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  1. The main suspects were the Jaravijit brothers – Prinya, Jiratpisit and Thanasit has finally been caught at the airport after returning to Thailand. The group was accused of luring Finnish investor Aarni Otava Saarimaa to transfer 5,564 bitcoins, equivalent to about 797 million baht, to a virtual wallet. This is good for us! Check article on Blockchain24.co for more informations!
  2. Cryptocurrencies took the world by a storm in the last quarter of 2017 and beginning of 2018 after their unparalleled price rally. While they’ve been in existence for almost a decade, it wasn’t until this time regulators turned their attention to this fairly nascent market, seemingly realizing the effect they can have on national economies. Check article on BlockChain24.co for more informations. What do you think about this article?
  3. According to a corporate news outlet Strana Rosatom, Russian State Nuclear Energy Corporation is set to explore new technologies, including blockchain, said Evgeniy Abakumov, the head of the IT department. What did you think about it? This is right?
  4. damianp14

    Zebpay Shutdown

    Zebpay was a one of the most popular crypto exchange in India, but it had to be closed. The war between the world of crypto and countries regulations has been going on for a long time and Zebpay is one of victim! Zebpay customers won’t be able to make any new orders and all the coins will return to Zebpay’s wallets. What’s the most important for clients is that the Zebpay wallet will work even after the exchange stops. What did you think about this situation? Check article!
  5. Yeah, of course! Blockchain technology is wonderful! So many options and a lot of industries use this... this is really huge step into the future. 😄 If someone who read this post and want learn more about blockchain technology, I link CryptoCaitlyn. 👱‍♀️ This is interesting tutorial about blockchain!
  6. On September 19th, the anti-terrorists entered a few properties in Warsaw, in Józefów and Łomianki and arresting 7 dealers. It would not be a scary news but police found cryptocurrency mining farm in drug factory, and a lot of types of drugs; marijuana, amphetamine, cocaine and even 90 liters of drugs in liquid! In the basement , police discovered a cryptocurrency mine. Crime group was not only hacking the computers and mining crypto, but also investing in cryptocurrencies. What do you think about this situation?
  7. Recently, a lot is heard about hacker attacks on various crypto websites and platforms. Recently, they attacked two gambling EOS sites! They stole as many as 44,427 EOS. You will learn more from this article. Link here: https://www.blockchain24.co/cryptosunday-vol-32/
  8. Hello, have you heard about this new Ethereum miner? I just read an article about her and it looks really promising, I recommend checking it out! Link to article: https://www.blockchain24.co/new-ethereum-miner/ Have a nice day! 😉
  9. I hope not... but there is no more information on this issue as yet
  10. I think that it can be on a larger scale than eToro, but these are just a guess and nothing is confirmed. We must wait for next info.
  11. Xu Xing OKEx Founder was allegedly arrested in China. He is suspected of digital currency fraud. I hope that it will not be true, OKEx could lose a lot on this. I link article for more informations: https://www.blockchain24.co/okex-founder-might-be-in-trouble/ Have a nice day! 😉
  12. Really thanks but I have already trusted BuyCoinNow and it was worth!
  13. I glad to have polite people like you here! I love to share news so I count on the response from your site :D
  14. I love CryptoSunday on Blockchain24.co ! Every Monday I can read freshly information about interesting subjects. This Sunday article is about South Korea which, according to Yook Suk-heun, wants to "improve transparency in transactions to prevent illegal activities". Sounds really promising! When it comes to baseball, team the Dodgers made tokens giveaway for their fans. All tokens representing Dodgers’ players are convertible to Ethereum (ETH). Really nice job Dodgers! Read more in the article, link below 😄 https://www.blockchain24.co/cryptosunday-vol-31/
  15. hmmm I read a lot of articles about prices and speculation altcoins on Blockchain24.co. In my opinion Ethereum and King Bitcoin is the the most profitable cryptos.

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