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  1. Would it be feasable for a company (grocery chain or fastfood chain) to invent their own cryptocurrency? So you could pay for your meal with digital coins instead of fiat money or coupons. The company would save a lot of money since debit-card transactions are not free (like visa/v-pay/maestro). Why has no one done that so far?
  2. @BGB No VMs, they are actual PCs. They are connected to the same Router via a Switch. I did not copy the configs. But the OS and Boinc of the better one has been running on the other Computer for some months. Dont know if thats a problem. Thanks for helping
  3. I have 2 Windows Computers Mining for grcpool. When I go to Account -> Hosts I do always only see the one who synchronised last with the server, the other computer is invisible. Does anyone know this problem or can help me?

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