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  1. Contractium has evolved over time. The once imagination of replacing a traditional print with a commercial smart contract DAPP and token issuance service to businesses, has not only tranformed to a vision but it is now becoming almost a reality. This giant stride is getting shape and adding flesh by the day as it continues to draw attention of importance in the cryptospace. The contractium platform is fueled by CTU tokens which has very inexpensive price of 1 ETH = 15000 CTU tokens plus bonus. Currently at the Private sales ICO stage, Contractium has to its credit 2 MVP's, internet and mobile appliations which is already running. This strong prospects has attracted several patnership including 4 exchanges for listing which are Bancor, tradecoin, metarmorph, and idex which is for testing. From the news features in exchanges as seen in metarmorph to the liquidity management and control of Bancor exchange, no doubt CTU tokens is good to go. Another vantage point for contractium is the well exposure and strength of experience possessed by its team members. More technical and business inclined personel join regularly to further fortify the team with a well vast advisory board cutting accross the crypto space. Then comes the big bang; the latest collaboration promo with bitmart. The excitement and complete reality of this project can only be possible if it is well funded to bring to its peak functionality. No wonder the run is geting crazier as we begin one of our final onslaught to rock with contractium on bitmart exchange. Don't forget that you cannot but "Be the owner of CTU/BMX with Contractium on Bitmart". Some of the technical data analysis of Contractiunm Network are as follows: MVP's : https://mvp.contractium.io/ , https://tokenize.contractium.io/ ICO LINK: https://ico.contractium.io/ WEBSITE: https://contractium.io/ MOBILE: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/contractium/id13986836 FACEBOOK: https://web.facebook.com/contractium.io Twitter: https://twitter.com/contractium TELEGRAM: https://t.me/contractium DECIMAL : 18 SYMBOL: CTU
  2. Bitox exchange is an Ethereum pair decentralized exchange. This is one of the few exchanges emerging from China. Having recently conducted one of the most successful and rewarding airdrops in 2018, the Bitox exchange is poised to soar higher with the vision to make a global mark in the sands of time. The Bitox exchange is currently ready for business as they anticipate more and frequent airdrops from other crypto start-ups project that is bound to use their platform. This platform will be driven by the BITOX TOKEN, the only means of payment and settlement of activity within the Bitox ecosystem. The major features of this project are highlighted thus: DECENTRALIZED TRADING: The ether/bitox trading pair will be featured amidst other ether trading pairs. The ether/bitox trading pair gives this platform the unique and peculiar flavor that is lacking in all decentralized exchange; idex, forkdelta, etherdelta, etc. just to mention but a few. AIRDROP CAMPAIGN & SERVICE: Besides running a successful airdrop for its maiden debut (BITOX EXCHANGE) which saw each participant carting away over $200 worth of BITOX TOKEN, this platform will basically be involved in airdrop distribution service which is currently running at the time of this write-up. Many crypto start-ups will find solace and respite in pushing such responsibility to BITOX EXCHANGE for onward and effective delivery. ONLINE ADVERTISEMENT: This amongst all stood out as a starring feature which is bound to take this exchange and the entire Bitox ecosystem to another level. Here all advert responsibilities, activities, stakes are catered for using the BITOX TOKEN, the legal acceptable token for payment of services. If you are not attracted to this platform as a crypto savvy interested in trading or airdrops, you will be attracted by the advertising platform for your business. A "YES" to Bitox is an open door of opportunity to the crypto world and beyond. The over 50k bitox community, which is still growing is affirmation of the trust and patronage bitox is about to get shortly. Registration to the website and community telegram group is still on-going. Hurry and be part of this wonderful opportunity. Other details regarding bitox are here present: Website: https://bitox.io/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitox_exchange Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/IPiyo07B8_EqFrzB2JZ_yA
  3. We are at the brink of of witnessing the next phase of blockchain, blockchain version 2 is indeed loading. ION CHAIN is the blockchain version 2, A platform that will neither compromise the already existing security nor sacrificing the decentralization capacity of the blockchain technology, yet coming with a double layered blockchain. The Ion chain has IONC TOKEN as its operational cryptocurrency in this ecosystem. The following is the starring innovative features of the ION CHAIN: 1. Double layered blockchain 2. Ion chain cross-shared transaction 3. Super full mode with multiple nodes implementation 4. Double spending protection Beside its uniques features, it is community driven and people centred project as 29% of the distributive token is allocated to airdrops. The ION CHAIN project is ably lead by Chong Wang with a team of experts. Some of the technical details and online presence of this project is thus shown: Website: http://ionchain.io/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theionchain Telegram; https://t.me/joinchat/Iw9TNUWZmVt_8CAuW_dc9Q Twitter: https://twitter.com/ion_chain More information will be coming shortly. However, hurry and join the ION CHAIN train now!!!!!
