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  1. Holidays at Baltic Sea for Detks (CDT)

  2. Holidays at Baltic Sea for Detks (CDT)

    Introducing another place where You can spend Your Detks. Holidays at the Baltic sea! This is the place where you can find amber on the coast. Here you can be lying down on the beach or try active tourism. We're inviting to the first hotel that accepts Detks! Located in Jastrzębia Góra, about 59 km from GDN airport and about 69 km from center of Gdańsk (capital of the region). http://wysokafala.pl/ And visit http://www.detk.pl of course, too!
  3. Introducing another place where You can spend Your Detks. Graphics, designer and film editorial staff. Marketing and ad campaigns. Atl, Btl, Web, UX, Pixl Perfect Design, DTP. Location: Warsaw, Poland. Range: worldwide Website: http://karolxxx.pl/ Want to mine or buy Cassubian Detks? Visit http://www.detk.pl
  4. Introducing the company that accepts Cassubian Detks for its products. It's an innovative, eco company from Poland. Produces a lot of things from wood, and its more know product is anti-marten eco-repellent. Cooperates with a lot of Polish shops http://kunagone.pl/gdzie-kupic/ and sells its products online http://kunagone.pl/sklep/ Now it accepts payments in CDT. Email them to have more detailed info info@kunagone.pl You can buy/sell CDT on https://freiexchange.com/market/CDT/BTC We advise to place BIDs instead of buying from ASKs, because you can get some Detks really cheaper...
  5. Cassubian Detk (CDT), a coin established July, 12th 2014 will be re-launched soon. Blockchain: sane Client: working Permanent node: e-waluty.net.pl Sources: github.com/cassubian/detkcoin Win wallet: please visit detk.pl Mac wallet: please visit detk.pl Facebook: facebook.com/cassubiandetk Twitter: twitter.com/CassubianDetk Total supply: 100 000 000 coins Block time: 5 minutes Algo: QUBIT Now it's the moment You can mine it on spare with Your GPU or even CPU (low difficulty now < 0.1).

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