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  2. Simply signing up and verify email, you'll get 25 coins, worth $100 https://www.koincard.net/welcome/index/12790?e= Invite friend(s) to sign up and both of you get money too.
  3. Today is the last day AERM gives 12000% roi for staking. From block 100001 till end, we'll get roi 1000%, or about 2,7% every day! Enjoy this passive income, mates! https://www.stakeunited.com/newbonus
  4. After a week staking coins here, I nearly doubled my account, thank to reward earned and price increased. I'm staking BUZZ, XGOX and HOLD. Just send your coins and relax, watch your account to grow. https://stakeunited.com/newbonus

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