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    @Nataly Makarova the ODLK gridcoin team is not very important as it has not been whitelisted ever. The team really has to be in order for whitelisted projects. @BeemerBiker Join ODLK1 for grc
  2. Timo425


    @Nataly Makarova every project has Gridcoin team and ODLK and ODLK1 are technically separate projects.
  3. Timo425


    @Nataly Makarova same team, technically different projects
  4. Timo425


    @Gunde both projects can not be whitelisted at the same time for previously mentioned reasons. However if ODLK1 can handle the load then there is no much reason to also include ODLK.
  5. Timo425


    @Dongleberry and @noxcivi, it seems the wrong project was listed in gridcoinstats.eu, the page admin was notified about this and hopefully this gets corrected.
  6. @TerminallyBlueish Nowhere is it stated that Gridcoin should be rewarded for only crunching strictly scientific projects, on the contrary to what you believe. As you can already see, bickering about invidual projects such as moo only divides the community and nothing good can come of it. As far as I know Gridcoin has always been about profitability vs usefulness and I personally see nothing wrong with that. If you believe gridcoin mining should strictly be about scientific projects, make a proposal on adding a requirement on whitelist where it is defined what constitutes as a scientific project and what does not. Then that proposal can be voted on. Bickering about invidual projects every now and then, such as moo or enigma or yafu or burp or whatever does noone any good. As you can see, the whitelist proposal is currently missing any such condition as it has never been a requirement, contrary to what you seem to believe: https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@guk/gridcoin-whitelist-process-proposal
  7. Timo425


    @Nataly Makarova I am not sure if it necessary to involve or even inform the project heads of gridcoin related votes, unless there are some concerns from the gridcoin side. But I wouldn't really know because I'm relatively new to gridcoin and I haven't been involved in making any polls. As I understood the first vote had a majority NO because people felt that because the site is only in Russian they can't really be sure what they are cruncing for as they can't read the ODLK website. Now there was a second vote recently as ODLK1 was created and it has English and thus is passed with a resounding YES. However it is problematic to involve two projects in the gridcoin whitelist that solve one task, because as I stated earlier, the magnitude (and probably also rewards themselves due to it) are shared equally between all whitelisted projects - so if a project has two instances, it effectively gets double rewards compared to other projects. This is all I know about this topic, maybe someone who has been more involved could tell more.
  8. Timo425


    It is a problem from Gridcoin perspective, not from Boinc perspective. As magnitude is split equally among all whitelisted projects, a project that is split into two smaller projects has an unfair advantage for crunching for Gridcoin. Of course the ODLK project leaders can do what they want and if they don't care for participation in Gridcoin for both projects, it is not a problem for them. Perhaps the way magnitude is shared should be updated? I have no idea how feasible that is.

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