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  1. Hey there folks, I'm creating a new altcoin . I could've simply forked from another altcoin , modified it a bit and published it, but I'm really inspired by the way curecoin works. Instead of simply calculating hashes that are useless, why not use that processing power for something that would be useful like protein folding that helps in discovering cures for diseases. But since curecoin does protein folding I wanted to do something different. So I ask you guys for some ideas. Official website : https://Rigel.pro ( Not yet online as of Jan 10, 2018 ) Here are some additional planned features : 1. Constant price ( IDK if this is possible. Someone throw some light on me in the comments ) 2. Instant transactions 3. Official mobile apps for real world trading. ( who knows ? May be one day you can walk into the grocery store and pay instantly with Rigel from your phone.) Looking forward to see Rigel online. UPDATE 1 ( Jan 10, 2018) I did some research and found that having a constant price is not possible , atleast as far as I know. Waiting for some response from community Bitcointalk.org : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2718386

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