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  1. Do you here about Ukraine? 😮 This is insane! Blockchain technology is so smart and usefull for people! What do you think about this? Link here for you: https://www.blockchain24 .co/ukraine-prepares-to-conduct-voting-with-nem/ Have a good day ^_^
  2. I have read about CoinDeal and this exchange has a great future. All the time, new cryptocurrencies add by voting. This is pretty good for me 😄
  3. In my opinion safe is the most important thing when it comes to money, then cryptocurrency win at start 😄
  4. All want cooperate with crypto, like Starbucks or Wolverhampton. This is a great future for us. 😄 Now Blockchain technology is safer than banks! This is insane how fast it growing!
  5. I link website for this https://www.blockchain24. co/starbucks-microsoft-bcg-whats-the-connection/ This contract is planned for November but but I am very happy that I will be able to pay crypto for a cup of coffee :D
  6. damianp14

    Crypto Starbucks?

    Do you hear about combination of crypto with Starbucks? This is totally smart move! What is your opinion guys?
  7. damianp14

    Bitcoin and KFC!

    Have you heard that KFC in Canada became a really close with Bitcoin? The have lately accepted payments in cryptocurrency but only for a while, to see how will it goes and probably to attract new clients. Wow that's quite a news what do you think?

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