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  2. help, how to fix this problem. do what? "There Is The Beacon": "Yes", "Timestamp Of The Beacon": "01-22-2018 11: 13: 10", "Public key": "04b593a38a22b3e8cf9b1c93ddce65feca694d4cbf6321e553bfa4db53c13177b893180f91afb6e0af02f69bfce4570459e "private key" : "", "Public Key For Local Configuration" : "", "Magnitude (as of the last superblock)": 1.00000000, "The results of the signature verification block": false, "Error": "Missing Private Key. The Public key of the local configuration file is missing. The public key of the local configuration does not match with the public key of the lighthouse. This can happen if you copy the wrong public key to a configuration file. Please request that your beacon be removed, or look in the walletbackups for the correct key pair. Could not sign the por block. This can happen if your key pair is invalid. Check the walletbackups for the correct key pair or request that your beacon be removed. ", "Help": "note: if your beacon is missing or missing from the chain, you can try running the command advertisebeacon.", Configuration status: failed" }
  3. Всем привет, Я новичок в Gridcoin, и если у кого-то есть монеты, чтобы это было здорово, я мог бы начать добычу. Благодаря!! S3CdF3cxD9kjJwKnqy653RP227PyVEDLYv

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