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  1. Weekly Reddit Challenge Part 5 💥 This week's task: give us your best nutrition tipps. What are your best bio hacking strategies to make you feel good? To really get the most out of yourself it is important to eat healthy. A good balance consists of training and healthy food. So, in order to that - what are your best recipes for a Healthy Trainings Success? Bonus: give us some yummy selfmade Food-Fotos :-) We will evaluate again the best three ones and going to announce them at the end. The winners will receive 500 LYM! https://www.reddit.com/r/LYMPO/comments/8zkn6o/weekly_reddit_challenge_part_5
  2. Summary: http://telegra.ph/CoinMetro-13th-July-2018-AMA-Notes-07-16
  3. New CoinMetro GO! Dashboard: https://coinmetro.com/blog/the-new-coinmetro-go-dashboard-has-landed/
  4. Fancy taking a peek at the CoinMetro Exchange (Beta)? Click the link to check it out: https://coinmetro.com/laboratory/exchange/v2/
  5. CoinMetro 6th July 2018 AMA Notes: http://telegra.ph/CoinMetro-6th-July-2018-AMA-Notes-07-06
  6. Weekly Reddit Challenge Part 4: This week's task: give us your best tip to create a habit. Habits determine our lives, whether we like it or not. Some make everyday life easier, others are annoying or harmful to us. The brain does not distinguish between good and bad habits. Once a behaviour has grinded in, it is very difficult to change it, even if we are determined to do so. Nevertheless - or precisely because of this - we can make use of habits - and that's why we're asking you to tell us your best way to create a habit. So that you also get a sufficient reward for the tips, we will evaluate again the best three ones and going to announce them at the end. The winners will receive 500 LYM. https://www.reddit.com/r/LYMPO/comments/8xqqiy/weekly_reddit_challenge_part_4
  7. This week's AMA with CEO Kevin Murcko streaming live on Facebook and YouTube June 29th at 2 pm (GMT) Don’t forget to leave your questions on this SubReddit thread: https://redd.it/8u8pap This week's agenda is as Followed 14.00 - 14.15 This Week In Crypto (Facebook re-opening to ads) 14.15 - 14.35 CoinMetro Update / Beta version news (what do you think of the new iterations?) 14.35 - 14.50 Answers to Reddit Questions 14.50 - 15.00 Ask our CEO anything!
  8. Weekly Reddit competition! It's time for the second round. As for today the competition is all about: APP DEVELOPMENT. To follow up on the first part of the weekly series of competitions we want you to show us your ideas and opinions for interesting LYM-Use-Cases. We have seen clearly in this one week what you are really capable of and we are quite impressed! As you have seen today the Lympo app development updates came out and want to offer you an opportunity to directly contribute opinions that are close to your heart. The extended possibilities of portable devices are increasingly suitable for a wide range of applications, and we as a blockchain health project also want to use and co-develop this. It is about the extent to which data from portable devices can be useful to trainers and athletes; the extent to which portable devices can optimize training; the extent to which portable technology could prevent injuries and also take a look into the future. As for example, from the collected knowledge it is necessary to find out how the data from the portable devices can be used in relation to the health and well-being of an athlete and everyday person to improve life. The data sent to trainers and medical staff could enable early detection of an injury and thus enable training. Adapted accordingly, the data also enable the athlete to monitor himself and thus to monitor himself, compare himself with others and point out possibilities for improvement. For now we would like to receive some special suggestions, impressions, tips, etc. from your side. Let your creativity run wild and just knock something out. As a reward you will also get something special! The main prize will be 1000 LYM along with a T-Shirt with signatures. https://www.reddit.com/r/LYMPO/comments/8tzcid/weekly_reddit_competition_part_2
  9. Live AMA: https://www.facebook.com/CoinMetro/videos/219912241960746/
  10. here are the 15th June AMA notes: http://telegra.ph/CoinMetro-15th-June-2018-AMA-Notes-06-15
  11. new survey: https://coinmetro.com/survey
  12. two days till beta.. 😎
  13. here you can ask questions for the AMA on friday:

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