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  1. How do you currently deal with a shortage of funds in pre-ICO? You have few ways to deal with it, The best one from my experience is to get talented people to your ICO team and especially creative marketers. Most of the funds in your will go on ICO Marketing, By recruiting talented people and give them equity instead of salary ( or a mix of both) You will significantly reduce ICO costs and increase your chance to raise your funds successfully.
  2. What is the cost of building an ICO website? After working with dozens of ICO’s in the last few months in my ICO marketing agency I can estimate the average website costs for an ICO from 5000$-20,000$. I actually noticed that many ICO’s have a cheap WordPress template website and talk about changing the world with their idea. As an ICO, the way you look is extremely important. You don’t have anything yet besides an idea. If you want people to get your idea fast, you need to have a great design, smart branding, and a great user experience. Many ICO’s ignore the design, buying a cheap WordPress design and that looks exactly like 9 out of 10 projects out there. When it comes to the way your website looks, take someone professional, put a lot of thought into the message you want to deliver, and how you want the visitors to remember you.
  3. Hacks for ICO marketing ֿ There are no shortcuts to success, but here are some tips that will aid your ICO marketing campaign: - Know your audience: If you label your audience as “everyone”, you will accomplish nothing. You need to know who to target and the characteristics of your audience. Educational content - Creating educational content will get people talking about your ideas and your product. This is one of the best ways to increase discussions and interest overall for your content, and with that for your website. Focus on the right places - There is a lot of pressure to deliver high-quality results in a short period of time, with hundreds of competitors in the market. That’s why it’s important to use your time in an effective way and promote your ICO on the best platforms. Engagement - You and your team need to be active on social media. Answer every question, even if it’s negative. People will be critical of your product in the beginning, but when they convinced of its worth, they will perform the marketing for you. A good marketing strategy - You can outsource this step to professionals like Guerrillabuzz . Make sure that your marketing plan includes these elements. ICO ratings ICO listings Meetups Press releases Search engine optimization ADS ads Community management Talk less about how good your company is and more about what you plan to solve - It’s a problem that many ICOs and even companies that are not from the crypto world are facing. Creating content that only speaks about how awesome your company is and how you are going to create a revolution in an industry is just not good enough. The crypto community is tired of this kind of content. Instead, try to get into the eyes of your potential investors by pondering over: “What value do you bring to crypto the community? “ Utilise the media - You can make the media work for your marketing campaign by creating an interesting story about your Initial coin offering. This picture represents the cumulative ICO funding over the years: As you can see, there is a huge potential for profit, you just have to be careful to execute your marketing campaign the right way!
  4. Creating successful ICO is not easy. Here’s how to make sure that your ICO is successful. Companies try to raise funds for the new cryptocurrencies by conducting initial coin offerings. There are many factors behind a successful ICO. Factors like technology, ideas, teams and creators are very important. I will focus on a factor, which I believe is most important, and that is marketing. Being a marketer myself, I believe that this aspect of ICO’s is most often overlooked. Unlike marketing plans for your ICO, no one can offer you the technology, team or an idea for your cryptocurrency. Here are some steps you should take to make sure your ICO is successful: Set goals - You need to set specific, but realistic goals for your ICO campaign. To make sure your goals are real, you need to know what you are working with. Familiarise yourself not only with the market but also with your own coin. Sun tzu said: ”If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” The market is an opportunity than an enemy, but you get the point. Marketing plan - Finding the right people is very important for creating a great marketing plan. In my opinion, it is best to outsource this. That is because, there are online professional platforms like Guerrillabuzz ( https://guerrillabuzz.com/) , which will offer you great marketing plans. The reason for outsourcing the creation of marketing plans is the fact that you can check their success rate. This platform, for example, has helped their clients raise more than $100 million. Prepare a pricing strategy - There are 4 most common pricing strategies: - Undetermined price - fixed price - Auction - Price rise ICO Prepare a good campaign. Making a good campaign is very important. Your marketing team can help you with this. They will advise you how to engage your audience.
  5. Forums like cryptocurrency talk and bitcointalk might be also useful. Thank you for the tips
  6. It took me some time to create this page! I hope you will find it valuable. This page will help you learn about More than 50 cryptocurrencies in 4 minutes per coin! http://cryptflix.com/videos/cryptocurrencies/
  7. CryptFlix is a free cryptocurrency videos library project. The goal of Cryptflix is to help you explain to your friends, family, spouse and the mailman what the heck cryptocurrency is. And you'll learn a few things yourself. I would like to get feedback from you guys. I'm working kinda hard to provide value to the crypto community and I hope you will find this project useful. http://cryptflix.com/

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