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  1. Crypto Code is yet another website with a nicely edited video, promising you returns ranging form 1000 USD an hour to over 500 000 USD in less than 60 days and some 54 million USD a year, if you just sign with the Crypto Code app. The key words with Crypto Code are “passive income” and “the power of compounding” with nearly 98% success rate of your trades guaranteed. The trick, Crypto Code claims, is that their algorithm automatically reinvests your profit, making the returns exponentially skyrocket. Simple as that. So, is Crypto-code.co a scam?
  2. I am not sure money problems ever fully go away.
  3. A decent movie, but Gal Gadot is not a good actress.
  4. It's good to hear that regions other than South-East Asia are taking pushing cryptocurrencies into the mainstream so seriously.
  5. Egmont Overture - Beethoven
  6. This is not surprising. The first banked-backed cryptocurrency exchange in the world also just opened doors in Japan.
  7. In other words, he's incredibly rich.
  8. I love that series so much!
  9. A fascinating idea, let's see it work in practice.
  10. Crypto Premier is a CFD brokerage, based in the Mrshall Islands, with a clear-cut focus on crypto-currency pairs. It provides its own web-based trading platform and clients may choose from three types of trading accounts with a minimum deposit of the staggering $25 000. It's not a trustworthy broker.
  11. Honor for All - Daniel Licht

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