-H3JaniWU
  2. Requitix is now listed at ICOguru.io With an average rating of 3.7 out of 5.0 Check it out here: https://icoguru.io/ico-list/requitix/
  3. Do you know what Islamic Banking is? An international team with advisers from the whole Middle East are hardly working to develop blockchain based Islamic Bank - HADA. Later this week we'll publish a review about this project and now you can check it out and participate in Pre-Sale if you also love Islamic Banking Principles! https://icoguru.io/ico-list/hada-dbank/
  4. Hicky is now listed at ICOguru.io With an average rating 3.7 out of 5.0 Check it out here: https://icoguru.io/ico-list/hicky/
  5. Darenta is now listed on ICOguru With an average rating 3.2 out of 5.0 Check it out here: https://icoguru.io/ico-list/darenta/
  6. Dether is now listed at ICOguru.io With an average rating 3.4 out of 5.0 Check it out here: https://icoguru.io/ico-list/dether/
  7. Today, we've published our video regarding KODAK ICO. You can find it on YouTube:
  8. We've prepared an article about KODAK ICO, where you'll find our suggestions about this project. Here is the link to it: https://icoguru.io/news/our-suggestions-about-kodak-ico/
  9. Gimmer is now listed at ICOguru.io With a consolidated rating of 4.2 Check it out here: https://icoguru.io/ico-list/gimmer/
  10. Hello everyone! New ICO listing - ICOguru.io has been launched. To provide you with the most convenient service, we've developed our own consolidated rating! Our main features: 1. ICO calendar with filters (you can choose up to 5 different parameters) 2. Consolidated rating (collected from 8 rating providers + own rating provided by ICOguru) 3. Each project moderates manually and has 100% valid data (no scam or fraud available) Fewer projects - greater value 4. Reviews on upcoming and ongoing projects All worth rating providers are collected in one place (e.g ICOrating, ICObench and so on). Each project will have up to 8 different ratings (including a personal rating by ICOguru). Our methodology includes a detailed analysis of each project, so our rating is very objective. All you want to know you can easily ask at ICOguru and will have a professional answer to your query. Also, you'll find different reviews on upcoming and ongoing ICOs at our website (ICOguru.io) alongside with the latest news from the entire industry. Stay updated and join our Telegram Channel and you'll find all important announcements and project news there! We'll appreciate any feedback to improve our service and make it more convenient and user-friendly!

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