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  1. FX-8320 at 17.55 khash/s, stock settings How can i boost this thing ?
  2. I've been mining PXC with CPU minerd on theblockfactory and since a couple of days some new miners showed up with some big hashrates like 3.8MH/s and 1.2MH/s. What are these, ASICS or GPU's ? I can't imagine these are CPU miners...
  3. Here are my findings regarding CPU mining with minerd: DigitalOcean, 1 thread, 2.66 khash/s CPU: AMD Sempron 145 2.8Ghz, CPUIndex: 805, 1 thread, 1.58 khash/s CPU: AMD A4-5300 3.4Ghz, CPUindex: 1761, 2 threads, 4.26 khash/s CPU: AMD FX-6350 3.9Ghz, CPUindex: 6360, 6 threads, 13.9 khash/s CPU: AMD FX-8320, 3.5Ghz, 8 threads, 17.5 khash/s I'd like to see what others achieve with CPU mining.
  4. Well I looked around and I could buy a DL360 with dual Intel E5420 Xeon 4-core 2,5Ghz CPU for €150. Looking at the specs of this E5420 CPU it appears it has a CPU benchmark of 6482 in dual setup. Because i have a bunch of rigs with AM3+ mainboards and GPU's I think i'm better of buying another/faster AM3+ CPU and have minderd running alongside sgminer on the same rig. An AMD FX-6350 6-core has a CPU benchmark of 7030 and just costs €115,- so I think this is the best option by upgrading my rigs instead of buying old refurbished servers.
  5. Okay so what am i looking for, something like HP Proliant DL360 or something ? There are a lot of refurbished servers for sale but not sure what to look for...
  6. Whats the best CPU for mining PXC ? I'm using a FM2+ socket mobo with the cheapest AMD CPU but might consider buying a faster/better CPU for mining PXC. Any tips ? Thanks
  7. I'm following the FTC forums also, neoscrypt it is :-)
  8. I was wondering if PXC is changing from scrypt to something else soon ? I believe ghostlander is also involved in FTC development and have heard/read that FTC will change soon, so what will happen with PXC ?
  9. I don't have any problems with http://multicoin.eu though, still running some miners on it.
  10. http://multicoin.eu has added an EXEcoin P2Pool Server located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands http://multicoin.eu:9173
  11. Better get some R9 270x cards, you can have 6 for about a grand, get the cheap Asrock H81BTC board and a 1000W PSU and your done. This will get you a 2,7MH/s rig with less then 950W from the wall (under volt to 1175). Much better then R9 280x cards :-)
  12. Yes, i did that also. Running a script which selects the most profitable coin and points my miners to the corresponding p2pool server
  13. phoenixcoind getmininginfo { "blocks" : 239491, "currentblocksize" : 1000, "currentblocktx" : 0, "difficulty" : 1.44185074, "errors" : "", "generate" : false, "genproclimit" : -1, "hashespersec" : 0, "networkhashps" : 22172222, "pooledtx" : 0, "testnet" : false } The network rate is 22,1 Mhash/s

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