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  1. It won't be like back then. But Bitcoin will survive, maybe it'll become even stronger. There is already many connections between Bitcoin and governments, corporation, companies and organizations, who doesn't allow this crypto to fall. And more and more big players on global market is starting to see an opportunity of Bitcoin, like for example Great Britain (here you have an article about it on BlockChain24.co)
  2. It's funny, not so long time before, cryptocurrencies was for many people an idea which will change the world. But now, it seems to me that technology behind them will be more revolutionary and in the end will survive even when crypto will fall. There is so many uses of blockchain already! Everyday I'm finding articles about new applications of blockchain (for example, I've read today on BlockChain24.co about MasterCard plan to use it for better anonymity of their users). So, I hope the future will be bright for this technology.
  3. I've been following SV since hard fork last month with great attention but I still wasn't sure is it worth of buying. But when today I had read that CoinDeal added BCH SV to their market, I'm close to make an decision. You think it's worth it?
  4. Despite crisis on cryptocurrencies' market, Nasdaq is going to launch Bitcoin future contracts at the beginning of next year. It looks like they put so much money in this idea that they won't withdraw now (it sound familiar xD). Anyway, do you think that support will change something about current situation? Here you have link to this article: https://www.blockchain24.co/nasdaq-and-bitcoin-futures/
  5. Few days ago leaders on G20 have been discussing a matter of eventual crypto taxation. It looks like Kore doesn't want to wait and they are going to introtuced their own taxation system for not only cryptocurrencies, but an ICO too. More of this on BlockChain24.co
  6. about bitcoin and etherum, there is an idea combaining the best sites from both of them, and it is called Qtum. If you want to know more, here is an article on blockchain24.co. To be honest, I don't think it'll change the world, but it's deffinitly worth to check it.
  7. Big news, I think. Global leaders on G20 has been discussing legislation of cryptocurrencies. More info here, on BlockChain24.co It was sure to me that this subject will finally appear on event of such a scale. Crypto couldn't been of the law forever. But will G20 leaders really manage with this? What do you think?
  8. Great news for those who care about environment and want to earn some coins. Etherum has created an app which rewards you for cleaning beaches in the capital of Philippines. It's really interresting idea and I wish it will be available one day in other countries too. More info about it on blockchain24.co.
  9. By railway, you mean this blockchain managment for railway workers? I have read once about it (on BlockChain24.co, this same site whisch you have posted, @Grasshopper) and it looks far more promising. But it's still proof-of-concept, we have to wait for final results.
  10. One of portugeese football clubs is looking for ways to raise their funds and their considering ICO for acomplish that (more here). You think it's good idea? Personaly, i think it could be little risky to gaining money like that, especially when cryptocurrency market is so unstable.
  11. Yeah, it's looks like a bulshit to me. I mean, it's unnecessery complicated. But, for other creative uses of blockchain, I read an article (I had even found it on this forum, here you have direct if you want to check it for yourself) about oil companies using bc technology and it looks interesting.
  12. I've just read about it on blockchain24.co. It looks very promising and I hope it will be a step to introducing crypto on a global scale.
  13. Ok, it may sounds silly, but check this out. I read today on the article on blockchain24.co that withdrawing funds before 23th November (to have some money for sales ofc) may have coused drop on cryptocurrency market. At frist I thoght it has no sense, but after a while... maybe it could have something to do with that
  14. Today I read an article on blockchain24.co about Petro, cryptocurrency created by venezuelan government, which is now official currency of this country. Alongside with traditional money, but still, is a big step. I know this one example doesn't meen to be start of global financial revolution but it makes me wonder. Do you think using crypto on such a big scale is a good idea and we're ready for it?
  15. One of the biggest polish banks has started using blockchain technology as the main form of communication with their clients. Let's hope it will be example for the rest of the Europe. You can read more on blockchain24.co

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