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  1. this New Year alone, we have come across several bitcoin mining sites, each with their own pros and cons. But there seems to be one which has caught our attention lately. It is called Spacemining.io. It is a place where you can multiply your Bitcoins whenever you deposit some funds. Spacemining.io was launched on January 7, 2017. That means that they are new online. However, their activities as a group can be dated back to 2012 so they are actually more than five years old. Their level of experience/exposure can help them withstand bad or difficult situations when they arise. SpaceMining Ltd (the registered name for Spacemining.io) is located at 200 Aldersgate Street London, EC1A 4HD, United Kingdom. Spacemining.io Overview Spacemining.io offers cloud mining services where you buy a space for mining with a BTC account and expect the miners to make judicious use of your money and send daily profits to your account. Actually, you can pay in other currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, CNY, INR and PHP. In any currency you decide to pay, just make sure that you know the conversion rate and plan towards it. A minimum of 0.0015 BTC is required to join Spacemining.io. Spacemining’s pricing plans are listed on the website. Their sign up link and indeed every other link on the site is aligned on a row at the top of the pages. As they guarantee an uptime of 99.999%, you are rest assured that the website will be available for you to visit anytime and that their mining activities will always be at the peak. Spacemining.io Benefits Cheap Pricing It costs only 0.0015 BTC to be a part of this company. You also have the liberty to choose your own deposit amount, depending on how much you can afford at any particular time. Earn High Rewards You are sure of earning a minimum of 10% daily from that little 0.0015 BTC you invest. Your repayment period with 0.0015 BTC is only 10 days but that could be less if you invest higher amounts. For instance, if you can spare up to 7 BTC, your repayment period will be 8 days since your daily interest rate will increase to above 12%. Get 100GH/S Free We need to let you know first of all that 0.0015 BTC, which is the minimum required investment amount, can buy up to 1,500 GH/S. That means that the free 100GH/S which you get after signing up is equivalent to 0.0001 BTC. Adding this to any amount you deposit, you can earn 10% and above on a daily basis and withdraw the profits whenever you like without paying any fees. Multiple Bitcoin Wallets Accepted While some companies would restrict you to use a particular kind of wallet, Spacemining.io doesn’t do that. You can create Bitcoin accounts on Coinbase, Bitfinex, Blockchain, BitPay, and Xapo. These are not the only ones but we have to mention them here since they are the most popular. Never-Expiring Hashpower The Hashpower you buy has no expiry date. That means your profits will keep coming forever. With an everlasting profit-yielding plan, you have no need to worry again about how you will source for funds to renew your membership. 24/7 Support Spacemining.io doesn’t have a message form on the website. To reach them, you would have to send a mail directly to support (at) spacemining.io. Since their live email support works 24/7, you should expect to have feedbacks within short intervals. 10% Referral Bonus Spacemining.io referral bonus is paying a total of 10%. It comes in the order– 7%-2%-1% for tiers 1-3 respectively. The referral bonus doesn’t need an initial deposit. It is one of the quickest ways of earning on the internet. Spacemining.io Conclusion Spacemining.io is still paying. Their recent involvement in cloud mining is what you should seek to benefit from. Every investor who pays into the company’s account can be sure of a minimum of 10% and a repayment period of at most 10 days. Spacemining.io is something that is both profitable and time-saving. Signupnow! https://www.spacemining.io/?ref=10756 https://www.spacemining.io/?ref=10756 https://www.spacemining.io/?ref=10756 https://www.spacemining.io/?ref=10756 https://www.spacemining.io/?ref=10756
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  5. Will my Hashpower ever expire? Your hashpower will never expire. All of our mining packages are lifetime. How much can I deposit with you? You can deposit upto 15 BTC with us, or as little as 0.0015 BTC. You can deposit BTC in our dashboard. How long have you been mining Bitcoin? As a team we have been mining Bitcoin since 2012, back when bitcoin was worth a small percentage of what it's worth now! How can I open an account with you? Opening an account with us is simple. Just click the Sign Up button at the top of the page and fill out our registration form. Do you accept other payment methods? We do not accept anything but Bitcoin for payments, as buying new mining hardware requires us to spend Bitcoin. How often am i paid? You are paid all the time, but you can make your first withdrawal after 24 hours. Can I use this on my mobile? Yes you can use Space Mining on your mobile device, we want you to have control of your mining at all points of the day, be it on the bus or at home in bed, you can use any device that can access the internet! Do you charge a fee for deposits or withdrawals? No! Unlike our competition we do not charge you for your deposits or withdrawals! Signup now! https://www.spacemining.io/?ref=10756 https://www.spacemining.io/?ref=10756 https://www.spacemining.io/?ref=10756

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