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  1. The median daily transaction fee on the bitcoin network fell to $0.79 on Sunday, a six-month low. That represents a dramatic 97-percent decline from the peak of $34 reached on December 23. The median daily bitcoin transaction fee was more than $10 from mid-December until mid-January but has been declining steadily since then. The high fees of the last few months have been a crisis for the bitcoin network. Bitcoin fans once touted the network's near-zero fees as a selling point. But as fees soared in late 2017, businesses started backing away from the network. Read more: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/02/bitcoins-transaction-fee-crisis-is-over-for-now/
  2. The Ethereum (ETH) price has built on its overnight gain during morning trade and is up close to 4.5% over the last 24 hours to US$867.64 according to Coin Market Cap. This means that the world?s second-largest cryptocurrency now has a market capitalisation of approximately US$84.7 billion, equating to a 19.6% share of the US$432.2 billion global cryptocurrency market. https://www.fool.com.au/2018/02/13/the-ethereum-eth-price-continues-to-storm-higher/
  3. Atlas Shrugged Part II Trailer

    I loved the novel so much, but the movie wasn't so impressive to me.
  4. This report presents data on the cryptocurrency and ICO market changes during 2017–2018. Special emphasis has been placed on an analysis of the changes that took place in January 2018, including over the last week (January 29-February 4, 2018). Since the beginning of 2018, cryptocurrency market capitalization has fluctuated by around $485 billion, from a maximum at the start of the year of $835.5 billion (on January 7, 2018) to $348 billion (on February 2, 2018). https://medium.com/icobox-io/monthly-cryptocurrency-and-ico-market-analysis-january-2018-3f7b92faddf7
  5. such fluctuation is usual for bitcoin, so only newbies might panic and sell bitcoins with such a low price, real investors are buying right now.
  6. do they really give bitcoins or just announce about it?
  7. That's why you need to learn the regulations of the country before doing something.
  8. Basically it works as selfie photobank?
  9. Call of Duty Film

    well made fan video. at first didn't even realize it was not real.
  10. Cryptocurrencies have made an almighty comeback as well. And few more so than the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH). At the time of writing the Ethereum price is up 20% over the last 24 hours to US$735.01, according to Coin Market Cap. This gives ETH a market capitalisation of US$71.6 billion. It isn’t the only cryptocurrency posting notably strong gains today. Seven out of the top ten cryptos are currently at least 20% higher than this time yesterday as trader sentiment turns positive. This includes a 20% gain by Cardano (ADA), a 41% push higher by NEO (NEO), and a 23% increase by Stellar Lumens (XLM). Bitcoin (BTC) has been a bit of a laggard with a 17% move higher US$7,362. What has changed? https://www.fool.com.au/2018/02/07/why-the-ethereum-eth-price-jumped-20-higher/
  11. It's happened in the US and now it's happening in the UK. Lloyds Banking Group, which runs Halifax, Bank of Scotland, MBNA and, of course, Lloyds, has banned its customers from buying bitcoin with their credit cards. "We do not accept credit card transactions involving the purchase of cryptocurrencies," a Lloyds Banking Group spokesperson told the Guardian. Read more: https://www.engadget.com/2018/02/05/lloyds-bank-uk-credit-cards-ban-bitcoin/

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