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  1. Just kidding, I guess you all know how to make your own signature. I would like to see yours
  2. I talked to David about the signature that records all of your work done for BOINC, this is mine.... Humble, (please additude, don´t make bullying to me with yours lol, that would make me cry (lol again) NOTE: All of this was made by SOLO. Oh my god, I should erase the second one
  3. Thanks a lot, tomorrow I will tell you how was it
  4. All of this is the opposite to the reason why I crunch BOINC and why I am here supporting people to start also. In my opinion, Primegrid stated clearly that they don´t need us, so, in a logical mind, we don´t need them either. They really think they are making me a favor, while I was thinking the oposite, I thought I was making them a favor, using my PC for free, to investigate the prime numbers, which by the way, don´t care me at all (sorry, my engineer friends, we, doctors, don`t use them to keep you alive and well functioning 😉 ) So bye bye prime numbers for me. Someone else, will have to take care of it.
  5. Please, can you remind me how did you move your wallet from one pc to another? the new wallet rins on 64 bits, my pc is 32, so, I will move it to my laptop which is 64.
  6. Oh my God!!! I guess I will never be there with my minimum MAG lol
  7. Yes, Of course it depends on the performance of your computer, but it is a simple way to choose if you do not want to get too much into trouble with numbers, and if you have only one computer, if you have several, then you have to analyze much more. David does phenomenal analysis about that by the way
  8. By the way... THE NEW RELEASE OF GRIDCOIN 4.0.0 AN ITS CHANGES: 1) Gridcoin 4.0.0 Major Version Upgrade Gridcoin 4.0.0 was released. After a long period of testing, a mandatory upgrade made its way into production. Mandatory upgrades usually bring a lot of improvements and have to be installed in order to remain in sync with the network. Please download files for your favorite system to prepare for takeover at block number 1420000. This is where the new block version 10 will be in effect ("bv10"). 2) Constant Block Rewards in Production Around 8th November, blocks will change to version bv10. This version integrates Constant block rewards (CBR) which is an improved distribution mechanism for Gridcoin. CBR brings a fixed rate of 10 Gridcoin per generated block instead of a dynamic formula. Thereby, it improves predictable growth of Proof-of-Research and Proof-of-Stake. The parameters of CBR had been decided by community vote on the blockchain and date back to a proposal by a group of core community members (named in the link). This change will increase overall network security as it incentivizes users to stake more often.
  9. I use the simplest way, I check the number of users in the projects that I can run, and the one that has less people crunching on it gives you more benefit
  10. So, it means it is just a matter of patience!!!
  11. Yes, of course. Coins on your way. And by the way. Hello again to everyone. I am back 😄
  12. Not for you, because you have very good processors (you choose the project you like), but for me its ok (I have to choose the project that runs the best, until now ODLK1), The chart represents how do projects run on a pc, I guess how easy it is to get credits for it. I assume X axis means the credits owed/day (axis Y)
  13. I understood it very well, in fact, I was going to ask you to update me every time you make it, please send me the link if you can. Thamks Lili
  14. Welcome to GRC, Welcome @dblanch256 Good chart, is it your own analysis?, how often do yu make it? Coins on the way to all mentioned, I am back, and happy to be here again with all of you !!! Some things have changed but the most still the same Lili The lost sheppherd! 😉
  15. I´ll be again with all of you on the 20th, I passed here for a second but I see you have been busy, ;) well for those starting friends of sciences. Lili The growing shepherds

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