  4. Today’s world continues to bask in the euphoria of the blockchain tecnology as more startups flood the crypto market with mind blowing innovations. One of such innovative approach to solving problems through the blockchain technology which could not be over looked is the BRICKBLOCK PLATFORM. BRICKBLOCK aims to bring a more desirable sanity to the crypto world by addressing the seeming volatility and bringing the needed security in the real world to the investors (private investors, institutional investor and fund managers) over his funds. Brickblock also makes diversification of funds (investment) by investors possible there by reducing risk to its barest minimum. The various funds made available via the BRICKBLOCK PLATFORM can attest to this. These funds ranges from Real Estate Funds(REFs), Exchange Traded Funds(ETFs), Coin Managed Funds(CMFs) and Coin Traded Funds(CTFs). The Real Estate funds(REFs) are usually funds managed for gains by means of appreciation of assets (Real Estate) the funds are invested in and the residual income via rents and leasing yielded from the same assets which are paid to investors. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are more funds invested on the interest of store of value. A good example is investing fund in commodities like Gold and Silver, etc. The Coin Managed Funds (CMFs) is a reliable management of cryptocurrency funds allocated to trading, crypto startups investors and masternodes laden online services for constant and effective returns over investment (ROI). Also the Coin Traded Funds (CTFs) goes with targeting the blue chip cryptocurrency for passive income. All these funds will be driven by the traditional token of the BRICKBLOCK Token that is built on the Ethereum blockchain known as Brickblock Token (BBK). The brickblock token (BBK) is the traditional cryptocurrency of the BRICKBLOCK platform. The BBK can be activated to Access Token (ACT) and be sold to Brickblock for payout in Ethereum or be traded in the exchange in its deactivated form as BBK. The Brickblock platform charges 0.5% as transaction fee for transactions on BRICKBLOCK platform and pays it as Access Token (ACT) to BBK holders. The third form of token payment is the Proof of Assets (PoA) token that serves as investors security against risk in the course of his investment. It is right to Coins fund on a certain secured trading account. Indeed, the BRICKBLOCK platform has three operational tokens; the BBK, ACT and PoA. The BRICKBLOCK ecosystem can easily be summarized thus: BRICKBLOCK ECOSYSTEM = [REFs + ETFs + CTFs + CMFs] + [BBK + ACT + PoA]. The BRICKBLOCK project is ably supported by a team of experts and advisor who are familiar with blockchain application solution. Jakob Drzaz, Martin Mischke, Jeff Wood ward, Mattew Stevens, Cody Lamson, Volkan Bilici, Dr. Wolfgang Richter, Axel Von Goldbeck, just to mention but a few. Its has also attracted the partnership of INTERCAM, CONSENSYS DILIGENCE, CUBITS, NAKAMOTO, ETHLEND, DECENTRAL, JAXX, TRANSISTOR, SMARTDEC, FIDEM, BLOCKS, RFM, TRX, BLOCKBR, NACIONAL & SHOPPING. Some of the technical information of BRICKBLOCK is as follows: SYMBOL: BBK POTENTIAL SUPPLY: 320,000,000 BBK MAXIMUM CIRCULATING SUPPLY: 145,000,000 BBK TOKEN FOR SALES : 75,000,000 BBK TOKEN PRICE: $0.60 WEBSITE: https://www.brickblock.io TWITTER: https://twitter.com/brickblock_io TELEGRAM: https://t.me/brickblock BLOG: https://blog.brickblock.io/
  5. An innovative concept in the world of smart contracts is born with the activities of the CONTRACTIUM NETWORK. Contractium is a decentralized software that runs smart contracts built on the Ethereum blockchain. The beauty of this software is that it is devoid of downtime, censorship, fraud or external influences. This enables businesses to be done both in the present and even in the future with adequate documentation for record purposes. This will be effectively powered by no other means rather than the exclusive CTU Tokens that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. With a swift migration from the usual ethereum blockchain Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS), the Contractium Proof of Contract(PoC) model is in line with the ethereum futuristic plan. The following is obtainable on the CONTRACTIUM