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  1. Not for you, because you have very good processors (you choose the project you like), but for me its ok (I have to choose the project that runs the best, until now ODLK1), The chart represents how do projects run on a pc, I guess how easy it is to get credits for it. I assume X axis means the credits owed/day (axis Y)
  2. I understood it very well, in fact, I was going to ask you to update me every time you make it, please send me the link if you can. Thamks Lili
  3. Welcome to GRC, Welcome @dblanch256 Good chart, is it your own analysis?, how often do yu make it? Coins on the way to all mentioned, I am back, and happy to be here again with all of you !!! Some things have changed but the most still the same Lili The lost sheppherd! 😉
  4. I´ll be again with all of you on the 20th, I passed here for a second but I see you have been busy, ;) well for those starting friends of sciences. Lili The growing shepherds
  5. Hi, I am out of my coutry on a family visit, I see you have been busy, @additude I am happy, you finally got it. @Ecotech @Madcab @biggus dickus Coins on your way on behalf of the shepherds, i will work a little slowly because, the recent wallet doesn´t works on my available pc, but I still follow all of you Lili The Shepherds
  6. Here you can see your wallet and mine, you still have a lot of blocks to sync.... It took 2 days for me the first time, you have to keep your wallet on line
  7. Hi, take a look at this previous post: @f3flight Coins on your way
  8. You need to sync your wallet in order to receive the gridcoins
  9. @coldmolasses coin on your way, good luck, read back some pages if you can @dudeintexas oh, sorry, yes, you need to be part of gridcoin team! Lili (Dblanch disciple) Frome the Shepherds
  10. Hi, I am Liliana, from The Shepherds @dblanch256 and @dc7d are the shepherds that make possible to be here helping you to start on your long way to distributed computing (yes, you will stick to it, and forever you will look at your pc as an instrument to help science) Our personal suggestions are: 1- This is a way to collaborate, not of becoming rich 2- It's a long term work, you don't see results until you have been doing this for enough time. 3- The people will tell you that you need to have 1000-10000 coins yo get a reward, but don't get mad about it, the quantity of GRC you have determinate the earning frequency, sometimes you will hurry to have them and then you realize that rewards are not as much as you thought, so remember, you do this because you love it, not because they pay for it, so just go at your possible speed, not at others' desire. 4. Read and ask a lot, this is a friendly community where everyone wants to help as much as they can with their own experience, that's why sometimes you get wrong appreciations sometimes, so you have to look for different sources. 5. You can crunch by the pool or by solo- If by solo, you need to send your beacon and that's why you ask for coins here. 6. Visit the faucets daily. until now there are 2 of them working: http://www.gridcoin.ch/faucet.php works irregularly and https://gridcoinstats.eu/faucet.php 7. Crunch crunch and crunch, we strongly recommend to start with the pool, so you can have a daily income for sure and get the experience to know which projects are the best for you- Starting with the pool you get coins immediately, Starting by solo, you earn recognition immediately. Coins in your way: @ecc @dudeintexas You don't need to repay them, just if you are with the pool, be sure to donate, if by solo, when you have enough coins donate to other new researchers like you in this forum. @dudeintexas All the crunch you did will be available on the net for reward during 6 months, so try to stake as soon as you can, keep your wallet on line 24 hours/day Lili The shepherds
  11. No, it affects the payment, the payment frequency
  12. Thanks, it means a lot for us... and the best, you are doing an awesome work for the science... Keep going on :)
  13. Interesting, in my statistical language or what it means to me, us that you should have 3000 GRC to stake frequently,
  14. me or quadcannon? Good, so you are on your way, some coins at your wallet now Please, take a look some pages back, and if you have any doubt, just ask, coins on your way Lili DBlach disciple The shepherds!
  15. I dont know that Discord Bot, can you give me the link please

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