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  1. hi, Bounty/airdrops: follow instructions on bitcointalk. You have to be fast, first stage is until 15th. Description: Doesnt it sound like a piece of future? HADRON.cloud: The Ai revolution, mined in your web browser The first blockchain project harnessing the untapped power of billions of smartphones and PCs to power advanced artificial intelligence. Designed by artificial intelligence and crypto visionaries and run by successful serial entrepreneurs from Stanford and Berkeley, HADRON is an unprecedented application of blockchain and AI expertise. Mine in your web browser. "Mining" is actually running AI computations for HADRON.cloud customers. That means your browser will be running useful neural network computations instead of just a repetitive cryptographic hash puzzle. Potentially, some of these computations can benefit all of humankind, including detecting diseases like cancer in radiology imagery. Source: https://hadron.cloud/ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2142232.0

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