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  1. Well, what do you know..? It all has almost fell into place... My wallet is showing the right amount, but still have the 'OUT OF SYNC' indication in Red.... we'll see if it all resolves.
  2. I'm new to Gridcoin. I set up my system according to instructions (very thoroughly followed each link and details.) I successfully purchased GRC and sent them to my Gridcoin desktop wallet. I sent out the beacon, verified my cpid, left my wallet unlocked for a good 24 hours, seemed to be functioning correctly.. Then, today, 2 days into staking/mining I saw that my wallet was OUT OF SYNC. i also noticed I had a 0.00 in my Staking field. (So I went through as much info as i could to determine if I had done something incorrectly, followed through with the Debug console commands, per Gridcoin site to make sure I had everything setup right. My coins were visible in my wallet, but I really wanted to be a part of the minting and staking operations. That's when I got "smart".. and clicked on Rebuild Blockchain.. the wallet closed itself and opened with no GRC! ( obviously, I failed). Now, even my Recent Transactions doesn't show my initial transfer into the wallet, nor my beacon expense. I found a command "checkwallet" and also "reapairwallet", which were reported to help sometimes. Rebooted, in hopes it was a database detachment issue. Restarted my system and Gridcoin wallet client...yet, no coins. I've waited 3 hours to see a change, but thought you guys here might help. Appreciated!
  3. So, I finished up a webinar for this company after it attracted my attention with their service of offering an off-world transaction method. https://www.connectx.com/bitcoinsinsatellites Why it interested me so much:: I learned that customers will securely access their data and perform financial transactions in their satellites from their Internet enabled mobile device, tablet or laptop. This will be accomplished by a ConnectX device that plugs in to a wireless router. The system transmits data in an entirely new and highly secure method. No data is ever stored on any server or device on earth eliminating the use of the Internet entirely. The system gives the customer the ability to do financial and smart contract transactions with unparalleled security. One example for a "use case" would be International Commodity Trading. ConnectX has created a Demo Product Module called Exportly.IO. Exportly uses the blockchain as the intermediary between international buyers and sellers of commodities reducing costs by 15-50% by eliminating traders, brokers and banks. Trading goods between countries is a $12-15 Trillion per year market. Using their "S1W" Secure Digital Wallet Storage - Vital to Exportly is the ability for customers to store their digital currency wallets and other information related to the international commodity trade transaction. ConnectX coin sale participants will also use this application to store their digital wallets and purchase ConnectX coins. https://www.connectx.com/bitcoinsinsatellites

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