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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/Bigboppin/status/975295475698954240 D8b9BRso1PS6rBinXhUFuMxPtb5K6Fx9or Cheers.
  2. I'm getting pretty annoyed by inconsiderate people flogging their unrelated links and reflinks in the Telegram channels of the various Crypto projects. Sometimes in the myriad of Bounty and Airdrop campaigns, participants are asked, for example, to telegraph their reflinks in 3 or more Telegram channels and groups, then screenshot the postings and submit the pics to earn their rewards. So, I guess it is understandable at times why some offenders do it in certain circumstances. (Once I was faced with this same predicament and went to the dark-side...Got banned quick-smart for it too). SOLUTION: I have created a number of PUBLIC Telegram channels where everyone is welcome to post their crypto-related content, be it reflinks, news, events, article and blog links, etc.. RULES: All I ask is: keep it civil, use your manners, help others, keep on-topic, don't spam or be long-winded, and engage in nothing immoral, illegal or X-rated (within reason). Consider what 'you' would find annoying, boring and offensive, then don't do it on-site...Simple! I intend to be a silent Admin. (Again, within reason). HELP: If all you Cryptonauts, Blockchainheads and Admins out there can pass around the links below, it will help to establish them as useful, respected and friendly havens for crypto-industry notifications and networking. Please, if you see someone cross-promoting their crypto interests in project-specific Telegram channels, perhaps now you will kindly redirect them to one of the Noticeboards below. Click on their entry, then on 'Reply', and link them to a Noticeboard appropriate for the theme of their off-topic activity. Inform them that the Noticeboards exist solely for this purpose. Thank you and see you there... https://t.me/CryptocurrencyNoticeboard https://t.me/AltCoinNoticeboard https://t.me/CryptoNoticeboard https://t.me/CryptolandNoticeboard https://t.me/AirdropNoticeboard https://t.me/BountyNoticeboard
  3. I've just joined up using your reflink. Cheers. https://multimining.website/index.php?reffid=q6KurJqT
  4. Any ERC20 compatable wallet 👍
  5. 0xE86dd88E1930A1B76De3ee956e472Aa6175BA036
  6. Loves fishing and cryptocurrency.

  7. I'm really looking forward to this project. Finally I can use my mobile equipment to mine.

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