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  1. 13 GPU Mining Rig - HELP!

    One rig 13 cards Takes about 5 hours to build Mainly due to windows updates and having to add the GPUs 3 at a time Also in AMD Settings you have to change to compute and restart the software, and due to the 13 cards it takes about 5 minutes each time to reach to the next card update Otherwise you could do many rigs in a day
  2. 13 GPU Mining Rig - HELP!

    Look I have 10 rigs 10 mobos The same settings I tested the 10 and they all can run 13 GPUs for a whole weak with no problem I put auto restart on weakly basis to be on the safe side Your mobo should also be reliable I would suggest that you open a ticket for the producer and they should give you guidelines Unfortunately I don't have experience with your mobo so I can't help much But I can definitely say it is not the PSU nor windows Your GPUs when not mining don't consume much electricity, so they should be detectable even on week PSU Wish you all the best of luck
  3. 13 GPU Mining Rig - HELP!

    I use win 10 64 pro not home, I don't know if this really makes a diff By the way, mixing is ok, or actually is healthy, you will have more cards supported by mixing than using only AMD for example I use B250 Mining Expert, which one do you use? I also updated the BIOS through their built in tool, but it also worked perfectly well before the update I have all updates on windows, both optional and mandatory I have 13 RD 580 AMD 8GB Special Edition I have 16 8GB but only 5 or 6 I used, however I have 40 GB virtual memory with 80% of it used SSD 250 GB Does your mobo detect the GPU? IS IT ONLY WINDOWS which does not detect? If the mobo does not detect then there is no way for windows to use undetected GPUs by the mobo
  4. 13 GPU Mining Rig - HELP!

    Eventually I moved to Win 10 64 Pro I run 13 GPUs for more than a week with no issue I have set up an auto restart every week, so I have about 1 minute downtime every week using windows with which I am very happy I never managed to get the 13 GPUs working on EthOs and I feel sorry for buying the licence The fact that there is no professional and dedicated support is BAD I followed IRC but the support there is very week, and the official guidelines don't work On windows you don't need to play with the BIOS nor bother with linux Simply plug and play
  5. 13 GPU Mining Rig - HELP!

    I think also for me the 13 GPUs were working fine, despite the fact that i could not see the desktop The monitor is on and it does have text and everything, so it is not a black screen It will simply now show the desktop, which means you dont have a friendly GUI I did not try SSH, this is exactly what EthOS support suggested I dont think i will really try it, because i ALREADY have license for windows 10 pro and i managed to get the 13 cards working PERFECTLY fine there, very stable for weeks, no problems, so why would i bother with SSH... I thought i could increase the capacity of each rig from 13 on windows to 16 on EthOS, this is what is at least published on their website, that it can support up to 16 AMD cards, which does not seem to be the case though So for now, i will stick with Windows and when i have some more time i will try to trouble shoot it again to see if i can get the 16 AMD working on a single rig, otherwise, Windows is running 13 very smoothly with zero issues I would really appreciate if someone has some tips on how to get 16 AMD cards working without having to use SSH It is not so much that i am bothered with SSH, but i am more concerned to leave the rig for a whole night stuck\frozen right before the desktop shows up, and just access it through SSH, it does not seem to me as a good solution. The fact that the desktop does not show up, keeps me concerned and bothered, specially when windows, which is supposedly less friendly to 13 AMD GPUs running at the same time, can actually handle very smoothly and perfectly fine...
  6. 13 GPU Mining Rig - HELP!

    I also face the same issue with Asus B250 Mobo All GPUs are Sapphire Nitro + The 10th GPUs will not work If i take out the 9th GPU and replace it with the 10th, then it will work, so it is NOT a problem with the GPU but a problem with the # of GPUs On windows (if i swap SSDs, while keeping the hardware 100% the same), the same setup wil work perfectly fine with 13 GPUs not only 9 or 10, so it is not risers, or power supply, or any hardware issue, because risers don't differentiate between windows and linux I tried many different combinations, but always the 10th GPU regardless which one physically it is, will lead the system to hang right after it detects the 10 GPUs, the 16GB ram and 7th generation intel CPU It is a decent set up and works great with windows, but not with EthOS, i dont know why!! and what is strange is that although it hangs, it actually mines, i can see the rig hashing on the pool, which is very weird PLEASE help!!!

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