NETWORK: 1. PEER-TO PEER PAYMENT 2. SMART CONTRACTS 3. DIGITALIZATION OF DOCUMENTS AND CONTRACTS 4. GOVERNMANTAL SERVICES 5. CURRENCY EXCHANGE AND REMITTANCE 6. TOKEN MONEY ISSUANCE Contractium aims to help contracter and contractee sign the commercial smart contract easily and trustfully, making it easy and secure, thereby helping users to make extra money with their online consumptions. When this is done, Internet smart contract application that eliminates print contracts and replaces online traditional reward/bonus system is created. Contractium is currently on its presale and ICO sales. With a team formidable experts and advisors in the blockchain and finance domain, the Contractium project has attracted these partners: GEEK, VIETNAM SILICON VALLEY, ITP, EYE SOLUTION, VIB, and GEEI. Some of the online presence and technical information of Contractium remains thus: WEBSITE: https://contractium.io/ FACEBOOK: https://web.facebook.com/contractium.io TELEGRAM: https://t.me/contractium DECIMAL : 18 SYMBOL: CTU TOKENS
  6. ArticleX is one of its kind, an intriguing project that bring lots of improvement, gains, benefits and solace to both the publishers ( bloggers, journalists, etc) and readers alike. For once, even the the readers and visitors to blog are considered to have a stake in the monetary benefits that comes with the blog monetization. This platform also gives an individual without the techy skill to design a blog to own one effortless by choosing and customizing the template of his choice from the Articlex platform. It will also make searching of news and articles of diverse interest easy to locate and retrieve. These striking features of ArticleX are ranging from free blogs without hosting cost, incredibly fast publishing platform, easy to create blogs with user customized settings, Articlex advertisement network, private advertisement sales, articlex sell box, donation box for charity, Articlex sharing fund, premium subscription, integrated wallet and exchange, template marketplace, automatic cookie and privacy policies to freedom of speech. All these made it so juicy to over look. One outstanding thing about the blockchain technology is that it does not only proffer a secure platform and solution to lingering problems, it also present an easy settlement platform through which all stake holders are settled commensurately. Here, the publishers are paid based on the traffic generated by their websites content, files and materials sold to visitors on their sites, blog subscriptions, and yet a further small aspect of the total generated fund are shared for encouragement to upcoming publishers and bloggers who are yet to generate reasonable traffic etc., while readers on their own are also compensated for the number of hours spent on the platform liking and commenting on the various blogs. It is a platform where everybody is a WINNER. These payments are made possible through the ARTX token. The ARTX token is built on the popular Ethereum blockchain. With the minimal investment of $50 and inexpensive ARTX token of $0.02 each, ArticleX provides a soft landing for retail investment – a good way of fanning to flame one of the numerous freedoms provided by the blockchain technology. ArticleX is a people’s and community oriented project. The staggering and ever increasing community population within a short period of time is an affirmation that ArticleX project is success bound. Some call it “THE PUBLISHING PLATFORM FOR BLOCKCHAIN ERA”, I call it “TODAY’S MEDIA COMPANION AND WORK TOOL”. Currently, ArticleX is running an AIRDROP. The presale will commence shortly. HURRY WHILE OFFER LASTS !!!! The information details, online presence and social media availability of ArticleX can be presented thus: NAME: Articlex Token SOFT CAP: 5 MILLION USD HARD COPY: 30 MILLION USD SYMBOL: ARTX TYPE: ERC20 SUPPLY: 5,000,000,000 WEBSITE: https://articlex.io FACEBOOK: https://web.facebook.com/articlex TWITTER: https://twitter.com/realArticlex TELEGRAM: https://t.me/ArticlexGroup
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    I am Gabriel. I am a crypto enthusiast who have been around the crypto space for sometime now. I look forward to actively participate here.

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